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Study-in-Uk: 2022 Scholarships for International students—Apply Now!

Currently, some United Kingdom (UK) universities are offering scholarship to international students. So, if you plan to study in the UK through funding opportunities, don’t worry. In this post, I have compiled a long list of UK universities and organisations that are offering scholarships that you can apply for in 2022!

Below are the UK universities that are currently offering scholarships for international students.

1. University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is offering 105 scholarships to international students who have the hope to impact lives in their home countries upon completion of their programmes.

The University of Nottingham’s “Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship” was designed in 2001 to help African students and selected commonwealth countries to achieve their scholarly dreams. This scholarship programme covers 50% to 100% of full-time masters tuition fees.

Scholarship Summary

  • Host: University of Nottingham
  • Category: Post-graduate (Masters’ Scholarship)
  • Eligible countries: International students from Africa, India & selected commonwealth countries
  • Reward: Full & partial scholarship
  • Deadline: May 20, 2022.

Apply HERE

2. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is one of the few universities that are offering funding opportunities to business enthusiasts across the world.

Established in 1451, the university of Glasgow has grown to be become one of the best institutions worldwide. Named after Adam Smith, the father of economics, the University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School is ranked among the top 100 business schools globally.

With this understanding that postgraduate study comes with its financial hurdles, University of Glasgow announced the “Global Challenges Scholarship.” The Global Challenges Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship available for students interested in the Masters programmes listed below:

  1. MSc International Human Resource Management and Development
  2. MSc Financial Technology
  3. MSc Environment and Sustainable Development

Scholarship Summary

  • Host: University of Glasgow– Adam Smith Business School
  • Category: Post-graduate (Masters’ Scholarship)
  • Eligible countries: International students from any country of the world
  • Reward: Full scholarship
  • Deadline: April 1, 2022

Apply HERE now!

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3. Ghent University

The Ghent University is rolling out doctoral scholarships to PhD students through its “Special Research Fund.” This scholarship is aimed at deserving PhD students from developing countries are willing to carryout half of their doctoral programme at Ghent University (North) and the other half (South) at any university in a developing country of their choice.

While finances incurred during 24-month research period at Ghent University (North) will be fully funded, the other full-time finance burden for the 24 months of research down South will be solely carried by the candidate.

Ghent University is a top ranking institution in the UK. Located at Belgium, Ghent University offers not less than 200 courses with a top-notch teaching and vast research methods within the scientific scope.

Scholarship Summary

  • Host: Ghent University
  • Category: Post-graduate (PhD Scholarship)
  • Eligible countries: International students from all developing countries
  • Reward: Full scholarship | 8,000 euros stipend
  • Deadline: February 1, 2022

How to apply? See details HERE

4. University of Oxford

The Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programmmes is part of the University of Oxford’s effort to breed intellectually sound graduate students from differrent walks of life.

Founded in 2015, the Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarship programmes were in commemoration of Lord Weidenfeld’s 95th birthday with 40% funding from Oxford and 60% donations from supporters of the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust.

This scholarship covers 100% of tuition fee and a living grant of 15,609 euros.

Scholarship summary

  • Host: University of Oxford
  • Category: Post-graduate | Masters
  • Eligible countries: International students from all countries
  • Reward: Full scholarship | 15,609 euros stipend
  • Deadline: January 21, 2022

click HERE for more information

5. Eni Oil & Gas Company

Eni Oil and Gas Company is in partnership with St Antony’s College, University of Oxford to sponsor at least 3 postgraduate students from Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique or the Republic of Congo.

The international integrated energy company understands the goal and vision of SDGs to improve the general welfare of people living in Africa through Agriculture and youth development. Also, has a company with its presence in Africa for decades, Eni finds it imperative to give back to the African communities.

Scholarship Summary

  • Host: St Antony’s College, UK
  • Category: Post-graduate | Masters
  • Eligible countries: International students from all countries
  • Reward: Full scholarship
  • Deadline: March 1, 2022

Apply HERE now!

If you like this post, please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. You can also share these scholarships with your friends via your social media handles.

Nigerian Idol 2022 Season 7: 10 Best and Worst Memories of the Singing Competition

The Nigerian Idol 2022 Season 7 is at its tail end but we will never forget the memories of the reality singing competition. The idols ensured that everyone including the judges, super fans, voters and casual viewers catch some unforgettable moments of the show.

Here, we are going to share 10 memories that cut across the stages of the competition from the blind audition to the Grand finale which produce Idol (Progress/Zadok) as the winner of the 7th Season of Nigerian Idol.

10 Best and Worst Memories of Nigerian Idol Season 7

Best Memories of Nigerian Idol Season 7

1. Bendy Bodies and Notes During Kenneth’s Blind Auditions

At 15, Kenneth watched a contortionist fold their body into different sizes and forms. Dazed by the sport, he decided to take on it and become a master of the craft.

So, it was really interesting to watch him greet the judges with a Bendy Body during the Blind Audition Stage though he didn’t go far in the music competition.

His confidence and stage presence were commendable. I bet that many people laughed throughout his audition—rib-cracking!

2. Progress’ “I Need an Angel” Performance

Idol progress also called Pastor Progress on Nigerian Idol Season 7 literally opened the flood gates of heaven during his performance of Ruben Studdard’s “I Need an Angel.” Like, he took every participant to church.

One characteristic which is peculiar to Progress throughout the music contest, however, is his ability to sing as though he is telling a story.

It is about how he manages to hypnotise the audience with his subtle voice from the beginning to the end of every song he was privileged to bring live on the Nigerian Idol Stage.

In this performance, especially, Nigerian Idol Jordan brought his A-game to the show. His vocals, range, vibrato and other elements were spot on so much that the guest judge, Yinka couldn’t not contain her feeling about the soulful performance.

3. The Moment Adekunle Gold Surprises Simi with a Birthday Cake

Simi as well as everyone present had no idea whom the super fan was until the lights turned on Adekunle Gold approaching the judges’ seats with a cake in his hands.

The adorable couple left us with an unforgettable picture of them. With Adekunle Gold re-professing his love to simi and planting a kiss on her lips, the show rode sky-high that night.

4. Zadok’s “Soul Provider’s” Performance

Zadok’s bang-up job with Micheal Bolton’s ‘Soul Provider’ is not a memory to forget too soon. Apart from the fact that Zadok yanked the stars of the night off the heads of the other contestants, this rendition will remain evergreen for the following reasons.

First, the performance reaffirms Nigerian Idol Zadok as a complete package, speaking of vocals and performance. No one does it like him when it comes to entertainment on stage. Zadok would literally enter the character of his song to translate it’s meaning to the audience. In his “Soul Provider’s” performance, he did not render less.

Typical of Zadok the self-proclaimed preacher of love on the Nigerian idol 2022, vocals met performance when he wooed a girl from the audience to the stage. This single act was remarkable so much that the music video was reposted by Michael Bolton on his Instagram account.

