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3 Ridiculous Reasons School Is The World Biggest Scam

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The debate on the issue of whether school kills talent or not is a long-lasting one. School has been called many bad names because it has been pointed out that school is a threat to talents of most young people.

Why School is the Biggest Scam of all Time

  • Killing of Dreams and Talents: Some of the so-called lecturers or teachers in school would say that one’s life is a total failure if one doesn’t excel within the four walls of classrooms. This statement has nearly killed many dreams and talents. In fact, people have claimed that the parochial belief that ‘no success without schooling’ is one of the greatest fallacies ever to be committed.

Many students have felt that the subjects or courses they are forced to take while in school have no role to play in their future. Yet, some lecturers in schools will openly say that if you fail their courses, then you can’t make it in life.

We have been moulded to believe that success in school courses means one is bound to succeed in life. We weigh our success through the grades we have in our courses. However, this is not truly what education represents.

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Let’s assume a boy has an inborn passion for music, arts or technology, and such boy is subjected to the belief that he can’t make it in life without schooling, will the passion of such boy not shattered if not totally?

Thus, the point is: the stakeholders in educational setting ought to understand the fact the students have different passions, skills, talents, and goals. When the talent of a student is crushed to death because of spending the whole day in educational bower, that would be a cruel murder to be committed on such student.

  • Depression and Stress: All in the name of passing a course, students go through undue stress and hardship. Students are subjected to stress because we have been made to believe that failure in our courses is tantamount to failure in life. This is one of the biggest scam in school setting.
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Asides the above, students are mentally built for exam and test, and this is worst crime ever to be committed in educational sector. The numerous exams and tests in school drive up stress and, ultimately, throw students into depression when things go wrong.

  • School has been Largely Stagnant over the Past Years: The curriculum in educational sector is too narrow. In fact, it has been argued that there is a huge vacuum between school and education. The traditional school setting has failed to deliver or provide effective education. Rather, school bombards students with theories and formulae and shuts its eyes to an excellent all-round education.
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The school curriculum is designed for reading, memorising and writing. Students are taught solely for jobs, not life. This is why it is not surprising that most graduates become job seekers after they graduate— that’s the framework our school setting has designed for them.

Also, there is no room to assess the creativity of students in our school curriculum. Instead, a teacher comes into class and teaches the students the same old syllabus, thereby neglecting the personal development of the students.

Therefore, the argument school is a waste of time is right.

Finally, there are two sides to an argument. School may be a scam; yet, the significance of school can not be overemphasized. Whether school is a scam or not is determined by an individual’s viewpoint.

Nonetheless, school ought to be a place where students will be taught the basic skills and knowledge needed to succeed in life. School should represent what education truly means, and this can be done by revising the school curriculum and making it as broad as possible.

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