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5 Proven Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Products Fast Online in Nigeria

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One thing is to have a product, another thing is to be able to sell it in a short while. Here, I will show you proven marketing strategies to sell your products fast in Nigeria.

5 Proven Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Products Fast Online

These strategies will help to increase your online sales of any product in Nigeria and beyond:

1. Ensure Your Product Solves a Problem

The first sales strategy you need to put in place as a product marketer is to ensure that your product solves the specific problem it was made for. And, the only way to achieve this is by producing and marketing quality products.

These days, people are not looking for just any product to buy because they are desperate to find a quick solution to their problem. Instead, they are interested in a problem-solving product that works for them.

Therefore, if you must market your products successfully, the first thing is to ensure that your product passes integrity test.

After you have ensured that your product can win the heart of many, other marketing strategies you need to make huge sales will fall in place.

In fact, you will be rest assured that people will be eager to buy your product when they come across it in the market.

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2. Design Catchy Packaging for Your Product

If your product packaging design is not compelling enough, people will not appreciate your product let alone buy it.

In fact, advertising your product will not be smooth if its packaging is not attractive. People tend to patronise goods and services that impress them.

Therefore, regardless of the quality of your product, if its packaging is not catchy, you may not have good returns at the end of the day.

When designing your product package, ensure to do the following:

  • Check out your competitors’ product packaging design
  • Draw a unique template that distinguish your product from others
  • Ensure your packaging design represent your product
  • Use user-friendly and attractive colours
  • Do not sacrifice quality for quantity

3. Find Your Target-Buyer

The next marketing strategy to put in place is finding your target buyer.

The truth is, every product has a prospective buyer. Despite this, many businesses complain of low patronage.

One of the mistakes that most business owners make is targeting the wrong buyer. As a business owner or product seller, you should be able to define who is likely to buy your product.

If you want to increase your sales in Nigeria, then you must get this sales strategy right.

Once you are able to define your customer, you have hacked the sales strategy you need to boost your sales and take your company to the next level.

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Now, you might want to ask, who are my target-buyer and where can I find them? Finding buyers for your product may not be an easy task, but trust me, it’s worth the process.

For instance, lets say you want to market a skin care product. Finding people who have skin issues is important because they are the ones that need your products most.

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You can not just wake up one day and approach a someone with a perfect skin tone to advertise a pimple eradicating solution. Such effort will end in futility.

So, to avoid this, follow the simple step of conducting market survey to know your target buyer.

How to Find Buyers For your Products Online through Market Survey

  • Conduct a research on similar products and their customers
  • Hack into related articles on search engines and check people’s comments
  • Hack into frequently asked questions about the problems your product can solve
  • Conduct online polls
  • Use Forum websites

When you follow the above strategy which involves hacking into related and frequently asked questions about your products, then you know whom to sell to.

The reason why the above method of finding buyers for your product will help you make quick sales online is that the answers you will find during your research are not created by robots!

Those comments and questions are mainly put there by people who desperately needs your product or service.

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4. Advertise your Product

Now that you have a target buyer, the next sales strategy is to advertise your product to them. You can only sell fast online if you tell willing buyers about your product.

Advertisement is a major priority in any business. This is because it helps business owners and product marketers to sell their products to willing buyers within the shortest time possible.

Basically, advertisement is the soul of business. If you want to thrive, then you should give it a try.

Meanwhile, there are certain things involved in product advertisements. The first thing to know is the cost. To Advertise your product, you have to spend money. After all, nothing good comes easy.

It might surprise you to know that some companies spend twice their capital cost of production to advertise their product.

If you cannot spend money to market your product, I’m sorry, you can not have a massive patronage of your product no matter how quality it is. In other words, be ready to spend on advertisement.

Best Way to Advertise your Product Fast Online

Here are the best ways to sells your products fast online:

  • Use Facebook Ads

Did you know you can reach a lot of intending buyers online? Good news is, you can now people who will be willing to buy your products through Facebook ads.

When you use Facebook ads to market your products, you will enjoy many benefits. these include low running cost, wide reach and massive conversions.

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In other words, you don’t need to spend a fortune before you sell your product fast on Facebook through ads.

It might also interest you to know that running ads on Facebook is as easy as ABC. All you have to do is to create a good label that has your product graphics and target the right audience.

Photo by George Milton on Pexels.com
  • Create Short Video Content for your Product

You can also advertise your product online and sell fast by creating video content for your product.

In fact, people tend to appreciate video content more than written content. Nobody wants to read a long article again. A short video is enough to convince them about your product.

Now, when creating your video content, you don’t want to make any mistake. You want to ensure that you get this marketing strategy to sell your product fast right.

Therefore, ensure you go straight to the point in your video. Tell your viewers about your product and the problems it can solve. You can also take it a little further by telling them why they need to buy your product.

  • Hire PR-Companies
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Another method to advertise your product online is by hiring PR-Companies. It is one of the best ways to increase your product sales online.

PR companies are dependable because they the secrets to advertising your product directly to your buyers and yielding good traffic conversions.

There are many PR companies in Nigeria that specialises in product marketing and boosting start-up businesses.

Examples of Nigerian PR-Companies you can hire are:

  • Red Media Africa
  • Media Panache
  • Brooks and Blake
  • Absolute PR

5. Give Customers Discount on Purchase

Giving out discount or giveaways is part of our list because it is a marketing strategy that has been tried and trusted by many people.

In fact, big brands use this method either directly or indirectly. You may want ask how that is possible. I will give you two illustrations.

One: A skincare brand has just launched a product. Since it is new to the market, they want to publicize it so that people can be aware of their product and patronise them.

Therefore, they decided to offer a 30% discount to customers that are buying their products for the first time.

Also, during festive seasons like Christmas and New year celebrations, they decided to offer discount sales to their buyers.

Two: A smartphone has just been launched. However, not many people will be able buy the product because it is of a high quality.

Therefore, the marketing department of the company decided to conduct a market survey and gather the prices of the phone’s equivalent from other brands in stores around.

Soon after, they realised that if they must win the heart of people, they must enter the market with the capitalist approach.

That is, for a start, they must maintain the standard of the brand but sell at a much cheaper rate.

By doing this, they will gain a lot of impressions from people who are already familiar with existing products from other brands that are sold at higher rates.

Using the above sales strategy, there is no way you will not be able to sell your product fast online.

Those are the 5 proven marketing strategies to sell your products fast online as provided by Naija Banquet

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