We will not forget too, the unusual Zadok in his dramatic performance of BIIM’S “I will make Love to You.” Man, it took our breath away.

5. Jordan’s Performance of “You Say” by Lauren Diagle

If there is a prize for the Nigerian idol best in facial and emotional interpretation, it is Jordan. Throughout his moments on the Nigerian Idol 2022, the Kaduna-born artist connects us to the soul of his music through his facial expression and emotional translation of the lyrics to the songs.

Jordan brought many to tears with his performance of “You Say” on the season 7 live stage of the Nigerian Idol. Performing at a time when violence was rocking Kaduna, Jordan reminisces on the disturbing circumstances that rocked his family and friends back home.

However, the dedication of this song to the casualties of the chaos in Kaduna did not only make the performance one to be remembered but also marking him out as one who has his people and the nation at heart.

Worst Memories of Nigerian Idol Season 7

6. The Elimination of Faith

If any memory of the Nigerian Idol 2022 can be tagged as the ‘best’ worst memories, it is definitely the premature exit of Faith from the music contest.

Without a doubt, Faith is the best female vocalist in the competition. None of the artists comes close to her when it comes to rendering a song in a sweet soothing voice.

Few would bet it that Faith would go far in the competition. Maybe top 5. But what happened was unexpected, on that fateful night that saw the double elimination of Faith and Itohan from Nigerian idol 2022.

Commenting, Nigerian Idol Season 7 Judge, Simi said she was stunned by the elimination of Faith and Itohan, adding that who goes home next is unpredictable, as most of the viewers’ choices do not tally with the Judges’. You keep sending the best contestants away, she lamented.

7. Banty’s Performance of ‘Aye’ by Davido

This is one of the worst memories of Nigerian Idol Season 7 because Banty played into the hands of haters right after her performance of Davido’s smash hit— Aye.

It appeared that nerves got her from the beginning of the performance so that she came out as a complete flop.

Despite suffering heavy backlash from critiques, it took everyone by surprise how she navigates her way through to the top 3. Her fans must be doing Most!

8. The Early Exit of Precious

‘Tell that’s not amazing, No don’t tell me that’s not amazing, what?!” IK the host couldn’t control his emotions after Precious’ cover of “She Lives in Me”, her last performance on the show.

Precious could have gone far in the competition but she was eliminated at the top 12 when she went out of favour with the voting audience.

This particularly made Simi angry and she couldn’t contain it. She had to post on her Facebook page: “I could have posted any other video, but I have chosen to post Precious – especially since y’all didn’t get to see her perform. I know a lot of people didn’t understand the choice of her on the top 12.

Unfortunately, she repeatedly didn’t prove how much she deserved that spot. I was so mad when she was performing because I really wanted you all to see this. All the great contestants that haven’t made it this far still have a great opportunity to win at life and I hope you keep supporting your faves on and off the show.”

9. The Shocking Elimination of David Operah

Like Faith, the elimination of David Operah from the music contest was unexpected. He shares one of the worst moment of the reality TV show.

Anyone who appreciates showmanship and versatility will never ever have a thought for a second that David would end his Idol journey at top 7.

Talking about the technicality of his song choices and the maturity with which he coordinated himself each time he set his foot on the stage, it is not an overstatement that Nigerian lost the most skilled artist on the show too soon.

10. Gerald’s Elimination from Nigerian Idol 2022

Weeding Gerald from Nigerian Idol 2022 prematurely is one of the worst injustices ever in the seventh season of the music contest.

Gerald is one of the singers with the most beautiful talents on stage. One of the performances that will remain evergreen is his “Ifunaaya’s” cover. Guy did an impressive job and blew the roof off our head.

However, since the power was in the hands of the viewers, the judge had no power to call him back. Though sad, we believe that Gerald has the potential to reach places farther than our eyes can see.


Whether we accept this fact or not, the Nigerian Idol has become a major part of pop culture in Nigeria. This platform that is dedicated to raising future stars has done real good in transforming the lives of millennials. Nothing could be more appreciative of young talents than presenting life changes opportunities to people at almost no cost.

Meanwhile, we are aware that you may share a different opinion as regards who has the best or worst memory of Nigerian Idol 2022 Season 7, but there is one thing that is undebatable, and that is the talent that these young people brought to the stage regardless of how crude or refined they sound. Please share your best and worst memories of the franchise with us in the comment section. Thank you!

Review: Story and Lessons from Davido’s ‘Stand Strong’

In this music review, I will be revealing the story and lessons from Davido’s new song, ‘Stand Strong’ ft The Samples–a track off his yet-to-be released album and why it is so special.

Just take a chill pill and enjoy the read.

Explaining the Story Behind Davido’s ‘Stand Strong’

Prior to the release of ‘Stand Strong,’ Davido announced his collaboration with the Los Angeles The Samples choir and most importantly, what the song means to him.

According to him, ‘Stand Strong’ is a breakaway from his usual hop/dance song style. This time, it is about the story of his musical journey and his ordeal so far.

For once, he wants to do a soulful song that will translate his innermost feelings and tell the story of his life in the last 10 years.

He wrote: ‘This one is special to me. It’s different. The conception has been different. The mindset has been different. The making has been different. I know you love it when I make you dance, but now I want to make you feel;

‘This one’s for everyone out there holding it up. I know what I’ve experienced the past 10 years, and alot of you have been through it all with me. But… have you really?

‘For the first time I want to bring you into the other part of my world. The part where every day is a battle but I have no option but to STAND STRONG.’

2017-2021: Davido’s Life in 4 years- The Backdrop

Everyone has their own downtime, regardless of their status or class in the society. In the last 10 years, Davido had a fair share of life. No, it was the most critical period of his life.

Can you imagine losing a loved one to the cold hands of death? For Davido, it happened consecutively. He lost about 6 friends and acquaintances within the space of 4 years.

story behind Davido Stand strong
Davido with late Obama

Tagbo, DJ Olu, Chime, Ahmed, Tunji, and Obama all died between 2017 and 2021. Of all, the demise of Obama was more sudden, shocking and devastating. He reportedly died of breathing difficulties. Until his death, he was Davido’s manager and friend.

Apart from that, his music career has not been without its ups and downs. At different points in his life, he has enjoyed both praise and hate from friends and foes.

Knowing that the industry is a highly competitive world, the fact that Davido chooses to define his own path and do his thing has often attracted criticism either directly or indirectly from his colleagues and their fans.

Severally, he has been trolled for his ‘frog’ voice. His wealth has been a major topic on the wailers’ lips too. For them, Davido is a bad product who’s gained public attention because of his wealth. Remove wealth, he’d never sell.

But OBO would not allow what people feel or say about him to stop him from doing his thing. The more he is hated by a sect of jealous people, the more he is loved, supported and respected by a million other people.

