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Best Websites To Enjoy KDrama Reviews and Recaps in 2022

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Looking for the best websites to read Kdrama movies reviews and recaps? Your search ends here. Find out the list of Kdrama blogs that publish movies reviews and recaps here.

Reading movie reviews and recaps is one of the most underrated practices in movie fandom. Unlike what some people think, many people actually go online to read up on new, ongoing or concluded movies and series.

One of the wrong notions people have about lovers of movie recaps and reviews is that they are too lazy to have a first-hand experience themselves or they’ve got nothing ‘more’ serious to do.

But I disagree because participating in movie recaps and or reviews is just one way to keep the conversation about a movie going. Much more so, it allows movies fandom to spill out what they think about the scripting, acting, cinematography and whatnot about a title; whether positive or negative.

Additionally, it is one of those ways to measure the acceptance and replay value of a particular movie. So yeah. The reasons why people rate or review a movie are quite tangible and as well, impressive.

Below are some of the best Kdrama blogs to enjoy reviews and recaps in 2022.

Best Kdrama Reviews and Recaps Websites 2022

Here are the best websites to read Kdrama reviews and recaps. On these Kdrama blogs, you will also find people’s ratings and conversations around a movie.

Note that the Kdrama reviews and rating blogs below are listed in no particular order.

1. Mydramalist

Mydramalist makes our top Kdrama reviews and recaps blogs because they have one of the largest and most active audience. This is because they create a safe space for their audience to spill out their thoughts about Kdrama movies.

This website is more like an online library of Kdrama movies. It shelves all Korean movies upon release and also provides all information about them. So at a glance, you can decide whether to skip or watch a title.

Some of the reasons why MDL stands out is the structure of the website. Even though it features many sections and functions, the interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. Also, there are little or no pop-ads to frustrate your time on the blog.

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So if you are someone who likes to watch or participate in arguments, Mydramalist is the best Kdrama review blog to enjoy the game; you will always find both intelligent and savage responses there.

One major shortfall of MDL, however, lies in the fact that most people’s comments on a Kdrama are sentimental and could be misleading.

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2. Dramabeans

When we talk of the best Kdrama movies blogs, Dramabeans is one of those that comes to mind. It is an English-language based website that is popular for indepth analysis and reviews of Kdrama.

Personally, I like to describe Dramabeans as a simple site doing great stuff; and that is simply because the design is simple to a fault. No complexities, very easy to understand.

For a very long time now, this Kdrama website has attracted Korean movies lovers from different countries of the world.

What Dramabeans does, basically, is Kdrama reviews. And, you can always trust their judgement because they are one of the most objective kdrama blogs you will find online.

It might also interest you to know that their audience takes after their objective style of movie analysis. They do so in the most brilliant and amazing manner that makes you spend extra time on their blog.

3. Kdramadiary

Kdramdiary is that movie blog that you could spend an entire day binge-reading kdrama recaps and reviews. To a large extent, the website offers ‘insightful Kdrama musings’ you won’t find elsewhere.

Trust me, this digital platform provides one if not the best Kdrama recaps and reviews online. Their reviewers are very detailed in their analysis.

Much more so, Kdramadiary publications are original, authentic and appealing. One of those things that will arrest your interest at fight sight is the way they coin their titles. And, when you eventually pick a title to read, you will find out that they suit the content perfectly.

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My honest view about the site is that they put a lot of effort into their publications. Their reads are not rushed. Their reviews will tell you whether a Korean movie is a good watch or not.

You may, however, not like the kind of seriousness or formality that Kdramadiary’s interface confers on its readers. It doesn’t buy the idea of a loose space where anybody can say anything; users are well moderated on their pages.

For me, Kdramadiary is a site to visit if you are looking for an honest report or judgement on any Asian movie.

4. Thereviewgeek

If you are a Korean movies lover who is also interested in reading detailed recaps and reviews, you should give Thereviewgeek a try.

A scroll at their landing page is enough to convince you that it is one of the best blogs to get Kdrama recommendations from.

Thereviewgeek is one of those websites that live up to their name as all they do is all movies recaps, reviews and ratings. I don’t think you can ever get bored navigating their blog because there is always a title to catch your attention from all corners.

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On top of that, they also keep their readers engaged with their thought-provoking articles.

However, you may not like that the site has a bunch of ads displaying all over, especially if you are browsing on a big screen.

5. Readysteadycut

Readysteadycut is another best website to enjoy Kdrama recaps and reviews. If you ask what entices me about this blog, I would say that their professional publications does it for me.

Beyond a doubt, Readysteadycut is one of the few drama blogs that publish top notch recaps and reviews that Kdrama audience craves.

Apart from the fact that their stories are compelling, the aesthetics, of their site is enough to make you skip breath for a second. You will like their site for the spell-binding beauty and authority on each movie.

Those are the best movie blogs to enjoy Kdrama reviews and recaps. Visit them today!

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