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Igangan: Community Demands N193M Damages Over Killer-Fulani Attack


The Igangan community has demanded a sum of one hundred and ninety-three million naira as damages over killer herdsmen attack.

Recall that the Oyo-Ibarapa agrarian community was overwhelmed by armed Fulani militia in the wee hours of June 5, killing over 15 residents and destroyed over 70 properties, including houses, shops, filling station and the community palace.

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Igangan tendered a list of these damages summing up to N193 million. The list, a copy of which was obtained by The Nation, showed that 11 indigenes were killed on the fateful night. Four members of the about 100-strong attackers, also lost their lives during the three-hour attack.

Waiting for the expected compensation, many of the shops and houses, including the palace of the Asigangan, were already being repaired through self-help when The Nation visited the town last week.

The attack was believed to be a reprisal to the forceful ejection of Seriki Fulani in the community Soliu Abdulkadir earlier in the year.

Popular Yoruba nation agitator Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Sunday Igboho) sent Abdulkadir packing by visiting Igangan on January 7.

The January 7 sack visit followed a previous visit to the Seriki during which Igboho ordered him to leave the community based on established claims that he was fronting for kidnappers who were alleged to be among herders of Fulani origin.

He gave him a seven-day ultimatum but the Fulani head refused to leave. He, however, fled on learning that Igboho was on his way to sack him on January 7.

Irate youths in the community used the opportunity of Igboho’s last visit to vandalise Abdulkadir’s palace to prevent him from returning.

The community believes that Abdulkadir was behind the attack. They insisted that he recruited Fulani in the neighbouring Benin Republic to avenge him. The community borders Benin Republic.

But the seriki denied involvement in the attack. He also said he was never involved in kidnapping, stressing that he was doing genuine business in the town.

Hey! Stop Praying for Nigeria

So, I was speaking with a friend sometime ago and I said, whenever this prayer for Nigeria, that God should save our country is being led in my church or any religious gathering, I do not participate in it. One of the reasons being that repetition of prayer is a hindrance to answer to such prayer. Knowing how repeatedly this particular aspect of “laws of prayer” has been taught in my church, I wondered why we are defaulters. I stopped wondering, anyway.

I hate to keep malice with issues that I am not quite satisfied with. Long-suffering is one virtue I am short of, so I address the anomalies around me just as they are. Most truly and blatantly. I feel we do not see God as benevolent, prayer-answering. Perhaps He is forgetful, that’s why we keep reminding him of our predicament every second of the day. Or we are one strange specie that is being consumed by our religious fervour. The same prayer we met on the lips of our ancestors, our children are passing them on to their children’s children. And Nigerians, you know, we can be very violent when it comes to praying. We can blow off the roof, pull down the mountain, tear down the skies with our tongues. Sometimes our strange and incoherent rumblings. I don’t know but God, I’m sure, is tired. We make too much noise in here. It is, however, funny that we fail to understand that God has answered our prayers and that we have failed in our roles as citizens of Nigeria.

“next to God’s power is political power, and political power is people-giving, and God has given us people, what else do you want Him to do for us?”

Pastor Femi Emmanuel

In one of his religious sessions, popular preacher and one-time Deputy Speaker, Oyo State House of Assembly, Pastor Femi Emmanuel made a savage attack on religious hypocrisy, superstitious extremism and anglicised puppetry in Nigeria. Speaking of some churches with over forty thousand branches across the world, Emmanuel accused these religious centres of “imprisoning” their disciples with doctrines that frown at political participation. The point is, the leadership of these religious centres control a hurricane of devoted followers who should be active stakeholders in national politics and policy making but are unfortunately not because they have been blindfolded by their sanctimonious practices.

The reality is that God has answered our prayers long before now but nothing has changed because we have refused to act. Didn’t the Bible say that faith without work is dead? Perhaps we only acknowledge the portion that encourages us to pray without ceasing. Emmanuel, addressing his fellow gospellers said, “next to God’s power is political power, and political power is people-giving, and God has given us people, what else do you want Him to do for us?” Rasaq Gbolahan, a literary scholar and critic, also bothered by this reality, couldn’t have captured it any better than he says in one of his poems:

“My grandfather died
while waiting for the
future of this country.