Lessons from Davido’s ‘Stand Strong’

In ‘Stand Strong’, the just-released song which has now gained massive attention from the public, there are many lessons to be learnt. You will find them in subsequent paragraphs. Keep reading!

Reeling from the lyrics to ‘Stand Strong’ we see how Davido reminisces on his music journey and the battles he fights everyday.

The lyrics to the song perfectly translate the story of his life—A man whose ‘body (is) full of bite from all dem canines.’ From losing his mum from a tender age to chasing his dream and building his empire, it is nothing short of miracle for a man like Davido to be standing strong still.

Hence, when you hear ‘OBO elemi 9+’ understand that it is not easy to survive the harsh realities of life.

Now to the takeaways from Davido’s Stand Strong.

1. Be Strong during Adversity

Apparently, there are several lessons to learn from Davido’s ‘Stand Strong.’ The first one is never to allow people’s opinions to stop us from reaching our goal. According to him, ‘People will hate you, rate you, shake you and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you.’

2. Develop High Self-Esteem

Similarly, having the right mindset is very important if one must succeed. Davido does not allow the pressures from the industry to shape his course. He has positive mind and built on his self-esteem.

3. Put God First in Everything

Also, we can deduct from Davido’s life story that it is important to trust in the guidance of God— Jehovah. Putting God first has been of great help to Davido in his music journey. Without the God factor, he is nothing.


In the whole, just as we have experienced in the song, there is more to ‘Stand Strong,’ it is the story of a man who braves through the storms of life. It is about a man who has been bitten by the devil’s canines. It is the story of his healing. The story of his life.

We hope you enjoy this review from Naijabanquet, feel free to share on social media.

Davido “Stand Strong” Lyrics ft The Samples

Popular Nigerian Singer Davido is out with his new single ‘Stand Strong’ featuring The samples and here are the lyrics to the new song.

Lyrics to Davido’s ‘Stand Strong’ ft The Samples


[Verse 1]
Baba told me keep your head up, high
Even though your body full of bite bite from all dem canines
Steady moving, am just living life
And so many people in my business, so many chookin eyes

My fears are easier to face now, in the front of my haters
Steady chasing my paper
Sipping Martel with no
My steps are guided by Jehovah
And 44 looking over
Dem no fit stop us, I know that
And every show is to shutdown

Coz I stand Strong, O.B.O no go minus
O.B.O Elemi 9+
Big fish flow like the Ocean ooh
Omo I stand Strong
30BG dey my backup oh
O.B.O Elemi 9+
Can’t deny my devotion, oh

Coz I stand strong
O.B.O no dey minus
O.B.O Elemi 9+
Can’t deny my devotion

[Verse 2]
Look in my eyes
You see th? money and the fame
Me don’t know what is going on in my life
My life, (what’s going on in my life)

No pleasure comes from pain
No money fall like rain
This thing dey burst my brain
But it’s all lovvvveee

My fears are easier to face now, in the front of my haters
Steady chasing my paper
Sipping Martel with no
My steps are guided by Jehovah
And my Mama looking over
Dem no fit stop us, I know that
And every show is to shutdown

Coz I stand Strong, O.B.O no go minus
O.B.O Elemi 9+
Big fish flow like the Ocean ooh
Omo I stand Strong
30BG dey my backup oh
O.B.O Elemi 9+
Can’t deny my devotion, oh

Coz I stand strong
O.B.O no dey minus
O.B.O Elemi 9+
Can’t deny my devotion

Coz I stand strong
(Oooh Oh!)
O.B.O no dey minus
If I tell you say e easy na Zobo!
O.B.O Elemi 9+
(Oooh Oh!)
Can’t deny my devotion, Ooh Oh!

Coz I stand strong
O.B.O no dey minus
That’s the reason dem call me DAVIDO
O.B.O Elemi 9+
Can’t deny my devotion, Ooh Oh!

Coz I stand strong
O.B.O no go
O.B.O Elemi (O.B.O elemi 9+)
Can’t deny my devotion

Commentary on Davido’s ‘Stay Strong’

Below is the review of the ‘Stand-Strong’ by Naija banquet.


The title of Davido’s new song ‘Stand Strong’ fit the song perfectly. It summarises the singer’s message of motivation and hope to people battling with one challenge or the other.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when everything seems as though they are in shambles. Indeed one cannot escape the difficulties in life, especially when on the highway to success. But what has to be strong and not waiver whatever might be the challenge.

According to him, this single off his next album is a special one. Looking back, Davido reminisces on his music journey and the encounters he has had with different challenges.

In making us feel his travails as an artiste in a ‘part where everyday is battle,’ Davido advises his listeners to keep stay strong, hold up and continue to live life because in the end, the sun will smile on them again.


Realism is very important in measuring the quality if an artwork. Davido’s ‘Stand Strong’ did not offer less. It portrays the struggle of a typical dream chaser in the midst of haters.

Many times, we wonder why the world shifts attention at us and throws all kinds of shades of insults at us. We question, why me? This song specifically draws our attention to the life of the singer who finds himself amid enemies.

Since some ten years when Davido began his musical journey till now, it has been a rollercoaster of good and bad times. He earned nothing on a platter of gold, despite his coming from a wealthy family.

Like Davido, many people out there are disliked for nothing. It angers people when they see them thriving. This reality is a universal syndrome. And they way the lyrics expresses this issue from the singer’s perspective is impressive.


As observed this particular song is very unlike what Davido used to sound. It is lyrical music that connects the listener to the soul of the song as it makes us feel the emotions attached to the song in it’s raw form.

Davido did as a bang-up job with this single off his next album, I must admit. He did not only bring clarity to his thoughts through vivid expressions but also communicates them in some good tunes.

Also, the vocals and harmony of the Los Angeles The Sample Choir also add more sauce to it, resulting in a sweet melody.


Though the song thrives on a simple and familiar tune, the dimensions DAVIDO and The Samples bring to the song are quite impressive. Neither of the vocals and instrumentals overshadows the other. This symphony is top notch and spot on. A melody!


For pulling this beautiful record, Davido’s ‘Stand Strong’ deserves 4 out of 5 stars!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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What you Need to Know About ‘The Voice Australia 2022’ Season 11

The Voice Australia is currently showing on TV. Since the show began airing on April 2022, It has been an amazing music ride for both the judges and contestants. Add that it has been a wonderful experience for the supporting viewers at home too.

Just in case you have no idea what ‘The Voice Australia 2022’ is about, you about to find out everything you need to know about the ongoing singing competition right here at Naija Banquet.

Things to Know about ‘The Voice Australia’ Season 11

Here are to things you need to know to catch up on the TV series.

‘The Voice Australia 2022’ Host

The Voice Australia 2022 is currently being hosted by popular Australian on-air personality Sonia Melissa Kruger.

