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5 Profitable Things to Do During ASUU Strike

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It is no longer news that the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU has embarked on one-month warning strike. This was as the Nigerian government failed to address the demands of the pressure group which include the deployment of UTAS, release of report of visitation of panels to federal universities and others.

While many students are not happy and have protested ASUU’s strike as it has paralysed academic activities, we must understand that the union is also fighting a just fight. If the Nigerian government was responsible, this sad experience would not happen.

However, the idea of this post is to share profitable things that you can do during ASUU strike. Trust me, they are brilliant opportunities that are worth your time, energy, and resources and, 4 weeks is long enough to achieve them! Pray the industrial action isn’t extended anyway.

5 Profitable Things to Do During ASUU Strike

Below are some of the profitable things to keep you busy for the next 4 weeks.

1. Learn a Soft Skill

faceless hacker accessing secret information on computer in twilight
Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

This is arguably one of the best things that you will be glad you did during the industrial action period because it will not only add value to your life but also help you earn some money as side hustle job.

I want to believe that you have a skill in mind already. Say Photography, Graphics Design, Programming, Data Analysis, whatever. Now is the time to start and learn that goddamn skill!

The reality of the Nigerian labour market is that graduates often search for jobs that are not lost after spending four to six years studying in the university. Besides, most successful persons out there are not practising a career in the field that they studied in school.

Also, considering how digital the world has evolved and where it is going, common sense says that one should have at least a computer skill. It wouldn’t be funny if in years to come you are so computer dumb and tech disadvantaged.

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Again, to save yourself of unnecessary job hunt and impoverished life after school, it is advisable you learn a skill. And, now is the best time to do it.

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2. Read a Book

light fashion people woman
Photo by John Ray Ebora on Pexels.com

This may not sound so attractive but it is one if not the most profitable.

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What many people don’t understand is that there are priceless treasures of truth, value and wisdom hidden between the two covers of a book but because of their laziness and poor attitude to reading, they miss out on these packages.

Now, reading the right titles and or books is very important to your growth as a person. If you must improve on yourself and the skills you have or acquired, you must consume what tallies with your interest. Better put, do not just pick any book and read because you are hungry for knowledge. It might just be time wasting.

The next 4 weeks is more than enough to eat up a book that will help you to improve on your skill, grow your business and area of interest. Read up stories and accounts of successful men in your area(s) of interest and pick lessons that will help you get better.

You can also seize the period to read ahead of your mates and strategise better for the academic year.

However, if you can’t think of any book or title, you may consider titles on History and Current affairs. Recently, I found out I’m missing out on vital information and that is not good enough. They are general knowledge that one should not be short of, you know.

If you’re like me, this is a humble invite.

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3. Complete that Project

blue printer paper
Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.com

If you have any unfinished project, this is the best time to get back to work and make the most of the strike. Don’t spend the days meandering or a busybody.

You yourself know that once school resumes, class activities will eat you up so that there will be little or no time to invest in other things.

Personally, I have started opening my abandoned drafts and, I’m glad I’m making progress.

So dear, this is not the time to keep shelving your ideas or postponing your project. It is time to wrap things up and execute them!

4. Connect with Friends and Family

Photo by Creative Vix on Pexels.com

Didn’t they say that blood is thicker than water? There is an air of bond, happiness and safety that hangs around one when one has the presence of one’s blood.

School doesn’t give these things. This is because there has been a change of environment. Whether you stay on or off campus, people you connect and interact with are nothing compared to your family and close friends.

Spend some ample time with your family during this ASUU strike. Go watch the theatre, visit the beach, tour the country, have fun and create good memories together with your loved ones before you leave home for school and identify as a student again.

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5. Take Care of your Health

person pouring dip on vegetable salad
Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels.com

Well, I don’t know if this applies to the generality of students, but I’m sure that a larger percentage of students do not enjoy the best of their health at school. This could be as a result of financial challenges, chocking calendar, time table…

Whatever it is, 4 weeks is enough to escape from the harsh conditions you suffered in school. Eat well and get some therapy for your soul. I for one, have drawn a good and balanced food timetable and I’m not going to skip any.

You should watch out for a more handsome and cute boy on resumption.

We hope you like this article. Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. You can also share it with your friends via social media. Thank you.

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