My grandmother died
while praying for the
rays of light in this

Brother, if I walk the same
path tomorrow, bury me
without regaling my tomb
with the veil of tears…”

Many Nigerians, not only Christians believe that politics is a dirty game. A game of the corrupt. That it is loaded with a bunch of shady activities that will snatch our “omoluabi” from us. That when we join them, we will be like them. So we leave it for “them” and keep on praying for them because “the heart of the king is in God’s hands.” What?! That election results are manufactured before the election is another reason why many of us do not participate in politics. We feel our votes do not count. We feel elections are scam. However, it is on the contrary, we made it look that way because we are politically impassive.

But the redemption of Nigeria has been bought. Why it is not manifested yet is our belief in miracles. We want it effortlessly. We have to wake up from this religion-induced sleep. Prayer itself is hard work. Crying, sweating, jumping, muscling. These are not easy. If we are tired of the leadership that runs here, then we have to come to this truth, that our destiny is in our hands, that God has given us the free will to chart our destiny, that God has provided us with everything we need to fulfil our destiny, that God will not descend from heaven and be casting votes on our behalf, and that He will not come and preside over our nation for us, either.

We have prayed enough…

This is how to stop complaining about the failed leadership of this country. When the “righteous” begin to see politics as practicable and not evil, when we involve in decision making and make ourselves available for quality representation, when we shake off ourselves from our deep slumber, when we stop to think that God has dementia, when we come to know that praying is not everything, that is when we begin to deliver this country.

I hope you join me and stop praying for Nigeria now.

Opinion: FFK Has Joined APC, So What?

The news that Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has joined the All Progressives Congress(APC) is not a BIG story and should not to treated as such. Defection is a familiar word in politics and Nigerians by now should be used to it. For he who must stay relevant must belong to where power resides. Say politics(al prostitution). This lucrative business didn’t begin in Nigeria today. It is as old as the Ist generation regional/party politics that witnessed a lot of crossovers.

I do not understand why some Nigerians are making a hill out of the mole. FFK has just exercised one of his fundamental human rights as a citizen of a democratic state to join any association/party that he wills. On this, let no one crucify him or attack his person, inconsistency and whore-mongering.

But I think I can understand why a gross number of Nigerians are surprised by this political development. Why would you join a party that you criticised day and night for six (6) years? That you accused of Islamist agendum and swore that you would rather die than join? 2 days ago, Brother Femi sheathed his sword, ate back his words and joined the enemy camp after the “Holy Spirit” ministered to him.

He declared:

“It was an honour and a privilege to visit with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Aso Rock, yesterday in the company of my dear friends and brothers, Governor Mala Mai-Buni and Governor Bello Matawalle.

Mr President received us very warmly and we had an excellent meeting. I intimated him of my decision to join the APC and he was delighted with the news.

Now we move forward together to make our country a better place and to bring peace, love and stability to our shores.
God bless Nigeria! 🇳🇬”

This is not a BIG story at all. We are in a season of crossovers and we will witness many more.

Believing that political rivalry is an eternal war is a stupid thing to think of. Politicians are professional spin doctors who use the media to their own advantage. Many times, they make you see, hear and or believe only what they want you to know. For 6 years and more, Fani-Kayode practised this business and many Nigerians patronised him greatly.

The sad reality in Nigeria is that political power can only be gotten through two major platforms: APC & PDP. Since 1999, no other party has been able to challenge these two parties to victory in national elections. The reason, however, is not far-fetched. Nigerians themselves made it so. An average Nigerian believes that no party, from heaven or on earth, can snatch power from these dominant parties; elections in Nigerian are scam because results are always manufactured before the elections. Therefore, what can I do when a few people who are stronger than I shave my head in my absence? Foolish thought!

If I may describe FFK’s character, I will say he is not a regular Nigerian politician. He was only privileged to enjoy the grace of his fathers and served as a two-time minister. To my knowledge, he has never contested any political position. He was only a privileged card-carrying member of the PDP who resigned to socio-political criticism via social media and controlled a large audience. The effect of British education. Nothing more.

