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Content Creation and Digitisation

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Humans have been conditioned to assimilate new content every minute of the day, drawing ideas and datas from clicks and swipes.

Without mincing words, Content creators are the lifeblood of the media space. The people who leveraged on the internet to mine and refine raw elements of themselves and their interests for the world and so it’s undoubtedly that life on the internet would suck without these Kings & Queens.

While some creators like Lasisi Elenu, Josh2funny, Taooma entertain by posting content that’s funny to thrill their audience by memes, short skits or comic stories; Others educate by sharing worthwhile information, something valuable that their audience can resonate with. Implementing, storytelling and other arts of creative writing. People like Sam Adeyemi, Oloye, Reno Omokri, Joseph Don. Endless list.

Presently, Internet has made content looks simple to curate. A small boy in a remote village can make a funny stunt and before you know it, it’s spreading like wildfire in the harmattan, topping trend table on Twitter and popping up on Instagram stories.

As digital tools continue to boost creativity and humanity’s headlong dash into the internet, hyper-consumption continues to grow.

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It’s statistically grounded that, on daily basis, Nigerians spend about four hours and five minutes on the Internet browsing. That is, we now look forward to new things on the internet. This shows that the internet is the new oil boom, because, underneath us, the earth is moving and so, we as humans, are evolving respectively.

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It’s even unworthy to say, the world is moving because the world has moved already. Covid-19 was a great catalyst. The lockdown already launched some third world countries into where they are supposed to be in the next 5 to 10 years. Who could have thought that Nigerian Institutions would resort in virtual learning?

This is an evidence that 9-to-5 is fast becoming obsolete. It’s important to get acquainted with the rudiments of content creation as the only major way to audience engagement.

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Creating content is sweet, making money is sweeter. The essence of engaging your audience in whatever forms you chose should solely depend on how to create wealth out of it. Howbeit, if only you take it as a hobby, a business or a career.

Whether you create videos for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Blogposts, Pinterest boards, Podcasts or audio content Ebooks, courses, and infographics, Instagram stories, Music and art. E.t.c It’s a process you must ready to adhere strictly to. It all depends on what you or your audience likes to see.

So the big question is, how do you monetize your contents?

It can be quite challenging to make money as a content creator. Nevertheless, consistency and hard work has revealed that no dream is too lofty to attained.

Here are the Three major ways, out of the numerous ways, to make money as a content creator.

  • Collaboration

In this part of the world, especially in Nigeria. People love being tagged CEO, Founder, Leader of a business firm. They don’t want to collaborate. This mindset should be purged. Success becomes a lot easier when you collaborate.

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Just go out and find some of the top brands, influencers, and people in your industry. See how you can serve them first before ever asking for anything.

Volunteer to dish out dope contents and with time, you gain your audience.

It’s a win-win.

  • Offer a product or service

Offer something your audience can’t resist. This is a proven marketing tactic to get more eyes on your content.

The purpose is to motivate your audience or give them something that could push them to subscribe to or sign up for your offers.
Be sure to offer something valuable and attractive. It is an excellent way to grow your audience quickly.

  • Freelancing

You can learn how to freelance on platforms and get money in return. If you’re a copywriter, graphic designer, videographer, editor, software developer, voice-over artist, social media manager e.t.c Upwork and Fiverr are renowned platforms for freelancers to create wealth for themselves while doing what they love.

In all, the barriers to information and cerebral stimulation of the real world no longer exist. We now have a direct access to data and information at our fingertip. It is, therefore, safe to say that hyper-consumption of the contents curated by content creators is the prevalent driving force of our digital civilization right now.

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Author Bio: Abioye Damilare Samson is a creative writer from The Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.

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