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Be Careful Of ‘Mumu’ Dues. Read This Before You Are Extorted

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Being a student, one of your duties, or perhaps obligations, is payment of dues. Particularly as a fresher who has been allocated a room in the halls of residence, payment of hall dues is a necessary prerequisite as a member of your hall.

Asides the payment of hall dues, it is part of your duties, too, to pay your faculty or department dues. It is important to pay these dues as the payment is an evidence that you are truly a bonafide member of your department or faculty.

However, payment of dues is one of the ways executives of different halls, departments or faculties extort the students, most especially the freshers.

In the last session, when I was in 100 level, the Faculty of Arts made some non-obligatory dues compulsory. I can remember the day I went to AFAS office to pay my dues, I was told that I MUST pay for dinner and shirt, alongside the basic dues. I had to leave the office angrily for I saw no reason why I should pay for dinner that I wouldn’t go. At night, I wrote about this unnecessary payment and shared it across different groups. God so good, the payment for dinner and shirt was later made optional at the end.

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As a result, I truly believe you will be forced or coerced to pay unnecessary dues such as dinner and shirt in your hall, department and faculty. Never fall into the trap yet. Before you are extorted by paying for dinner or shirt which are not compulsory, voice out and write to the Students’ Union.

You should know that only the basic dues are the compulsory payment. Nonetheless, if you can afford paying all the dues, even excursion fee, you are good to go.

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All in all, sọ́ra fún mùmú dues. (Be careful of mumu dues).

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