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Cheap Hotels in Bodija Ibadan [With Luxury & Comfort]

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Are you new in Ibadan and want the best lodging environment? Your search ends here. In this post, we compiled a list of the best hotels that you can find in Bodija, Ibadan at a cheap and pocket friendly price.

We made sure to review the hotels based on customers’ experiences and other factors such as general reception, electricity, tranquility, architectural design, Wifi network, Cafeteria, etc.

After going through this list of hotels in Bodija and their prices in naira, we believe that we will be able to help you make the best decision about your lodging needs.

Best Cheap Hotels in Bodija Ibadan

Find out the best hotels that suit your lodging needs and provide the best hospitality services around Bodija Ibadan at cheap prices. Below is the list of the top 5.

1. Adis Hotels

Location: Off Favos Junction 1 Akinsehiwa St. New Bodija, Ibadan.
Price: NGN 40,516 – NGN 44,659

Adis Hotels is a first class and top-rated hotel located around Bodija Ibadan. It is the perfect place to enjoy class, luxury, tranquility and hospitality at a price that is as cheap as N40, 000.

Based on customers’ reviews, their environment is not just welcoming; they have one of the best infrastructure and functional facilities to make your stay worthwhile in Ibadan. If you plan to stay up-to a week, we strongly recommend Adis Hotels.

Below is a summary of what you get to enjoy for your money at Adis Hotel.

  • Free High Speed Internet (WiFi)
  • Free breakfast
  • Laundry service
  • Business Center with Internet Access
  • Pool
  • Meeting rooms
  • 24-hour security

2. Bon Hotel Nest

Location: Odudwa street, Ibadan
Price: NGN 46,501 – NGN 46,501

Do you want a home-away-from-home experience? Then Bon Hotel Nest Hotel is where to get such lodging needs in Bodija, Ibadan. It is an ideal place for travellers and business persons to pass the night before embarking on their next journey.

At Bon Hotels, they offer first class accommodation with other exciting packages like free high-speed internet, airport transportation, Fitness Services, etc.

Summary of Bon Hotel Nest Bodija Services

  • Free parking
  • Free High Speed Internet (WiFi)
  • Pool
  • Fitness Center with Gym / Workout Room
  • Airport transportation
  • 1st class security

3. Saire Hotel

Location: 4, Lani Sogbetun Street, Bamigbola avenue, new Bodija extension, Ibadan.
Price: NGN 29,871 – NGN 34,926

Saire Hotel boasts of a serene and comfortable environment for its lodgers. It is one of the best you can find around. Several reviews from customers also suggest that it is one that provides an incredible customer service at a cheap price.

Here is our review summary based on customers’ experiences.

  • Eco-friendly with African decor
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Functional facilities
  • 24 hours security
  • Stable electricity

4. Rofel Hotels

Location: Behind Tantalizers, No. 19 Moremi Rd, New Bodija, Ibadan.
Price: NGN 10,000 – NGN 15, 000

Rofel Hotels is also among the list of cheap accommodations in Bodija Ibadan. Travellers make it their choice, particularly because of its simple and not too extravagant environment. Though Hotels like this do not offer exotic services/functionalities or free breakfast, be sure to experience a hospitality that is worth your money.

5. Glory View

Location: Behind Tantalizers, No. 19 Moremi Rd, New Bodija Area, Ibadan
Price: NGN 8,000 – NGN 10, 000

Glory View is another Bodija-based hotel in Ibadan. Though quite affordable, it is good enough for people who just want a roof on their head for one or two nights. Its environment isn’t all groovy or majestic. The quietness, however, rescues this inadequacy, if you really value tranquility.

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Bodija Ibadan with Prices in Naira

Below is the complete list of hotels that are cheap in the Bodija area of Ibadan, Oyo State.

  1. Adis Hotels – NGN 40,516 – NGN 44,659
  2. Bon Hotel Nest Bodija – NGN 46,501 – NGN 46,501
  3. Saire Hotel – NGN 29,871 – NGN 34,926
  4. Rofel Hotel – NGN 10,000 – NGN 15, 000
  5. Glory View – NGN 8,000 – NGN 10, 000
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