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Poem Or Money, Which One Would You Prefer As Birthday Gift As A Lady? (Reactions)

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Recently, I conducted an opinion poll on WhatsApp on whether ladies would appreciate a poem or money as a birthday gift. The poll was, in fact, fun-filled as it was met with a lot of opinions and reactions. I was surprised with the diverse opinions that accompanied the poll.

Surprisingly, out of the numerous opinions, just two or three girls expressed their love for poem. In their arguments, they said they would prefer a poem or notes in some occasions like birthday anniversary.

One of them said it has been awhile she has cried and blushed while reading love poems, letters or notes. Funny, right? However, when I asked her if she won’t collect money assuming the amount is huge, her answer was a resounding YES.

Another girl also subscribed to the idea of accepting poem rather than money. In her argument, she said that poem comes from the heart. Funny too, right? And I asked her a question: money doesn’t come from heart, right? LOL. Maybe money comes from pocket then.

However, I was not surprised that 90% of girls chose money. I was not surprised, actually. We are in an age where affluence and material things are celebrated and worshipped. Rich men and women are now the dream men and women of most young boys and girls.

The worst case scenario, Yahoo guys don spoil market. An average 15-year-old boy now counts his success at the expensive clothes he buys, partying at night where they will drink and dance with girls, to mention but a few. Thus, I’m not surprised these girls chose money over poem. In fact, I laughed hysterically when a girl asked which currency is love poem. E choke too, right?

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Dear reader, what’s your opinion about this? Would you prefer poem or money for a birthday gift?

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