Kruga is known for bringing beautiful hue and colouration each time she hosts a show. So far, The Voice has enjoyed the gits and glamour as well as the stage presence of the 56-year old television presenter.

The Voice Australia 2022 Judges/Coaches

The Voice Australia 2022 Judges
Keith, Rita, Guy and Jessica

Here are the profiles of the Judges for eleventh season of The Voice Australia

1. Keith Lionel Urbahn

The 54 year old multi-talented singer Keith Lionel Urbahn is one of the four judges on this year’s edition of the music contest. So far, Keith has made honest comments and decisions in picking his team members on show.

As a popular musician with impressive music career, Keith has been bring his expertise on board to bring the best out of his team and to probably produce the next winner of the The Voice.

2. Jessica Hilda Mauboy

The competition couldn’t have been more fascinating without the appearance of Jessica Hilda Mauboy as a co-judge on The Voice Australia 2022.

Being a one-time contestant in 2006 and runner-up in the fourth edition of the singing competition, Jessica knows what it takes to emerge the winner of the show. Obviously, this is a special privilege her team will enjoy during the show.

Meanwhile If there is a beautiful memory that the 2022 edition of The Voice holds for Jessica, it is definitely the moment she gave the thrilling performance of her hit song Glow and blew the roof away!

3. Rita Sahatçiu Ora

The third Judge on the music competition is Rita Ora. The Your Song Crooner is notable for her classy and beautiful appearance on the show.

That said, the Australian version of The Voice is not the first competition Rita has co-judged. She has either coached on The Voice UK, X Factor and other TV and reality series.

4. Guy Theodore Sebastian

Guy Sebastian is not a new face when it comes to singing competition. He has made several appearances and participated in a number of music contests which added to his fame.

For instance, he participated and emerged the winner of the first season of The Australian Idol in 2003. He also represented his country at the Eurovision music contest in 2015.

Due to his vast experience and achievements in the Music industry, Guy Sebastian has earned a lot of respect both at home and abroad. Also, Guy has been a judge on The Voice since 2019.

Stages of ‘The Voice Australia’ Explained

The Blind Auditions

As usual, the eleventh season of the show began with the Blind Audition where contestants make bold appearances and sing to clinch a spot in the coaches team.

At the end of the Blinds, each judge had twelve contestants in their team. The team members would later be trimmed down to six. Note that there are four teams that are coached by ‘The Voice Australia Judges’

The Callbacks

In this round, the initial twelve members of each team would be narrowed down to half. This means that only six contestants will make it to the battles.

Meanwhile, the coaches decided to put one member each in their teams through to the battles after their impressive performances in the Blinds. The Contestants who skipped the Callbacks are Shaun Wessel, Faith Sosene, Celestial Utai, and Theoni Marks.

By and large, six contestants will make it to the next round where they will be paired to duet on the same song.

The Battles

The Voice Australia 2022 Rules: Battles to Final lap

At this stage of the competition the 6 members of each team will be narrowed down to 3 contestants. Out of these lucky contestants, one will advance to the semi-final immediately while the remaining two will have to sing for their lives.

The Voice Australia Battles Part 1 was aired last week with a fierce contest between Team Guy and Team Keith, the Part will be aired on May 15 with Team Jess and Team Rita gracing the stage with their duet performances.

The sing-offs

In the singoffs, 2 0r 3 artists must sing for the lives to clinch the remaining ticket to the semi-final. At this point, the competition would have become more tougher and thrilling to watch.

The Semi-Final

At the end of the Semi-final, only one contestant will be put through to the grand finale in each teams.

To qualify for the last stage of the music contest, the semi-finalists will be asked to sing different songs in their bid to earn a spot in the finals.

The coaches will have to make logical conclusions on the artist that may likely win The Voice Australia 2022 from their team.

The Grand Finale

Subsequently after the night’s performance, the winner of the eleventh season of the franchise The Voice Australia 2022 will be announced.

Where & How to Vote

The voting link to vote for your favourite contestant at the grand finale of The Voice Australia 2022 will be pasted soon. Do check back!

Where to Stream ‘The Voice Australia 2022’

You can stream or watch ‘The Voice Australia’ 2022 online via 7 Plus and Channel 7 on Sunday 7.00pm.

List of Past Winners of The Voice (Australia)— Season 1-10

2012Karise Eden
2013Harrison Craig
2014Anja Nissen
2015Eloise Suzanne Drennan
2016Alfir Arcuri
2017Judah Kelly
2018Sam Perry
2019Diana Rouvas
2020Chris Sebastian
2021Bella Taylor Smith
List of Past Winners of The Voice (Australia)

Who Wins Nigerian Idol Season7? (Check our Prediction)

The Nigerian idol season 7 gets tougher on every episode of the reality show. While many viewers are yet to recover from the shock of the double elimination of Faith and Itohan last week, sadly, it’s the end of the road for Jordan on Sunday too.

This leaves us with the question, Who is the winner of Nigerian Idol Season 7? Obviously, the winner is between Progress, Zadok and Banty. Though none of them has been declared, we have made our predictions on who is going to win the reality show this season.

Just before we show our predictions, In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of how the last episode went on Sunday.

The show opens with Zadok and Progress inpressive duet performance on Fireboy’s ‘Peru’ with Banty and Progress bang-on job with ‘Essence’ by Wizkid and Tems.

Thereafter the show got tensed up with the MC standing alongside the top 4 to announce who got the least votes and the three that would be heading to the next episodes of the show.

While it still surprises people how Banty escapes elimination every week, Unfortunately for Jordan, he was culled from the top 4 contestants having had the least of the 29 million-plus votes cast over the weekend.

See: The 10 Best and Worst Memories Of Nigerian Idol Season 7

List of Nigerian Idol Season 7 Top 3 Contestants

So here is the List of those who made it through to the top 3

  1. Progress
  2. Banty
  3. Zadok

Highlight of the Top 3 Performances

The top 3 performances are in two parts. Banty opened the floor with an impressive rendition of ‘Listen’ by Beyonce. She did so well that she got the judges and viewers on their feet while singing.

While Obi was completely dumbfounded by the incredible performance Banty pulled on the Lives, Simi couldn’t help but gosh.

Nigerian Idol Banty had served us quite a number of songs that sacrificed her vocals for entertainment, In fact, no one could ever imagine the magic she is bringing on stage until recently.

Commenting on the brilliant performance, simi said: ‘That’s the best I’ve seen you sing, your voice was steady.’

See: The Battles of ‘The Voice Australia 2022’–Part 1

Inspired by the ‘laughable’ audition of Idol 5837, Zadok took on Jennifer Hudson’s ‘And I am telling you’ to give a show-stopping performance. Like Judge Obi said, Zadok keeps doing the unimaginable every week to thrill the audience.

