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Download Law Café Subtitles [Episode 1-16]

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Get the links to download the subtitle of Law Café episodes. Also included are the synopsis of each episode of the Kdrama.

Find the download links below each section of the episodes listed here.

Synopsis of Law Cafe

Law Café is a latest Korean drama that follows the story of Kim Yoo-Ri, a lady of substance, style and purpose. The Kdrama movie introduces Kim Yoo-Ri as prettily smart woman who used to work in a big law firm before she quits to start her own firm.

Driven by Justice, Kim Yoo-Ri has a temperament that couldn’t stand injustice. This is why she resigns from her previous job to open Law Café, a small firm that offers coffee and legal advice to anyone who stops by.

Love and Romace, however, cave-in when she realises that her landlord is Kim Jung-Ho, a former prosecutor and old friend at high school.

Law Café, seems to be an interesting KBS production with a lot of stuff to unpack. The movie will air from September 5 to October 25, 2022.

Law Café Subtitles Download Links

Below are the links to download Law Café Episodes Subtitles. Get them at a single click in the provided links just above the synopsis of each episode.

The Law Cafe English subtitles are in SRT format which works perfectly for Mp4, Avi, Blu-ray, HD Rip, 720P, 1080P, and other formats of the Kdrama movie you might have.

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Be sure to have the best English subtitle experience while watching the Law Cafe movie as no scene is left out.

Download Law Café Episode 1 Subtitle

Get the link to download Law Café Episode 1 subtitle HERE

Episode 1 Synopsis

Episode 1 of Law Café opens introduces us to the lead cast, Yu Ri, and other featured characters. Here, she has just decided to start her own law firm ground up. She starts her firm based on the belief that a good lawyer solves a case before it is proceeded to court. She, therefore, runs her Law Café pro bono, and offers legal services to those who stops by for a coffee free of charge.

To an extent, we can say that Law Cafe has a good start, with the interview sessions that starts off the series, it is definitely going to be huge one!

Download Law Café Episode 2 Subtitle

Get the link to download Law Café Episode 2 subtitle HERE

Law Café plots is now set on motion properly in episode 2 as Jung Ho appears often on screen. Law Café episode 2 details how to love a woman for some 17 years. Happens that Jung Ho has been crushing on Yo Ri since their secondary school days.

However, Yo Ri does not want an affair, since her unlucky affair many years ago. Yet, despite the rules they have agreed on, Jung Ho keeps meddling in her business affairs. Could it be out of concern?

Find out in Law Café Episode 2.

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