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Alchemy of Souls Review: How CGI Shines Spotlight on the Kdrama Series

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

For any fantastical movie to create the right cinematic experience that the audience always crave, it must utilise CGI to create such intriguing moment.

The ongoing Kdrama series— Alchemy of Souls do not render less, so far, it puts CGI to good use to create a unique and mesmerising experience for the viewers.

First, Daeho, the surreal setting of Alchemy of Souls piques our curiosity from the beginning of the series. Much more so, the impressive fight by the frozen lake plunges us directly into the midst of things.

Here, many mages have mastered the craft of the alchemy of souls— a kind of magic/spell casting that involves soul-shifting. Naturally, this process goes against the law of natural existence. However, by their power, they (the mages) could colonize innocent bodies.

Two of these occasions results in the existence of the main leads: Jang Uk and Mu Deok Yi. While Jang Uk is a product of soul shifting by royal command, Naksu now Mu Deok, casts her last spell to save her soul.

In most cases, however, the result seems disappointing. Naksu, the daredevil assassin who has mastered all the four creeds of soul shifting fails to land her soul in a physically fit body but rather in the frail body of Mu Deok.

Sometimes too, the notion, “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” comes to play as some soul shifters grow wild and corrupt, feeding on souls and turning men into rocks.

But what strikes us more is the hypnotizing scenery that comes with the process, though terrifying. For instance, when Jang Gang casts his spell to shifts the soul of the King, we are teleported to an entirely new world of fantasy of water, fire and brimstone.

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CGI scores impressive points with the resulting wonders that come with the mages’ conjuring.

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Reeling from the scene where the monster is invoked to fish out the one who has Soul Shifting abilities in Songrim, one can not help but marvel at the impressive live-action scenario.

The resultant effect of Cho-yeon (OH MY GIRL’s Arin) magic by her ring and slight finger movement is also stunning.

Beautifully too, the composite imagery and video tricks the eyes to believe that the illusion presented in Alchemy of Souls is real.

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Besides this, the efficient use of video effects translates the dramatic script by the Hong writers. Such thrilling scenes can only be found in a knowledge-based and high-profile production. Thanks to the director too for interpreting the script so well.

Additionally, the 3D elements deployed in series compliment the impressive role delivery of the actors in the Kdrama series. Talk about the stunts and general atmosphere in which their sorcery takes place.

The good use of these elements makes no room for boredom while watching the series. Personally, I am surprised that I binge-watched the Alchemy of Souls episodes released thus far.

And this points out to the fact that the production team efficiently leveraged technology to create spot-on computer-generated images and videos the actors could never do otherwise in the Kdrama series.

It is with this early experience that I will continue to watch the Alchemy of Souls episodes upon release. I just hope that the cinematic experience I’ve had had does not fall flat somewhere along the plot.

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Download “Alchemy of Souls” Subtitles Episode 1-20

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