You may add that he is an opportunist and scavenger. A bottom feeder who maps about to feed. These are not my words. FFK’s principal and Former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2018 described FFK as FFO. He said: “Fani Kayode is my boy, give him food, he will praise and sing for you. If there is anything I like about him, it is his unapologetic wills and decisions which no one can take away from. But ascribing them to God and Holy Spirit, that I do not approve of.

There are clear indications that Fani Kayode may begin his political career fully at 60. From South-South to South West, FFK has toured all the PDP ruling states. Now that he is in APC, he may embark on another tourism, scoring each Governor according to their works. This is not even the point. Election is hurrying near. Nigerians should learn how not to forget things so that when 2023 comes, and they approach them in style–promising heaven on earth in sweet vocab and tush accent, they are not forced to vote for politicians who are controlled by their appetite.

We’re dealing with owner of 180 seized cows – Amotekun


The Ondo State Security Network Agency, also known as Amotekun Corps, on Tuesday, said it had arrested three herdsmen and seized 180 cows for violating the state government’s anti-open grazing law, ThePunch reports.

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu recently signed the anti-open grazing bill into law and the Amotekun Corps has since been enforcing the law.

The Commander, Amotekun Corps, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, said the cows and the herders were intercepted at the Oke Ala area of Akure, the state capital.

“We confiscated about 180 cows and they are in our custody. We intend to release them to the owners after they have complied with the regulations as contained in the anti-open grazing law. We have also detained the three herders arrested with the cows. Their boss has come and we are dealing with the boss now,” he stated.

Adeleye lamented that despite the state government signing the anti-open grazing law, the herders still continued to break it.

The Amotekun boss stated, “We have a number of herders here with us and we are making them comply with the enacted law, which stipulates penalty for defaulting herders. The position of the law is that if they choose to go to court, we will implement the law, which stipulates a minimum of N100,000 fine or three years’ imprisonment.

“In most cases, you will see them pleading that such a thing will not happen again. We have also implored the leadership of Miyetti Allah to educate the members that the anti-open grazing law of Ondo State is fully in force.”


UNIBEN: Papa wey no well before, no be the attack go kill am?—Student cries over #20,000 tuition hike


Students of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) have reacted to the decision of the institution management to hike tuition by #20,000.

The school management had in a circular announced the hike in tuition and the decision to withdraw the studentship of defaulters after the September 17 deadline.

According to the circular, the institution opened its portal for registration and payment on August 16, 2021. The portal was to remain open until September 3. Failure to meet the three-week deadline would attract a penalty of N10,000 between September 6 and 10, and a heavier penalty of N20,000 between September 13 and 17.

It reads: “Any student who fails to register at the close of the registration deadline will be deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn from the University.”

To express their displeasure with the management, over 3,000 students of UNIBEN staged a protest against the varsity management on Tuesday. The students were sighted holding several placards with different inscriptions.

In the videos and audio files obtained by Naija Banquet, the university students lamented the decision of the school. Some of them are quoted as saying:

“I got cleared yesterday morning, in less than 24 hours, now I’m expected to pay #93,000. How do you expect me to get that amount?”

“We no wan hear late payment, we no get #20k. Na me dey cloth my self, na me dey feed my self. It took my father almost 2 months to send me 45k”

UNIBEN students protest #20,000 hike in tuition.

“…If I tell my daddy now, person wey well before, no be the attack go kill am? Now I tell am this morning, he said make hin go sell his motor make e take pay the school fee.”

Another student said tearfully
UNIBEN students protest #20,000 hike in tuition.

The Vice-Chancellor, Lilian Salami, while replying a student who said some of them barely feed once in a day and rely on sponsorship, in another clip, said: “

The are some people who are not educated who are better than those who are not educated. So don’t say it as if #15,000…who cannot afford #15,000 if you want to?

“Do you know how many people I’m paying school fees for? You are even talking, do you know how many people come here?”

UNIBEN VC replies a student who says some of them barely feed, relies on sponsorship.

The management, however, in a letter signed by the school registrar on Tuesday evening has ordered the immediate closure of the university. According to the letter, the closure of the school is in a bid to stave off hoodlums from hijacking the students’ action.

