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BBNaija Reunion 2022: Everything that Happened on Day 2

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Inside, you will find everything that happened on BBNaija Reunion 2022 Day 2. Find the full gist here.

The first day of Big Brother Naija Renion 2022 was more of an introduction to the Shine Ya Eye housemates and what they have been up to after the show.

Though viewers had expected the show to extend a little longer, Ebuka left them with suspenseful thoughts and feelings about the drama that would happen the next day.

However, it became more serious the second day when Ebuka went back in time and quizzed Angel, Maria, Nini, Sammy and others on certain issues.

So if you looking for the latest BBNaija Reunion 2022 update, you are in the right place to know what exactly happened in the show.

Below is the summary of what happened between Angel, Maria, Nini, Sammy, Micheal and others on Day 2 of the BBNaija Reunion live streaming.

BBNaija Reunion 2022
BBNaija Reunion 2022


As you may have already known that the BBN reunion is strictly based on facts drawn from old clips, Ebuka flashed back to the previous season.

The old clip features Nini, Peace and Maria gossiping about Angel. Obviously, the conversation in the garden was about how Angel flirted with most of the guys on the show.

Did Maria Call Angel a Prostitute?

Though Maria denied calling Angel Smith a prostitute as alleged, she however, maintained her opinion on Angel for being loose with guys while on the show.

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In her own defense, Angel Smith said: “Anytime I kissed— it was truth or dare.” She also accused Maria of trying to appear as a saint whose ego would not allow her to accept her faults.

This confrontation and denial would later become an almost uncontrollable conversation has Angel and Maria continued to yell at each other.

Peace & Nini Tell their Sides of the Story

To put it simply, the gossip entails Sammy allegedly slutshaming Angel as Peace explained.

In trying to clear the controversies around the saga, Peace decided to tell her side of the story. According to her, the gossip came to be as a result of the fallout Angel had with Sammy at that time.

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For Peace, dragging her into the issue was not important because she heard both sides of the story—Sammy’s and Angel’s— and realised that both parties were hurt.

Similarly, Nini defended her participation in the gossip as having to listen to other people’s opinions before concluding on what she heard about Angel Smith.

According to Nini, it was not her intention to talk about it. Rather, she acted based on what Michael had said about Angel.

But that did not go down well with Angel. As a friend, she had expected Nini to shut down the conversation. Meanwhile, she joined others to gossip about her.

Recall that Nini discovered Angel had unfollowed her on social media for gossiping about her when she came out of Biggie’s house.

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Slut-shaming? Sammy Has Something to Say

First, Sammy pointed out that fact that he never knew what the phrase slut-shamming was until he came to Big-Brother Naija house. Therefore, the claim that he badmouthed Angel’s appearance in the house was out of line.

Though he did not deny kissing Kay Vee as a way to get back at Angel, he never expected Angel to insult him using uncouth language.

Still, Angel argued that Sammy’s reaction to her looseness with other male BBNaija housemates was the least thing she expected when in fact Sammy was flirting with Peace at the time.

Following this, Sammy in a rather swift response said his reaction was borne out of the love he had for Angel then. “It was possible I liked you more,” he said.

Then, Who is the Originator of Angel’s Slut-Shamming?

After Sammy had denied slit-shamming Angel and apologising if he ever used the word, Michael was dragged into the centre of the discussion.

Asking if the whole saga originated from him, Michael said he was to busy to start or join gossip. He could however, remember that whatever happened at that time should be attributed to Cross.

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So that was what happened on BBNaija Reunion 2022 live streaming on Day 2.

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