Progress tho, with his calm and soothing voice, gave us goosebumps. His performance of Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always Love You’ is very spectacular. He sang so effortlessly yet ticked all the boxes .

After dazzling the viewers with their first performances, the top three contestants heads on to battle for a spot in the finale by singing for their lives in part 2. In partial fulfilment of this battle, each one of them went back in time to pick a song from their birth year.

Performing ‘I Wanna be Down’ by Brandy, Banty brought massive energy to kill the classic R and B record on stage. Add that she had the stage to herself and enjoyed herself throughout the performance. Speaking of growth, Banty has not ceased to stun us in the last 3 weeks.

Singing from their birth year continues with Zadok’s thrilling moment on stage. Zadok does his thing with ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ by Boyz II Men. He really brought his A-game this time so much that we say another side of him on stage.

Typically Zadok enters the character of his song to translate the lyrics. Despite the fact the song was recorded at a time when he was born, he relived the I990’s the moment right on stage. And, it was a brilliant!

Nothing could be more beautiful than wrapping the show up with Progress’ amazing cover of ‘Swear it Again’ by Westlife.

No doubt, Progress is the best vocalist in Nigerian Idol season 7. He has proven that over and over again in the show. But if there is something that is more endearing about him, it is definitely how he delivers the song, hitting incredible notes and breathing life through the lyrics.

So Who is the Winner of Nigerian Idol Season 7?

By our prediction, Progress is the prospective winner of the Nigerian Idol Season 7. This is because he has enjoyed quite a saving grace from viewers since the beginning of the show.

Meanwhile, Zadok is very much on his tail as he is working his way to the top. People get to love him more as he brings different sauces to the show in every episode of the competition.

Similarly, uncertainty weakens our prediction as the entire process is in the hands of the voters. Banty’s fanbase especially has been doing the most to keep her in the music ride.

To save your favourite Nigerian idol, click HERE to avoid stories that touch the heart.

The Battles of ‘The Voice Australia 2022’ (Part 1)— A Review

It is no longer news that the 2022 edition of The Voice Australia has started. And it has been an amazing experience so far. From the blinds to the battles, the contestants have showcased their music talents to impress the judges and their fans.

As usual, there are four judges/coaches on The Voice Australia 2022. They are Keith Urban, Rita Ora, Guy Sebastian and Jess Mauboy. This also means that there are four teams on the show. Each team is selected by the judges based on their impressive performances.

Recall that each judge cut their team members from 12 to 6 in line with the rules of the competition on Wednesday night’s edition of the Reality show.

On today’s episode however, we enjoyed the fierce competition between contestants from team Guy and team Keith who appeared in pairs to battle for a spot in the next episode of the competition.

In case you missed their performances, here is a recap of the The Voice Australia Battles between Teams Guy and Keith.

The Battles of The Voice Australia 2022–Part 1

Team Keith

1. Thando VS Shaun— ‘Beggin’ by Maneskin

Coming from team Keith, Thando and Shaun are paired to duet on Maneskin’s ‘Beggin.’ Being the first performance for the night, both contestants lit the stage and warmed up the audience with an electrifying rendition.

For me, Thando sounded more unique, adding her own sauce to the jam just to give a tune other than the originals. On the other hand, Shaun was more of Maneskin than himself.

Really, it was a very tough battle between the two singers as they came ‘beggin’ for a spot. Unfortunately, it was the end of the road for Shaun as he could not convince Judge Keith enough.

2. Chriddy VS Melanie— ‘Ghost’ by Justin Bieber

Chriddy and Melanie actually did a bang-on with Justin Bieber’s ‘Ghost.’ Melanie especially came through with a bundle of fire. Despite having a sore throat, she sang her lungs out to give an incredible performance tonight.

Though putting Chriddy through the battles is a bit surprising, there is no doubt about the fact that Chriddy is quite gifted. Obviously, he tried so hard to earn a slot in the next phase of the competition. Melanie sounded more natural though.

See:Nigerian Idol S7: List & Review of the Top 4 Performances

3. Lane VS Freddie— ‘Edge of Midnight’ by Miley

It’s no gainsaying that these two guys are damn talented, leaving us wowed with their incredible performance. They so much complement each other.

For Lane, his stage presence and dynamism to the song is so brilliant. Freddie though, an amazing singer that brings so much magic on stage.

Speaking on what could be the major flaw of their performance, I feel Freedie could offer more. For instance, we didn’t enjoy his vocals and runs throughout the play. Meanwhile, he is singing well off his age. Fantastic!

Team Guy

1. Jas VS Cassidy— Paramore’s ‘Decode’

The duet on Paramore’s ‘Decode’ is arguably one of the most thrilling performances of the night as Jas and Cassidy came through with their A-games.

Though Jas has been culled off by Guy, we could not for a fact resist her fighting spirit. She showed great strength, composure and most especially her readiness to grow on stage.

Cassidy was more of a pro-singer, trust she’s experienced, versatile and learned so much that she was able to pull an incredible fight in the Battles of The Voice Australia.

In the whole, the showmanship of both contestants is quite impressive and laudable.

2. Emerson VS Liam— ‘Love me Again’ by John Newman

While Emerson got saved by Guy, Liam lost to secure a spot for himself in the next episode after the battles.

What we found about their duet on John Newman is their burning desire to earn a spot which was really tense. Howbeit, the song choice tends more to Emerson than Liam even though he tried so hard to manage his energy throughout the performance.

Regardless of the outcome tonight, both contestants are amazing just as they are!

3. Celestial VS Jordan— ‘Art of Love’ by Guy Sebastian

If there is a rendition that stole the night, it is definitely the battle between Celestial and Jordan, leaving Guy Sebastin on a hot seat and other judges shocked to the marrows.

Apart from the fact that they were dueting on a song written by their coach, the most fascinating and dazzling takeaway from their performance is the bundle of fire, creativity and artistry which they brought to the stage.

Little wonder Guy was left with no option but to break the rules and send them both through.

While Keith sends forth Lane to the semi-finals, Thando and Chriddy have one last song each during The Battles of The Voice Australia to make the list.

Also on team guy, Emerson and Jordan sang for their lives to secure a spot in the semi-final. Mehn, these guys’ performances brought tears to my eyes!

Kunle Adeyanju: 7 Fascinating Facts About Nigerian Biking From London to Lagos

‘End Polio Now’ Charity Ride: From London to Lagos

On April 19 2022, a London based Nigerian and Rotarian, Kunle David Adeyanju began to bike from London to Lagos, Nigeria. According to him, he is biking to the remotest parts of the earth to create awareness for the ‘End Polio Now’ global campaign, and also to raise funds to address community problems.

In this road trip that would last for some 25 days covering a distance of about 12,000 kilometres, Kunle is prepared to give is will, strength, endurance and character to test.