“Accordingly, all students are to vacate the hostels and the university premises not later than noon on Wednesday, 15th September, 2021”, the letter reads.

Opinion: A Blow to the Butchers of our People

Opinion by Chief Femi Fani-Kayode

In the last few weeks there has been a remarkable and devastating onslaught on the killer bandits and murderous terrorists of North Western Nigeria.

Zamfara state has been the model case and other North Western states including Katsina, Kaduna, Sokoto, Jigawa, Kebbi and Niger state have taken the cue and have also risen to the occassion.

What the Governors of these states have done has been inspiring and has brought hope to millions of people all over the North and indeed all over the country.

They have labelled the bandits as terrorists, they have cut off their supplies and supply lines, they have cut off their communication networks, they have freed thousands of captives, they have killed and captured hundreds of terrorists and they have scattered their cells and operations and put them in dissaray.

I have spoken to countless people in the North West over the last one week and at least three families whose children and relatives were released from captivity and there is a deep sense of relief that at last something is being done.

Hope has been restored and the fact that the Governors of these states are taking the battle to the gates of the terrorists in conjunction with the DSS, the Army, the Airforce, the Nigerian Police Force and all the other security and Intelligence agencies has proved that once there is a strong resolve and the political will to do something about insurgency and terrorism there is always a way.

For this effort we must commend each of the Governors of these respective states and particularly the Governor of Zamfara, the Heads of all our Security Agencies, the military Service Chiefs and President Muhammadu Buhari himself.

It is incumbent upon us to encourage the Federal and State Governments when they get things right and to encourage our security agencies and military when they the cultivate the courage and take up the the initiative and fight the evil that has plagued our land just as it is important for us to tell them when they get things wrong.

I sincerely hope that the Governors of the states of the South and other parts will also cultivate the political will to take the sort of drastic measures that have been taken by the North Western Governors in order to save lives.

One of the most innovative and effective measures that has been taken which is unique to Zamfara and which I hear will also be introduced in some of the other North Western states at the soonest is the shutting down of all communication networks within the state.

This has totally crippled the terrorists and their kidnapping operations and it has worked wonders.

The fact that the Hon. Min. Of Communcations and Digital Economy, Professor Isa Pantami, can implement such measures at the behest of the Governor of Zamfara and help in this way speaks volumes for him.

No other Minister has dealt such a heavy blow to the terrorists over the last six years and none has cultivated the sense of urgency to do so.

No matter what anyone says, they cannot take this from Isa Pantami. On this matter he has done very well indeed.

The truth is that this measure and policy alone has dealt a death blow to banditry and kidnapping in Zamfara and the only thing left to do is to send in the security forces to kill the terrorists which, I have been reliably informed, they are now doing with relative ease.

Pantami has done well here and few can deny it. I commend his courage as I do Matawalle’s.

Those that believe that this policy ought to be terminated and that want the communication lines reconnected at the soonest can best be described as the enemies of Nigeria and the friends of terror.

They seek to undermine our security, divide our country, profit from terror, shed the blood of the innocent and take the lives of our people for no just cause.

They want to take us back to the dark days of unchallenged terror and carnage and they wish to push our nation over the brink and into the hellish inferno of a second civil war.

Worse still they are agents of foreign Governments who’s agenda is to utterly destroy our country and turn us into the laughing stock of the world.

We know who they are and we will expose them soon.

For now we must focus on encouraging those that are doing the right thing, that have risen to the occassion and that have taken the bull by the horns.

I will stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone or any group of people that will fight the terrorists and send them to hell where they belong and that will seek to save the lives of Nigerians and restore peace and sanity in our land.

Kudos to all those involved in this noble initiative and to those that are still sitting on the fence I say the following:

Wake up, rise up to the occassion, grow some balls, enter the field of battle and join hands with others regardless of party affiliation, tribe or faith and let us save Nigeria together.

May God help us all.



400-level varsity student impregnates 14-year-old girl in Benue


A 400-level student of the Joseph Sarwuan Tarka University, Makurdi, Michael Nyitor, has been accused of impregnating a 14-year-old girl in the Gaadi area of Makurdi, Benue State.

