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2023 Presidential Election Winner: Obi, Tinubu or Atiku?

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You are probably here because you are a Nigerian and voted in the 2023 presidential election, or you are just interested in knowing the winner of the apex seat of governance. Do not worry, Naijabanquet is the most reliable platform to get the latest information as they drop.

Just to satisfy your curiosity, the winner of the 2023 presidential election has not been declared as of the time of writing this report. However, the results are being collated by INEC via their portal. So, later in the day, we should know who eventually emerges as the choice of the people.

Certainly, the candidate to emerge as the next president of Nigeria is between Tinubu, Atiku and Peter Obi. And, the three presidential candidates are just as anxious as you are about the 2023 election results.

That said, let us do some talks and predictions.

There is no doubt that the 2023 presidential election is by far one of the toughest and most unpredictable in the history of Nigeria. Especially with the candidacy of Peter Obi and his hurricane followers on and off social media. Not many people saw it coming, but it happened anyway, and changed the dynamics of Nigerian politics.

What happened at the polls is a clear signal that Nigerian youths are woke and are ready to re-rewrite their common history and experience of oppression and mis-governance under bad leadership. There are reservations, however. Given the antecedent, history and personality of their preferred candidate, and the genuineness of their choice — whether it was born out of mere emotions or logic and rationality. Regardless, that was some show of anger, a “critical reaction” as Falz calls it in his new jam, O Wa.

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Interestingly, Peter Obi candidature accrues some good votes across Nigeria. Though the landslide victories at different university environments are not unexpected, it is even more surprising to know that Peter Obi wins major polling units where “big-big” APC chieftains belong. Add those in the Aso Rock where he pulled great numbers.

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But we cannot deny the fact that the two elephants in the race, Tinubu and Atiku are no small. Many critics have even written Atiku off. A veteran contestant? This is his sixth appearance on the presidential ballot. He has a structure spread across zones, and is popular among the electorate. He has an advantage in the North tho. But the G-5, Shettima and Kwankwanso factors are a great disservice too. Yet, where Obi anxiously hopes to get 25%, Atiku scores big fat numbers.

Yes, OBIdients should be worried, popular vote isn’t the same as geographical spread. On this one, Tinubu is king. Working in his favour also is the fact that Atiku had a weak campaign pre-presidential election. The southwest is definitely in the bag for Tinubu. The north is split between him, Atiku and Kwankwanso. Peter Obi will garner some popular votes in the East too. But that does not mean Tinubu and Atiku won’t garner 25% up there too.

In this election, every card was brought to the table. Say the tribal card, religious card, experience, regional, health or what have you. As much as every voter wants to be objective, they ended up making a subjective decision based on one or two sentiments, which makes their candidate the best of the three.

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It is really a tough race. The result could pronounce either Atiku, Obi or Tinubu as the winner of the 2023 presidential election. There could also be a rerun, given the unfortunate circumstances that marred the election in some parts of the country. Maybe. Just maybe the Judiciary will help produce the next president of Nigeria this time around.

But here is the thing, Whether or not peter Obi wins the 2023 presidential election, it is on record that the youth are a formidable force. And should be considered so henceforth in the politics of the nation.

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Check back for the winner of the presidential election in Nigeria 2023

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