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Top Auditions from American Idol 2023 Contestants So Far

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If you are on this page, we believe you are either a lover of music or one of the American Idol 2023 fandom. In this post, we look at some contestants with incredible auditions so far. We hope you like them because we at Naijabanquet are rooting for them.

American Idol 2023 Contestants with Best Auditions

Here is a list of the amazing talents that have wowed us with their talents and in the American Idol season 6, so far.

#Tyson Venegas: New York State of Mind

17 and high school student, Tyson Venegas, literally serves goosebumps with his rendition of “New York State of Mind.” His voice is not only sonorous, but his fingers are also good on the piano. So it comes by no surprise that his audition for the American Idol 2023 earns him a platinum ticket — the first on the show this season!

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#Michael Williams: Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars performance by Michael Williams is another top audition for the 2023 American Idol that we have seen during the week. His vocals are a hundred percent, and he’s got the looks to keep the viewers glued to their screens too. Amazing stuff!

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#Iam Tongi: Monsters

Iam Tongi’s audition is one of a tearjerker. Singing James Blunt’s “Monster”, Tongi pays tribute to his late dad. What does it for us, however, is in the fact that he is a good storyteller. His audition hits the judges’ nerves all around and wins him a golden ticket.

#Colin Stough: Simple Man

Colin Stough is another American Idol 2023 contestant to look out for in the sixth season of the competition. A major highlight of his competition is his incredible show of mastery on the strings, complemented by his raw sound. Colin is definitely what the singing competition is all about!

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#Smith Zachariah: Hurts so Good

What makes Zachariah Smith performance to stand out among other auditions so far on the American Idol is the grit, rasp and most particularly the entertainment factor he has. It’s so amazing how he sings with confidence, thus making lit the room with fun!

#Kya Monee: I’m Here

Kya Monee’s rendition of “I’m Here” from The Color Purple is a perfect way to pay tribute to a friend. Her audition is so emotive and connecting; leaving not one eye tear-dry in the room. Beyond that, she has a strong, pure and all round, fit voice. She is definitely one to watch out for among the contestants on the American Idol 2023.

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List of American Idol Winners From 2002 to date

The American Idol is a reality TV singing competition that has recognised many amazing singers and given their music careers a great boost over the years. These include winners and non-winners who capitalise on their new fame and push their artistry to the next level.

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Below is the complete list of previous winners of the American Idol singing competition.

2002 – Kelly Clarkson

2003 – Ruben Studdard

2004 – Fantasia Barino

2005 – Carrie Underwood

2006 – Taylor Hicks

2007 – Jordin Sparks

2008 – David Cook

2009 – Kris Allen

2010 – Lee DeWyze

2011 – Scotty McCreery

2012 – Phillip Phillips

2013 – Candice Glover

2014 – Caleb Johnson

2015 – Nick Fradiani

2016 – Trent Harmon

2018 – Maddie Poppe

2019 – Laine Hardy

2020 – Just Sam

2021 – Chayce Beckham

2022 – Noah Thompson


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