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Anikulapo Movie: All You Need to Know

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Find all you need to know about the latest Nollywood Movie, Anikulapo by Kunle Afolayan. Naija Banquet provides you with the powerful details you need to know about the Nigerian netflix movie.

Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo Movie

Nigerian Netflix Anikulapo Movie by Kunle Afolayan is all about Saro, a simple but powerful man who is known for his mystical powers and ability to resurrect the dead.

As historical fiction, Anikulapo thrives on the rich Yoruba folklore especially Oyo empire to dramatise the events in the drama.

Saro, whose normal day job is weaving Aso-Ofi, embarks on a journey to seek greener pastures in the Oyo Kingdom. As soon as he arrives, the news of his sorcery goes viral and the villagers marvel at him. Even the King is interested in his person.

But something must kill a man. In Saro’s case, his illegal affair with the king’s wife, Arolake as well as his encounter is Akala, a spiritual bird believed to give and take life is monumental in this regard.

Anikulapo’s story talks a lot about the rollercoaster of blessing and curse, good and bad, love and betrayal, and hatred, lust, and selfishness that surround the life of the eponymous character, Saro (Anikulapo).

This epic movie dates back to the pre-colonial era in the Oyo-Alaafin empire. It details the rich custom and tradition of the people who lived in those times.

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Describing Anikulapo movie, Kunle Afolayan is quoted as saying: “This may seem like a mere hype but imagine a movie like the game of thrones recreated in Nigeria but with a better representation of our culture. If you are a true fan of productions borne out of Golden Effect Pictures and KAP Motion Pictures, then your imaginations should be running wild…”

Again, the pre-release reviews of the movie describes as more organic and realistic than any GIC movies that you will find out there.

Anikulapo Cast

Find out the complete cast of Anikulapo by Kunle Afolayan below.

Anikulapo Netflix movie is a star-studded drama that assembles the best cast needed for a successful delivery of the script.

The cast of Anikulapo features a brilliant list of actors that are celebrated for their brilliant role deliveries in several Nollywood movies.

Here is the list Anikulapo Cast

  1. Kunle Remi as Saro (Anikulapo)
  2. Sola Sobowale
  3. Hakeem K. Kazeem
  4. Bimbo Ademoye
  5. Taiwo Hassan as Alaafin Ademuyiwa
  6. Fathia Balogun
  7. Adebayo Salami
  8. Kareem Adepoju as Otun Ilu Ojumo
  9. Eyiyemi Afolayan as Omowunmi
  10. Mr Macaroni as Akanji

About Kunle Remi who Acted Saro in Anikulapo

Kunle Remi is “Saro” the lead actor in the latest Yoruba movie by Kunle Afolayan called Anikulapo. He is a young craftsman who wields the power to resurrect the dead in the epic movie.

He leaves his village to Oyo Kingdom in search of greener pastures. Soon, after settling down in the new village, Saro performs sorcery to bring the dead back to life. He also falls in love with the Queen, which ultimately leads to his death.

The question now is, how come Anikulapo could not save himself from death despite the mystical powers he possesses? Find out in Kunle Afolayan’s latest epic movie, Anikulapo.

What to Expect in Anikulapo Movie 2022

Anikulapo Movie Netflix

Have you seen the hypes about Anikulapo too? It is the latest Yoruba movie that promises to thrill the audience.

If you have not seen it yet, here are some of the things you will likely experience when you watch the epic movie.

1. Historical Revelations

Since Anikulapo is a historical fiction, expect to be transported back in time to the ancient 17th/18 century of the Oyo-Alaafin empire.

In case you are not aware, the movie is shot in the real historical setting in Oyo. So look forward to seeing what the Yoruba kingdom looks like in terms of physical infrastructure, norms, culture and traditions.

2. Mystical Powers in Action

You can trust Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo for an impressive cinematic experience. Though he hinted that the movie is more of organic stunts than CIG, expect nothing less of the Game of Thrones-like jaw-dropping acts from Saro and other actors in the play.

3. Ready to be Schooled?

Kunle Afolayan Anikulapo Movie 2022

The language of choice in Anikulalpo is Yoruba so you had better grab a pen and jotter to note down some proverbs and wise sayings from the character.

You might want to say that you understand the language well, but to what depth? It will shock you to find out that you have limited knowledge of the rich language and culture of Yoruba when you watch Anikulapo.

4. Suspense

This is not a sponsored advert, but have you seen King of Thieves by Femi Adebayo? Anikulapo promises a stream of more thriller actions that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This might be the best Yoruba movie you will binge-watch in 2022!

Anikulapo Movie Release Date

Anikulapo movie is set to be released on 30 September, 2022 after premiering on 25th September 2022.

Where to Watch Anikulapo

You can stream Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo movie on Netflix or hit any Cinema across Nigeria from September 30th.

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