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Chris Brown Breezy Album Leaves Us With A Ton of Talents— Review

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Check out the review of Chris Brown’s latest album in 2022 entitled “Breezy.”

Chris Brown Breezy Album Review

Beyond a doubt, Chris Brown is a multi-talent artist. Since, he has always dazzled us with impeccable releases.

Chris Brown did not render less in his new album entitled Breezy. It is an ensemble of good lyricism, perfect delivery and impressive vulnerability.

The Just-released album by Chris Brown is a full package that comes with rich collaboration with other amazing talents like Lil Wayne, Tory Lanez, Lil Durk, Jack Harlow, EST Gee, H.E.R,….

In fact, Chris Brown Breezy is one of the rare albums that show sincerity and relatability. As they are some of the factors that determine the mass patronage and high replay value of a song.

For me, Breezy Album leaves us with the ton of talents the American artist has got.

Commentary on Breezy Album Tracklist by Chris Brown

Here are the powerful details of Chris Brown Breezy Album that you need to know.

Let’s get into it!

1. Wheels Fall Off

There couldn’t have been a better way to start Breezy Album. Wheels Fall Off is all the album needs to be an impressive listen.

In Wheels Fall off, Chris Brown discusses vital issues ranging from personal hustles and standing in solidarity with his artist friends to his legendary gains and affair with an unknown lady.

What’s beautiful here, however, is the passionate delivery of the lyrics by Chris Brown, thus making us realise the importance of the message he’s trying to pass across.

2. C.A.B— Catch a Body ft. Fivio Foreign

Catch a Body is the second track off Breezy Album by Chris Brown. This song remains special because it marks the first collaboration between Chris Brown and Fivio Foreign.

Inside, the song persona reveals what he’s going to do with the body of a lady he catches at the party. Feeling all good and saucy, the persona claims any girl that comes aboard is at risk of committing with the “demon.”

Away from the bad guy fleeing fly vibes Chris Brown and Fivio Foreign oozes in CAB lyrics, the song re-confirms the duo as masters of their own crafts.

3. Pitch Black

Tailing after Catch A Body, Pitch Black highlights the moment the song persona gets on the big fish to have some fun.

And as the title suggests, such business can only be best done in the shadow of the night when the room is pitch Black.

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For Pitch Black, the tune of the song does it for us as Chris goes all in to deliver a sweet listen.

4. Possessive ft. Lil Wayne, BLEU

Getting BLEU and Lil Wayne on Possessive is one of the best decisions that Chris Brown made for Breezy Album.

Apart from the fact that the collaboration will yield a mass appeal from fans, it is also necessary for the theme Possessive discusses.

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Here, the album continues to journey on the train of thoughts of the song Persona as seen in the previous tracks.

Seems, the persona is yet to get over the experience he had with the lady, cos he wants “that one moment we shared” in rewind.

He feels possessive after the Pitch Black experience. Clearly, she’s become a treasure that’s too precious to be stolen by other niggas.

5. Addicted ft. Lil Baby

Chris Brown Addicted lyrics highlight one thing, and that is the fact the song persona is really into the unknown lady he introduces us to in the Wheels Fall off.

Frankly, Addicted has an ensemble of lyricism from Chris Brown and Lil Baby. The first verse especially shows the lyrical prowess of Lil Baby.

The album gets more serious than ever as the song persona confronts his lady with his promises and feelings of attraction and with all readiness to bear the cost of love.

6. Call Me Everyday ft. Wizkid

Call Me Everyday is one the tracks that stand out from Chris Brown Breezy Album. This is because the song introduces us to another layer of CB’s creativity.

Like, Chris Brown literally jumped on Afrobeats with Nigerian foremost singer Wizkid in Call Me Everyday. Interestingly, the song comes out as an A-song.

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The Vocals on this song are as appealing, romantic and sexual as any authentic voice that makes a smash hit.

7. Closure ft. H.E.R

Chris Brown alongside H.E.R discusses a more serious issue in Closure. The lyrics capture the song persona keeping faith and standing tall amidst hate and criticism.

In this record, Chris Brown says he’s got no room for anybody to say him with their opinions or hate. He’s always had his vision before people say a word or two.

Furthering on, H.E.R speaks on people’s hypocrisy. Funny how those who want your back on the ground profess to see you reach the top of the ladder. But Breezy is no match for them is what Closure emphasises.

8. Need You Right Here ft. Bryson Tiller

In Need You Right Here is the 8th record in Breezy Album by Chris Brown. Here, the song persona again dusts his butts and woos his lady.

The collaboration with Bryson Tiller is really ingenious as the song is both lyrical and sexual— a vibe-loaded track that could not be more melodic.

9. S*x Memories ft Ella Mai

S*x Memories is that song that stands that comes with a handful of images. The lyrics paint clear impressions on the mind of the listener as the song plays repeatedly.

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It is that type of a lady-obsessed song that every male artiste will like to add in their album. Add that the song features a female artiste is everything that makes it more fascinating!

10. Hmhmm ft. EST Gee

Chris Brown Hmhmm featuring EST Gee is another track off Breezy album that creates the imagery of romance and lustful cravings.

What really captures us here however, is the adept and precise language that the song persona uses to explain his stream of emotions.

Frankly tho, Hmhmm is an all-sensual listen may not be too healthy for an under-18. Come to think of likening a lady to a pack of lollipops?! Crazy to imagine that.

11. Psychic ft. Jack Harlow

What comes to mind when you know that Jack Harlow will feature in Chris Brown Breezy Album? Goes wild?

Psychic is worth a 10/10 because it comes with a rich verse from Jack. Needless to say the smooth rap that he delivers on the track.

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As you will agree, the duo of Chris and Jack delivered madness in Psychic, and we love it!

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12. Show It ft. Blaxt

Being the first collaboration with Blaxt, Show It is a good way to start an amazing music journey together.

Show it has all a romantic tune needed to make a good listen unlike most songs that scoops in unnecessary bland extras. It is nice that it comes right after Psychic.

13. Sleep at Night

This part of Breezy Album takes us back to one of the times when partners engage in some silent but serious conversations. Truth is, a couple no matter how keen their chemistry is, have some really silent moment. That is what Chris Brown tries to convey in Sleep All Night.

Others: Passing Time, We, Forbidden, Bad than a Beach, …, Luckiest Man and Iffy.

From Passing Time, We, Forbidden, Bad than a Beach, Survive the Night, Dream, Slide, Harder, On Some New Shit and Luckiest Man to Iffy, Chris Brown collaborates with various artists to converse on relatable issues.

This ensemble brings to fore, the vulnerability in Chris Brown and his ability to purge those emotions through catharsis. Trust me, only geniuses can do this.

Breezy Album by Chris Brown is really a catalogue of incredible talents that shines more spotlight on his artistry. By his consistency over the years, we are sure to say that the world is yet to get the best of him.

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