Though, this historic journey embarked upon by Kunle has been headlining major news and media outlets since April, we thought to share 10 fascinating facts about this amazing Nigerian biking the world to eradicate Polio disease.

Who is Kunle Adeyanju?

You are just a scroll away from the Biography of David Kunle Adeyanju. Meanwhile, a short profile of this amazing personality reads thus: Kunle Adeyanju is ‘many things.’ A Nigerian entrepreneur, adventurer, blogger, and more.

And, YES! There is an important question at the tail end of this post which I will like you to answer after reading these divulging facts about the Nigerian Rotarian and veteran biker.

The fascinating facts about Kunle Adeyanju to keep you interested and blown away are listed below.

1. Birth & Educational Background

Born in Nigeria, Kunle Adeyanju had his primary and secondary education in the country. He later attended the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria for his higher education. While on campus, Kunle joined the Rotary Club.

In 2009, after working with Shell Petroleum, he decided to pursue a course in Postgraduate learning and bagged a Master’s degree in it.

Presently, Adeyanju is doing doctoral studies in Business Administration with a specialisation in social entrepreneurship at the University of Arizona, USA where he hopes to bag a PhD.

So you see, Kunle Adeyanju is quite educated.

2. Kunle Adeyanju Worked in the Oil & Gas Sector for 5 Years

After completing his University education, Mr Kunle Adeyanju began his working career with a British American Tobacco Company as a management trainee. At that time, his managerial career covers four (4) northern states in Nigeria. They are: Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa and Kastina States.

Adeyanju later delved into Oil and Gas in 2004. Starting with Oando Gas and Power, he worked as the head of the Marketing team where he spearheaded the development and expansion of the Greater Lagos Industrial Area Natural Gas Pipeline Network.

In 2006, however, he joined Shell Petroleum and worked there for three years. First as Fuels and Bitumen Manager and subsequently oversaw other roles in the organisation.

Having had a robust experience in the Oil and Gas sector Kunle Adeyanju established his private firm called the Pelicians DNO where he is the CEO.

3. As an Adventurer, Kunle Has Toured at Least 75 Countries

Actually, this is not the first time the Rotarian will be touring different parts of the world through by flight or with his motorbike. Our findings show that Adeyanju has travelled to at least 75 countries in his lifetime.

For instance, Mr Kunle cycled to and fro Lagos and Ghana. He has also experienced the rich culture of the Japanese, South Koreans and Mexicans in Cancun. Qatar, Marrakech, Uganga, Poland,Rome, Jerusalem among others have been explored by David Adeyanju.

According to him, he is into the an adventurous lifestyle simply because it is his passion. And his interest about the natural world and the people who lived in it drives him.

4. David Adekunle is the First Nigerian to Hoist the National Flag at the Peak of Kilimanjaro

Apart from biking and cycling, Kunle also likes to practice outdoor games such as Skydiving, mountain climbing and Bungee jumping.

Obviously, the most thrilling and remarkable moment and achievement of Adeyanju’s sports is summiting Africa’s highest mountain—Kilimanjaro, 19 341 feet above sea level.

In his Ted talk, he spoke about this expedition. The expedition took him seven days— five days of ascent and two days of descent.

He said ‘all seven days are seven gruelling days of continuous hiking up to nine hours every day, with the exemption of the fact of when we hiked for nineteen straight hours.’

At the beginning of the hike, 35 of them began the expedition. Some of them however fell and return halfway, narrowing the number to 11 which eventually made it to the summit of the mountain.

Chronicling this historic moment of his life, kunle said he as well as some determined individuals saw farther than anyone on the face of the African continent because they stood on the roof of Africa.

5. Apart from being an Adventurer, Kunle is also a Blogger and Author

If Kunle is not somewhere in the fields exploring the world, he is right in his chair writing or blogging. Mr Kunle David Adeyanju runs a blog named The Pelicans.

According to him, The Pelicans was ‘founded with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind, how we can begin to tap on the soft skills and the little wins over time  to create a big step change in our lives, and ever since it has been a wild success.’

  • 'My Escapes on Kili' by Kunle Adeyanju
  • 'Great Thinkers' by Kunle Adeyanju

Also, as an author of books, in 2013, Mr Kunle published his first book ‘My Escapades on Kili’ wherein he documented his expedition summiting the peak of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. He also authored a collection of wise sayings from successful world leaders titled ‘Great Thinkers.’

6. He has Spoken at Several Events

Adekunle Adeyanju Speaking at a Ted Talk

In addition to the above, Kunle is a motivational speaker and he has had opportunities to speak at several events. They include:

  1. Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)
  2. Arm of Hope International
  3. ABU Alumnus
  4. Several religious bodies and most importantly,
  5. Tedx OloibiriRoad.

7. He is the Definition of Will, Courage, Patience and Perseverance

Come to think of it, what could be the motivation of a man biking from London to Lagos?

The answer is as simple as the pursuit of a passionate man to end Polio in Africa. Polio is a a disease that is notorious for causing paralysis in children. This disease is a popular endemic in Africa.

Being a Rotarian who shared the vision of the fellowship, Adekunle has a burning desire to create awareness for Polio disease in Africa. Recall that he had wanteed to enlist as a volunteer foreign fighter in the Ukrainian war before re-channeling his energy to a cause dear to his heart.’

Biking ‘through the desert, freezing cold weather, stunning forests landscapes and terrains.’ Nothing could be more heroic!

Now to the question I promised to ask you at the end of the blog post: Is Mr David Adeyanju Modern Nigeria’s Ajala the traveller?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Cobhams Asuquo ‘Jah Eli Jah Lyrics’ ft. Patoranking & Bella Shmurda

Popular Nigerian singer and songwriter Cobhams Asuquo is out with a new single titled ‘Jah Eli Jah’ which happens to be his first release in 2022.

This impressive single also features two other artists, Patoranking and Bella Shmurda who worked together with Cobhams to do a bang-on job with the song.