Nyitor, a Mechanical Engineering student, was alleged to have had carnal knowledge of the victim several times before she became pregnant, ThePunch reports.

The suspect was a friend to the victim’s relative, and entered their apartment under the guise of seeing his friend.

It was gathered that the pregnancy was discovered when the teenager was taken to a hospital for a check-up after she confessed that the suspect had been sleeping with her.

Her aunt, who identified herself simply as Lucy, said she got to know about the alleged assault after the teenager sneaked out of the room in the night.

She said, “While everyone was in bed on September 4, she left the room and did not come back until 5am and when I asked her where she was coming from, she said she went to urinate. After much probing, she confessed that she went to see Michael (Nyitor), who had been sleeping with her.

“We went to his house to let his mother know in case she was not aware and when we got to their house, the boy’s mother apologised for her son’s action, but the boy claimed that he was not a child and that it was the girl that lured him to rape her and that if we asked him to get married to the girl, we would have to provide him with a job or else she was going to suffer.

“When we left their house, we went to the hospital to check if she had not contracted any illness and that was when it was discovered she was pregnant. My husband went to the police the next day to report, but the boy’s mother went to the village head to come and plead with us to withdraw the case so we could settle at home.

“The boy later came to my house to plead with me that he was sorry for his action and that he had not been sleeping and his spirit was not at rest.

“Michael is a friend to my husband’s younger brother and he used to come to our house to meet him, but I did not know he was using it to disguise so he could lure the girl; we want justice to prevail because being pregnant means she will automatically stop her education and the boy is not remorseful about what he did; he feels nobody can do anything to him.”

We also learnt that the matter was reported at the E Division Police Station.

A human rights activist, Ukan Kurugh, said justice would prevail in the matter, adding that the dean of student affairs of the suspect’s institution had also promised to look into the matter.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Catherine Anene, in a text message, said the command was investigating the matter.

The suspect was arrested on Monday and detained at the E Division Police Station.

How to cope with distractions in the university

University is a nice place to be. It is where you get to experience another version of life that is very much different from the one(s) you are used to in your earlier years. I am a university student and I have had a sheer experience of this side of life.

Like every other institution or society, university is a community of people with different backgrounds. Say race, culture, religion, gender ideology etc. So, it is a place that is buzzing with all shades of activities that you can ever imagine.

who am I? What do I want? What do I think? What do I feel?

During my first year at the university, I was stupefied by the way of life that people lived. I must confess. It was a new world to me. But, as I continued to live each day on campus, I began to understand the system and its sophistication.

The truth is, distractions are everywhere. You will always find them wherever you go but they may appear in different shades or forms. This implies, the university environment no matter how strange and sophisticated it appears is in no way special. Be sure to have some teething troubles in the first few weeks as a freshman, anyway.

Distraction often comes in form of social activities that are somewhat irrelevant and unnecessary. This is not to say that extra-curricular activities are not good. For instance, involving in sport, cultural, creative, literary and other social clubs can be fantastic. However, when an activity becomes a threat to your primary objective in the university, know that it is a distraction.

The will and ability to draw this line of distinction between what is and what is not distraction is not always easy. Many times, we get too attached to some activities that they become so indispensable and pulling out of such creates a dilemma. Regardless, a decision must be made.

For me, one way to cope with distractions on campus is by setting up some standards and principles that you must live by. For instance, when you ask yourself the questions: who am I? What do I want? What do I think? What do I feel? And other questions that require self-awareness, you begin to understand why you should define yourself in the most meaningful and decent way.

This theory of self-concept will not only help you to create a good image of yourself but also help you to have a proper perception of your new environment. This is because it will mould you in such a way that you will be able to expose yourself to ideas that reinforces rather than contradicts your beliefs.

Also, it will enable you to neglect distractions stimuli on campus and focus on your studies. That is, you will be equipped with the instrument you need to select only what you want to see, hear or believe.

You can also avoid academic distractions by drawing a workable timetable. This will help you to keep track of your daily activities and stay focused. If you forget things easily, you may set phone reminders to get reminded of your plans.

