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Axel Blake: All You Need To Know About Britain’s Got Talent Winner

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This is a research article about Axel Blake’s biography, age, career Influence and feats on Britain’s Got Talent 2022.

Axel Blake’s Biography

Axel Blake is the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2022. He is a popular English stand-up comedian, SBTV presenter and on-air personality.

Outside comedy, he is a property maintenance manager based in West London.

Axel Blake’s Age

He is 33 years old. He was born on June 2, 1988.

What is Axel Blake’s Origin?

Axel Blake is of the English origin. He hails from London, England in the United Kingdom.

Axel Blake’s Family & Relationship Status

Though much is not known about his wife, Axel is a father of two kids,

his social media posts clearly show that he is family man. He likes to spend most of leisure time with his children.

Axel has two kids and their names are Nyron Blake and Pfizer Blake.

Blake’s girlfriend is not known. However, there is rare picture of Axel and his family members on his Facebook page.

Axel Blake Networth

Though Axel doesn’t flaunt his house or cars, we can authoritatively say that he is rich enough to cater for his family needs.

Some blogs said his estimated networth is $200 000.

With his BGT win, that means he is £250 000 richer.

Axel Blake Social Media Handles

Axel Blake is on Facebook and Instagram as @Axel Blake.

He also has a Youtube page where he shares rich comedy contents to his fans.

Axel Blake BGT 2022

Axel Blake Golden Buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent

Axel Blake is a finalist contestant of the Britain’s Got Talent 2022. He is one of the most popular talent on the show.

He became popular after winning Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer after  his audition for the English Franchise.

This moment will not be forgotten in a rush because it was special for him and his family.

According to him, he couldn’t believe that Simon Cowell would be impressed by his jokes let alone press the golden buzzer.

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“Wow! I still can’t believe Simon Cowell pressed the Golden Buzzer! I guess that means drinks on me guys,” He wrote on social media.

It is popular knowledge that Simon Cowell is the most strict and blunt judge on the show. It takes tons of talents for a creative to impress him.

Meanwhile, the single audition of Axel got Simon Cowell and other judges laughing out loud so much that they could not contain their admiration for him.

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In fact, David Williams commended him for his incredible jokes by saying “a comedy star was born tonight.”

Axel Blake continued to win the viewers’ hearts following his impressive jokes throughout the competition.

One of his rib-cracking jokes follows the birth of his daughter during COVID and how he named her Pfitzer. This joke, particularly made the fit to laughter.

In fact, many people were rooting for him to win Britain’s Got Talent 2022.

Axel Blake Comedy Influence

Though Axel Blake became more popular after auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent, he has had a rich comedy experience before then.

Reportedly, Axel has had flair for comedy when he was young. Later in college, his friend introduced him to stand-up comedy.

So far, he has performed before thousand of audience. Therefore, it is safe to say that Britain’s Got Talent Season 15 only boosted his career as a comedian.

Before his appearance on BGT stage, Axel Blake delivered the role of a comedian in a short film called ‘Handle with care”. He also featured in a TV movie entitled “Pranksterz.”

However, he confessed that he had lost interest in comedy at some point in his life. He says:

“100% there is time, but when you have family looking at you, inspired by you, that’s what keeps you going.”

Prior to his participation on BGT 2022, Axel had performed in different comedy shows across the United Kingdom.

He has toured the UK and performed in comedy shows such as Comedy X-factor, Comedy on the Hill and yound Dons of Comedy.

Axel has also featured in David Chappelle and Eddie Griffin comedy shows as supporting act.

Besides, he has worked with Crep Protect, SBTV and UNILAD as content creator. He aslo portrayed himself in his Amazon Prime TV special entiled “Axel Blake – I’m not Gonna Lie”.

Axel Blake Feats on Britain’s Got Talent Season 15

It is no gainsaying that Axel is a top talent in this year’s BGT reality show. His jokes are unique and original.

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Additionally, he has an amazing personality on stage which helps him to deliver his jokes effortlessly.

While on BGT, Axel cracked jokes about his daughter that was born during lockdown. He also joked about his fiance, and moments after he received Simon’s golden buzzer.

Luckily for him, the audience got behind him for landing beautiful jokes on stage as Alesha had predicted.

Axel Blake Wins Britain's Got Talent 2022
The Moment Axel Blake Won!

Axel Blake Britain’s Got Talent 2022 Win

After a streak of mind-blowing performances, Axel Blake has been crowned the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2022.

The 33 year-old comedian beat other 9 finalists on BGT after amassing a lion share of the public votes.

After winning Britain’s Got Talent, Axel can now rest and be proud of himself because his hard work eventually paid off.

His winning jokes captured how he gave up on cycling because of the intensity of the sportsmen and also how he focused on his dance moves instead.

He also joked about mistaken identity which he experienced when a member of the public mistook him for the rapper Stomzy, but with the added weight.

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Interestingly all the judges said positive things about him. And, this is true to his unique and originality on stage.

Axel’s BGT 2022 win left him out of words after the hosts Ant and Dec announced him as the winner.

Axel Blake Britain’s Got Talent Prizes

Winning the Britain’s got talent comes with a big prizes.

Axel goes home with a whooping sum of £250 000 and a chance to perform at the Royal Variety Perforce this year.

This means a lot because, it would literally transform his life and that of his family.

What is Next for Axel Blake?

Now that Axel Blake is known throughout English countries in the United Kingdom, he should use his fame to earn more headlines.

Obviously, the United Kingdom audience liked his style of comedy on the BGT stage.

This must have been the reason they voted him through to the final. And, subsequently, crown him as the winner.

With his popularity, he should be able to earn more strides and increase his pocket size.

Also, we hope that his kids are inspired by their father’s feats on Britain’s Got Talent since that was the major reason he auditioned for the show.

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