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A Review Of Aké: Feminism As A Tool For Social Change (Part 2)

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Over the years, especially in a country like Nigeria, we have heard and seen various ways feminism has been used. It is not unusual for the essence of ideas and passions to be abused but it is quite mortifying how it has been abused especially in Nigeria.

Personally, Feminism is the desire and effort to ensure that females, especially those that are not opportuned, to have the chance to be what they want to be and fulfill their dreams. That to me, is what Feminism should look like.


A review of Aké by AshiLoveUgbe

Feminism ought not to even be if not for the toxic society that has been in existence since time immemorial. Women and female children are denied access to their own emotions. They should feel what they are told to and not what they want to. They should be how they are instructed to and not how they want to. They are subjected to harsh treatments and barbaric practices.It’s quite appalling and sickening to know that till date females in some societies are still treated like they are inferior.

Females are subjected to harsh and barbaric practices

A review of Aké by AshiLoveUgbe

In Aké, the female characters like Wild Christian and Mrs. Kuti are strong people. They act out how they want to and speak their minds. The women have societies built to train women on how to live as new brides and maximize their potentials. It is interesting to also note that it is their husbands that give them the idea of educating illiterates and they give their full supports to their wives. They all realize that in building a society, everyone has the floor to do so. Feminism is not a war against men but a war against women progressing.

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In the society now, we see anyone that identities with Feminism as being proud and hateful of men. Dear people, that is MISANDRY. MISANDRY IS BEING HATEFUL TO MEN. While it is hard not to depise some men in the way they think of women and treat men, that should not blind our idea or mentality on what feminism is and what it stands to achieve.

I believe that many social media Feminists are on the wrong side of the agitation

A review of Aké by AshiLoveUgbe

Feminism is of different types and for a wide range of purposes. We should endeavor not to stray from the main idea which is speaking up and standing against the subjugation of females. It is a more pressing societal issue than debating on who should open the door for whom or women should pay for dates and other flimsy talks associated with feminism. Also, I believe that many social media Feminists are on the wrong side of the agitation. True Feminism should not be for clouts or to gain followers.True feminism is not a joke. Any gender can be a feminist. Female feminist and male feminists will find and marry for true love. Never make fun of true feminists or what the course they fight for. Take time out to educate people on what feminism is.

Aké is a masterpiece that opens your minds to a wide range of topics, Feminism inclusively.

Are you a true Feminist? Tell us in the comment section. What are your thoughts and opinions?

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