‘Jah Eli Jah Lyrics’—Cobhams ft. Patoranking and Bella Shmurda

Below are the lyrics to ‘Jah Eli Jah’

[Verse 1—Bella Shmurda]

swear I no go lie
I remember those days
when no lighter no ganja

no friends
I remember those days when we have
to bustle to girlfriends
I hustle all my way up

I did it all alone
I brought all my brothers up
let them see me shine bright
high high high

holy Micheal
holy Gabriel
holy Raphael
holy Youell
baba bless me make them envy
the way I’m flexing the money resting

holy Micheal
holy Gabriel
holy Raphael
holy Youell
baba bless me make them envy
the way I’m flexing the money resting

eli jah eli jah
send down fire
bless my water
pour me water
holy water
make them see say
me I no dey suffer

eli jah eli jah
send down fire
bless my water
give them long life
to see me prosper
make them see say
I no dey suffer again

[Verse 2—Cobhams Asuquo]

Oluwa say make we pray for our enemies and our neighbours
bless my enemies and my neighbours
so that when I buy big benz they go see moto say more

you give me grace, give me favour
now I’m rich and I’m famous
sote I dey buy big houses for Lagos
anyhow anyhow
people go dey wey go hate us

holy Micheal
holy Gabriel
holy Raphael
holy Youell
baba bless me make them envy
the boy that is flexing the money resting

Eli Jah Eli Jah
send down fire
bless my water
pour me water
holy water
make them see say
me I no dey suffer again

Eli Jah Eli Jah
send down fire
bless my water
give them long life
make them see me prosper
make them see say
i no dey suffer again

[Verse 3—Patoranking]

Na me dem dey call kekere oh
back then I no fit chop kpekere oh
poverty just dey tele oh
but oluwa iwo nimo gbekele o

wetin my eye don see
omo my mouth no fit talk am
from ghetto to oversea
anywhere you hear my gbedu, follow me rock am

holy Micheal
holy Gabriel
you don prove dem say my head e dey there
holy Michael
holy ranking
Father me I give you special thanking

Eli Jah Eli Jah
send down fire
bless my water
pour me water
holy water
make I ram pa pa pa
with plenty raba

Eli Jah Eli Jah
send down fire
bless my water
give them long life
make them see me prosper
make them see say
I no dey suffer again

[Cobhabs Asuquo]

Jah Eli Jah, Eli Jah
God of fire
bless my water
give them long life
make them see me prosper
make them see say
I no dey suffer again

[Bella Shmurda]

Eli Jah Eli Jah
send down fire
bless my water
give them long life
to see me prosper
make them see say
I no dey suffer again

[Cobhabs Asuquo]

Jah Eli Jah, Eli Jah
God of fire
bless my water
give them long life
make them see me prosper
make them see say
I no dey suffer again again o


mi no fit suffer again
mi can’t suffer again
I no fit suffer again


Cobhams ‘Jah Eli Jah’ is a prayer song in which the singer pours his heart out to God. He is tired of his present condition and wants God to turn his situation around.

‘Jah Eli Jah’ lyrics says a lot about the passionate prayer of the artist persona and how quickly he wants God to answer his prayers.

In his own verse of the lyrics to ‘Jah Eli Jah,’ Shmurda takes a flashback to the times when he hustled his way up, helping his brothers and friends all along.

Though those days are now bygone, Cobhams continues to pray that God blesses him so much that his enemies will see the Goodness and Favour of God upon his life.

Having seen the wonders of God, Patoranking gives ‘special thanking’ for coming out of ghetto to overseas. According to him, God has proven to them (his enemies) that he could make it in life.

Generally, the trio of Cobhams, Patoranking and Bella Shmurda put all their expertise to compose an impressive lyrics to ‘Jah Eli Jah.’

‘Buga Lyrics’ by Kizz Daniel ft. Tekno

Popular Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Kizz Daniel has come through with a new jam featuring Tekno—’Buga’

Kizz Daniel ‘Buga Lyrics’ X Tekno

Here are are the lyrics to ‘Buga’ by Kizz Daniel and Tekno.

Buga Lyrics

[Intro—Kizz Daniel]

Don’t Sleep
Don’t Sleep
Wake up
Collect your money
Collect your money
Wake up, eh!
Collect your money
Collect your money
Wake up

[Verse 1—Kizz Daniel]

Gbe’ra, gbe’ra
Gbe’ra go get that mullah (wake up)
Mo ni ko kala
Kala gb’owo yẹn o
Kala gb’owo yẹn l’ọwọ dealer
You don work, you don try (try)
You suppose to dey j’aiye (j’aiye)
Kilo kan mi kan pesin matter o
Pesin wey don grind, oi
When I land, I land softly on a sofa floor
So far, so good, ko ni baje

See: Remix: “Kilometer Lyrics” by Buju (BNXN) Ft. Zinoleesky

[Chorus—Kizz Daniel & Tekno]

Let me see you (o-lo-lo-lo)
Let me see you (o-lo-lo-lo)
Buga wọn, lemme buga wọn
Lemme see you dey buga (o-lo-lo-lo)
Lemme see you (o-lo-lo-lo)
Buga wọn, lemme buga wọn
Lemme see you dey buga o (o-lo-lo-lo)
Lemme see you (o-lo-lo-lo)
Buga wọn, lemme buga wọn
Lemme see you dey buga o (o-lo-lo-lo)
Lemme see you (o-lo-lo-lo)
Buga wọn, lemme buga wọn
Lemme see you dey buga

[Verse 2—Tekno]

Gbe’ra, Oh Ai
Gb’era o
Go get the dollar (wake Up)
Go baller, kala gb’owo yẹn o
Kala gb’owo yẹn l’ọwọ dealer
You don work, you don try
You suppose dey high
Ki lo kan wọn, o ṣẹ fun wọn
Pesin wey don high
When I land, I land softly on a sofa floor
So far, so good, koni baje

[Chorus—Kizz Daniel & Tekno]

Let me see you (o-lo-lo-lo)
Let me see you (o-lo-lo-lo)
Buga wọn, lemme buga wọn
Lemme see you dey buga (o-lo-lo-lo)
Lemme see you (o-lo-lo-lo)
Buga wọn, lemme buga wọn
Lemme see you dey buga o (o-lo-lo-lo)
Lemme see you (o-lo-lo-lo)
Buga wọn, lemme buga wọn
Lemme see you dey buga o (o-lo-lo-lo)
Lemme see you (o-lo-lo-lo)
Buga wọn, lemme see me you buga wọn
Lemme see you ooo

[Outro—Kizz Daniel]

(O-lo-lo-lo) (let me see you)
You don work, you don try
You suppose to dey fly


It is no gainsaying that Buga is a bill/chart-topping song, as it is going to stay on our playlist for a while—a sweet jam you can spend the whole day vibing to without relapsing.


Speaking of the Buga Lyrics, we can say quite fairly that the chemistry of Kizz Daniel and Tekno is such a good blend, given the quality lines the artists doll out in the song.

Starting with the title, ‘Buga’ which means ‘show your pride; tell them what you’ve got,” we see how adequately it summarises the theme of the new jam.

From the Intro to Verse 1, Kizz Daniel keeps hammering on the importance of collecting one’s pay after service. This piece of advice could be meant as his pennyworth to new artists in the music industry.

It seems as though it is a ‘norm’ that people have to be greeted with boldface after delivering or rendering a service.

Normally, there is an agreement. One should not be chasing the other party before one receives one’s pay. Listen to him here:

'Mo ni ko kala
Kala gb’owo yẹn o
Kala gb’owo yẹn l’ọwọ dealer
You don work, you don try (try)
You suppose to dey j’aiye (j’aiye)'

Going on, Kizz Daniel tells the newbie to wise up and ensures he ‘collect your money’ no matter what it takes.

