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#Bamise’s Death: The BRT Driver and 3 Questions Begging for Answers

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For some days, the death of Ayanwole Bamise has been the media sensation. Everyone has one or two things to say about the deceased, the inconsolable parents, the Lagos BRT driver and the circumstances that led to the death of the 22-year-old fashion designer.

Though Bamise’s death isn’t the first of its kind in Nigeria where ritual killing has become a popular practice in recent times, the final moment and agonising death of the innocent lady brings tears to every eye. She had her genitals mutilated as she died a slow painful death.

Without dwelling much on or retelling the hellish story, however, let’s reason on these 3 questions arising from Bamise’s death and the circumstances that led to her death.

1. Bamise is Enroute for Oshodi but the BRT Driver Heads for Ebute Ero-Carter Bridge, Instead. Why?

Nice Andrew Omininikoron, the prime suspect and driver of the BRT bus Bamise boarded on February 26 has many questions hanging around his neck. Of these questions is the reason he followed the Ebute Ero-Carter Bridge-Apongbon route when his passenger was headed for Oshodi from Oworoshoki?

A close study of Bamise’s murder reveals that it was a well-planned mission that could be best executed in a rather silent and deaf route where they would be unnoticed. It was a deliberate detour, wasn’t it?

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2. The BRT Driver Claims Innocence but Goes to Hiding after the Incidence,?!

Nice Andrew Omininikoron, the prime suspect and driver of the BRT bus

If his hands are indeed clean, would he not have gone to report the incident to the Police? Instead, the BRT driver went to hiding.

When he was paraded before the media on March 7, he said he had no hand in Bamise’s death. Yet, the sane thing to do was to drive off while the deceased was being dragged off the bus by the 3 other men he had picked by the roadside as against the rules of the Bus Rapid Transit.

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Recall that everything about the bus was suspicious the moment Bamise hopped in. From the empty seats to the turned off lights and suspicious direction to sit at the extreme of the bus.

3. The Deafening Silence & Concocted Lies of the Lagos State Government. What’s Fishy?

More disturbing about the whole story and in fact makes the story looks cooked up and acted was the deafening silence the Lagos State government threw at the incident for about a week.

The belief is that the hands of the government are not clean, either. The Police for one denied the family and friends of Bamise investigation when they were still searching for her.

Also, the Management of the Lagos Bus Service Limited had denied affiliation with the driver of the BRT. Better put, they tried to distance themselves from the BRT bus and the driver in question.

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Bamise left indicting evidence behind. Some of which are now on the media. It is now the People versus Government. It’s an open court. Justice must be served. No. JUSTICE. #JUSTICEFORBAMISE.

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