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Before You Do Till-Day-Break Reading, You Need To Read This

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As examination is fast approaching in most universities, I need not be an angel before I know what would be preoccupying your mind now. You might have been thinking how you’re going to catch up within the few weeks left. Or perhaps you might have thought of joining your friends or mates in their night-reading expeditions because you fret anytime you think you are lagging behind in your studies. But, before you join them in their Till-Day-Breaks reading, TDB otherwise called overnight reading, read this story.


As a fresh student in UI, I did a lot of TDBs in 100l. I, together with my friends, would go to Law LLT, Faculty of Engineering LLT, reading rooms, cafeterias, etc., just to read.

Unfortunately, the time I would sleep was even more than the time I would read. My own case was fair though. According to my observation, there were some that would sleep throughout the night, and there were some that wouldn’t close their eyes for a second—different strokes for different folks. The worst case scenario was that there were some that would be engaging in mischievous activities with their boyfriends or girlfriends.

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Mind you, I aren’t saying TDB is bad. Of course, it is VERY helpful. But, you need to analyse the type of person you are. Are you someone who loves to sleep at night? If you are one, give TDB a second thought before you engage in it. Instead of wasting your time doing TDB at night when it’s sure that you will sleep during the process, you had better make it a priority to read during the day so that you won’t lose at both ends.

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Inasmuch as I respect TDB, I will never condone missing good sleep. Dear, you need sleep for the good functioning of your brain. If TDB robs you off sleep every day, I guess you are not doing yourself any good. Denying yourself a good sleep is a deathtrap which can even affect the As you chase.

Your brain needs rest. If you’re a type that does TDB, kindly give your brain the maximum rest during the day. May we not suffer breakdown o. I reiterate: give your body system the rest it needs. Health is wealth. Never compromise the much-needed sleep your body needs.

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Mind you, this is not an attempt to undermine the significance of TDB, but a message about its side effects that students usually overlook.

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    • Understanding oneself is key. I have a friend who doesn’t do more than 3 hours during the day. He is a first-class student.

  1. Whatever reading patterns one decides to adopt should align with one’s body preferences. For me,I have the uncanny adaptive features for both day and night reading. Yet, the state of my body at the verge of reading prescribes what mode of reading I need to adopt. Ample sleep is instrumental to any effective reading.

  2. Yeah! It’s true. We students need to know this; “Your brain needs rest”.
    Sir, it would have been better if you tell we new students the full meaning of “TDB”(TILL DAY BREAK) in your article for us to comprehend more easily. Most of us are not familiar with it (TDB).

    Thanks, sir.

  3. Thanks for this boss Mujeeb.
    We really need to know what works for us, instead of subjecting ourselves to reading tasks that might break us down anytime. TDB shouldn’t be the reason why you’ll deny yourself rest.

  4. Thank you so much for this.
    I had an experience while preparing for the UI’s post utme.
    Trust me, I was well prepared for the exam, yet, three weeks to the exam I started reading TDB, I ended up sleeping at the exam hall on the D-Day.
    I thank God made it.
    TDB reading isn’t for all!!! Please go at your pace.


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