Though there are no new lines in Tekno’s part of Buga’s lyrics, the little introductions solidify Kizz Daniel’s claims in the previous verse that nothing is as good as landing on a soft sofa after working so hard for your money.


Both Kizz Daniel and Tekno delivered their parts very well. Tekno especially surprises us with the effortless delivery of his lyrics, as if he was not away from his thing for a while. Add that he does it with some amount of simplicity to give Buga a pure essence.


What makes a good melody is the different dimensions or angles of approach to the song. We enjoyed this touch of artistry in Kizz Daniel’s Buga. The way he takes on the lyrics is quite tuneful.

The different sounds we hear in the Chorus is enjoyable. See Kizz Daniel adding sauce to it from different angles. Sweet!

Also, we feel the harmony of the log drum and the other instrumentals as well as the impressive tune from Tekno. A close listen to the song makes one feel the symphony of Tekno’s rhythm and Buga’s beat.

All of these combine to give us an amazing listen that will last a season!


Through Kizz Daniel ‘Buga’ has received a ton of praise, we find Buga short of lyrical artistry, especially, Tekno’s verse. Notwithstanding, the lyrics justify the theme of the song perfectly.

You can stream Buga HERE

Nigerian Idol S7: List & Review of the Top 4 Performances

The top 6 contestants of the Nigerian Idol Season 7 have been narrowed down to top 4, leaving Faith and Itohan out of the Idol run.

In the last edition of the Lives, everybody including the Judges, superfans, active audience and the lazy spectators saw the elimination of the duo from the music competition.

Not many people saw it coming—the double elimination, let alone imagine Faith or Itohan having to say their parting words or goodbyes.

Faith, for instance, was known as one if not the best vocalist in the 2022 Idol race. Her soothing voice, calmness and confidence were impressive.

Talk of Itohan, also called the Baby Dragon. Her ability to sing the lungs out of her ‘tiny’ body made her and her acts so adorable on the Nigerian Idol stage.

For many, Faith and Itohan’s deletions from the show were the ‘best’ worst memories of this year’s edition of the Nigerian Idol.

This post, however, focuses on the top 4 idols as we shall see the review and rating of their performances last Sunday.

List of Top 4 Contestants & Review of their Performances

Below are the names and ratings of the Top 4 Performances:

1. Progress—’Wait for Me’ by Johnny Drille

Being the first to earn a spot in the Top 4, Progress performed Johnny Drille’s ‘Wait for Me’ and blew the roof away.


Over and over again, Progress has shown versatility on the Nigerian Idol stage. This time around, Progress showed maturity and confidence in his delivery of Johnny Drille’s ‘Wait for Me’. And, we loved it.

Speaking of the most thrilling feature of his recent act, it is the emotion that Progress used to translate the lyrics of the song. Throughout his performance, the audience was able to feel the soul of the music.

And that is the real essence.


So far, Progress is the best Vocalist on Nigerian Idol Season 7—Everyone acknowledges that. Like the Judges usually remarked, there is something unique about his voice.

You can say that it defies description. His tone is sweet, hypnotic, and refined. In this performance especially, apart from taking the lyrics to the song as his own, he added melody to it to mesmerise the audience.

No cap, Johnny Drille will be jealous of this young champ.


Though Progress ticked almost all the boxes, we think that he sounds rather too churchy.


For us, the performance of ‘Wait for Me’ cover by Progress is a 7/10.

2. Jordan—’Airplane Mode’ by Fireboy

Up next is Jordan. The undisputed Kaduna-born idol who reaches the highest pitch on the show. On last Sunday’s live show, he dazzles us with the cover of Fireboy’s ‘Airplane Mode.’


In Jordan’s cover of ‘Airplane Mode,’ we saw the confluence of emotions and lyricism. Add that Jordan’s ability to hit the octave is his highest advantage over other contestants.

Of all things, we found the character translation of Jordan very incredible. Though he is not much of an entertainer, the way he communicates the feeling of his songs through his tone and facial expressions is spot on.

This Sunday’s edition was not an exception. He came all in to transport the audience into the perfect atmosphere that translates the lyrics to the song.


Although the theme of the song is about someone who is struggling to cope with the circumstances that surround him, with the accompaniment of the strings, drums and piano sounds, Jordan delivered a sweet melody.


Against popular opinion, Jordan’s song choice is a YES. This is because we believe that one can pick a song of whatever genre and transform it into another tune entirely.

However, from his rendition of ‘Airplane Mode,’ we could pick that he could be too pitchy where he ought not to. Also, he didn’t bring any new ideas or elements. He sounded just as ever. And that could be boring.


The rating of Jordan’s performance is 6.5/10.

3. Zadok— ‘The Vow’ by Timi Dakolo

Sunday’s live performances are not without the remarkable rendition of Timi Dakolo’s ‘The Vow’ cover by Zadok— the preacher of love.


Typical of him, Zadok combined the elements of entertainment and vocals to give an electrifying rendition of Timi Dakolo’s ‘The Vow.’

No one beats Zaddy when it comes to stage management, composure and entertainment. He literally owns the stage and acts out the characters in his song whenever he performs on the stage. And Yes, the way he romances the mic is impressive.

But if there is one thing that Zadok brought to the show this week, it is definitely the beauty of his vocals. He sang more this time, unlike his previous performances in which he fascinates the audience with his dramatic acts.

Judging from his performance, to say that he stole a good portion of the show is not an overstatement.


Combining the texture and vocals of the soloist and backup singers, as well as the instrumentals, contributed to the top-notch delivery of ‘The Vow.’

This excellent rendition is definitely one that you could spend the whole day vibing to. Indeed, Zadok has not come to play on the Nigerian Idol.


We haven’t seen much about the versatility of Zadok, though he pulled an incredible performance with Wizkid’s ‘Back to the Matter’.

We feel that he is too comfortable in the Dakolo’s lane.


For slaying the song, it’s 7.5/10.

4. Banty—’Bibanke’ by Asa

One word to describe the performance of Asa’s ‘Bibanke’ by Banty is incredible! This is because she brought her A-game to the show on Sunday.


Watching a Banty that would not let go of the mic to deliver an excellent performance is so adorable. You can read the face of Simi during her performance to figure out how much she appreciated how far the idol has come.

The takeaway from this performance of Banty is her growth in the idol run. Girl has overcome her nervousness and tension and also improved on her vocals.

This perhaps could be the reason why her superfans are still keeping her in the competition.


The round of applause and cheering from the audience is a testament to how much they enjoyed the soulful performance of Banty.

She pulled a nice melody off the song and we loved it!


Still on the fact that Banty has really worked on her self, she still has to polish her confidence and composure while on stage. She seemed to be struggling. She should feel more comfortable and relaxed to give her best.


For showing growth and development, it is 7/10.

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