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Chike’s Nwoke Oma: A Piece of Wisdom for 2022– A Review

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In his just released single– Nwoke Oma, Chike shares thoughtful pieces of wisdom to start the new year.

Popular Nigerian Pop singer, Chike-Ezekpeazu Osebuka has blessed us with yet another mind-blowing single, “Nwoke Oma”. However, apart from the sonorous voice with which Chike appeals the song to his listeners, we found some pieces of wisdom in the new release.

Chike “Nwoke Oma” Review

In this review, we shall look at some of these thoughtful advice to kick start 2022 from the inspirational singer.

Reeling from the first verse of the “Nwoke Oma”, Chike presents us with the raw truth of the air of abandonment that hangs around one when one is “nobody”. That people usually turn the blind eye to one’s struggles and travails but when the table eventually turns, everyone wants to identify with you. In other words, failure has no relatives but success do.

For Chike, however Life is full of deception. There are many people who appear as though they are your friends and allies but deep down are after their own selfish ends. And after they have succeeded in eating up one’s harvest, they will leave you to your mess without looking back.

This is why Chike is issuing a be-careful warning. First, he tells us not to be carried away by the symphony of praises people shower on us when we finally reach the throne. The same people who left you to yourself while struggling would suddenly turn around, hail you, call you Nwoke Oma.

(Say) Now they treating me different

Oh, I know they are treating me different

And they showing me love

Taking me places

Telling everybody say we be friends

Now the rabba steady coming

My name don dey touch ceiling

Anything I do e go turn hailing

They call me Nwoke Oma, Nwoke Oma o

Also, that as beautiful as these lines of praises may sound from your praise singers, they are concocted with hate, envy and bitterness.

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Chike’s “Nwoke Oma”

He says that “you can never trust anybody.” Most of whom you call your friends are only after their own belly. Just swamping you to suck you dry. Not everyone you see around you has a pure intention towards you. Therefore do not “let anybody do you corny”; they are wise in their conceit.

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Furthering in his pieces of wisdom, Chike urges us to choose our friend’s wisely. He tells us to “protect your soul and your body” from these category of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Because too much trust might bring you down.

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In the final analysis, Chike Nwoke Oma is a good music to start 2022 as the song is replete with raw truth and wisdom. Also, the sweet and gentle tune that conveys this thoughtful piece is a re-affirmation that Chike has mastered his craft.

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