In addition, stay away from friends with no future ambition. In other words, choose your friends wisely. Only identify with people who share the same thoughts and ideology with you. Do not associate with those who have no dream or goal in life.

In all, choosing our distractions is an individual thing. Not universal. What poses as a threat to me may appear as your own focus of attraction. However, we need to choose our distractions carefully and truthfully so we won’t have regrets thereafter.


Success tips: how to get over academic failure


Academic failure is a thing that you should be worried about. It is a thing of shame if you as a student fail in your primary assignment to study well and finish with good grades. However, can students do without failure?

As human beings, our lives are shaped with several flaws and weaknesses that emanates from our personal activities. We are not perfect. We can not survive a day without any activity either. However, we can live our lives most decently and methodically such that our chances of having a sheer dose of failure will be greatly reduced.

So as a student who is confronted with numerous demands and expectations and is struggling so hard to meet up them but at the end of the day finishes with a score sheet full of red inks and failure, how do you cope with failure?

• The first step is recognition

When I say recognition, I mean bringing yourself close to a mirror that is big enough to reflect your true image and identify your shortcomings.
Ask your self questions. Empty your self and lay your answers bare just as they are.

What are those things you think are responsible for your failure in the past semester or academic year? Among these identified weaknesses, which of them can you claim responsibility for or control over?

Finding answers to the above questions will go a long way in correcting the mistakes you made in the previous academic year. Your flaw, for instance, could be truancy, nonchalant attitude to work, laziness, poor preparation/study pattern, peer pressure, drugs, involvement in many social activities and many more besides.

Now that you have identified reasons for your failure, what do you do?

Embrace your emotions. This is the second step.

After recognition comes acceptance. If you really want to pull out of the mess, then you should be ready to acknowledge the role that you played in its creation.

Dear reader, you need to come to this understanding that you have a lion share if not all of the blame. So, you must own the identified causes of your failure with courage, faith, soberness and sincerity.

This will help you to forgive yourself and make necessary corrections. This is because the acknowledgement of your faults will not only humble you but also make you sorry.

• The third step is forgiveness

One thing is to identify, another is to accept. Yet, the process is not complete without forgiveness. Just like the popular saying, “to err is evil to forgive is divine.” When you forgive yourself your past mistakes, your heart is renewed and your mind is freed from the manifold problems that are holding you bound.

What I am trying to say is that, forgiveness will give you the psychological purging and emotional balance that you need to become a better person.  You can then chart a new course for yourself and embrace the future with a sound mind. So you see that forgiveness is a bold step you must not jump.

• Conclusion
Success is not a feat that can be achieved easily. However, through determination, diligence and self-evaluation, you can reach great heights. Note also that success is not permanent. There is room for overtaking. So you need to be vigilant, and restless in order to sustain your position in the success race.

Dear reader, we believe that you enjoyed this article. Please, share this amazing story with your friends on social media via the icons provided below. Thank you.

400 first-class graduates, 5,140 others jostle for 100 poly jobs in Nasarawa


About 5,540 applicants have applied for 100 Nasarawa poly vacancies approved by the State’s government at Isa Mustapha Agwai Polytechnic, Lafia, The Punch reports.

The Rector of the Polythecnic, Dr. Justina Kotso, made the disclosure on Tuesday in Lafia when the management of the institution appeared before the State House Assembly Committee on Education for its 2021 budget assessment.

She explained that the polythecnic was able to screen the 5,540 applicants out of whom 767 were qualified for the job and 400 were first class graduates.

Kotso also disclosed that the institution under her watch had achieved a lot in the area of infrastructural development, Information and Communication Technology and improved security on the school premises.

“But as Oliver Twist, we are appealing for more funding because that is one of the challenges we are facing. We are prepared to continue to bring new innovations for the overall development of the institution” she added.

The Chairman, House Committee on Education, Daniel Ogazi, urged the rector and management of the polytechnic to absorb academic and non-academic casual staff who had been working in the institution for a long period of time before considering other fresh applicants in its ongoing recruitment.

“Some of them have been working as casual staff for many years and now that the government has approved employment, I urge you to absorb them before you consider fresh applicants,” he added.