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Everything We Know About Chrisland S3x Scandal

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Earlier in the week, we woke up to the news that the Lagos State government has ordered the immediate closure of all the seven branches of Chrisland Schools in the state.

This was as a result of a s3x tape in which some pupils of Chrisland are seen abusing themselves sexually.

The erring students were part of the 76-pupil delegation that represented the school at the World School Games that spanned for 4 days in March in Dubai.

To many, this sanction came just in time. This is because they believed that Chrisland management was not a good shepherd of their pupils.

During their stay in Dubai, a 10-year-old female student participated in a truth-or-dare game which eventually landed her in a l*ve session with her male counterparts.

Upon arrival, on April 14, 2022, the girl’s parent were handed the suspension letter of their daughter for being a “major participant” in an “improper behaviour.”

Reacting to this, the parents of the female pupil said the authorities of Chrisland Schools did not reveal the truth of the matter to them.

They also accused the school of running a pregnancy test on their ward without seeking their consent.

Though Chrisland schools have refuted his claims and distanced themselves from the s*xual violation in which the minors were involved in, this chain of events have raised several questions and opinions from different quarters on social media.

While some heaped much blame on Chrisland School, some blamed it on bad parenting, media and other modern vices.

Could their suppositions be right?

In recent times, more facts have emerged, though the Lagos State Police have started to probe the Chrisland Scandal.

Inside Dubai Hotel where the Minors Engaged in S3xual Violation

Contrary to popular belief, the school said it maintained a strict moral boundaries among their delegates (pupils) throughout their stay in Dubai.

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According to them, the Chrisland authority drew an obvious boundary by keeping the female pupils on the 11th floor while their male counterparts were lodged on the 4th floor.

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Therefore, they could not have known how the 10-year-old girl managed to sneak into the boys’ apartment on the 11th floor to engage in the s3x scandal.

Confirming this, Baby Mama of Wizkid, Ayodeji Balogun whose child also represented the school at the Dubai World School Games said that the students waited till midnight to do the nasty act.

“The teachers did their parade 3-5 times daily making sure they were all in their rooms. There were over 70kids to 5-6 teachers (these teachers went through hell trying to get them together) But for you to know how badly behaved these kids were, they waited till after midnight (after the last roll call) to get their nasty acts on.”

Could it be that the 10-Year-Old Girl was Drugged as Her Mother Claims?

Following the viral video wherein the mother of the 10-year-old female student claimed that her daughter was r*ped under the influence of drugs, evidence seems to contradict her perspective on the matter.

Several social media users who watched the leaked s*x tape concluded that the 10-year-old was definitely not gang-raped.

In her words, Popular Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh said:

“Ok so I just watched the Chrisland video all I can say is that is not r*pe, that 10-year-old girl knows s*x in my opinion it’s not her first nor fifth time.

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“She has a much older groomer somewhere.”

It didn’t end here, for 2 days now, the girl that was allegedly gang-raped has been trending on Twitter as many Internet users share the same view.

Their tweep summarises that she rode on the boys like a pro, thus earning her the tag Cowgirl.

Here is a sneak peek at what people are saying on Twitter.


So, Naija Banquet decided to fetch the profile of the 10-year-old on the Likee App to see the social media lifestyle of the 10-year-old girl. And, we saw many interesting things.

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It amazes us to see that the Chrisland school girl has a profile page on the Likee app—bhadgurl4k where she uploads her self-recorded videos.

Searching further, we realised that the 10-year-old girl has a section of her Likee Page named “madness and cringe” where she does all “madness” that is too much for a 10-year-old schoolgirl.

It might also interest you to know that she has posted over 526 videos pre-recorded in her home with over 25,000 likes and 4,000 followers.

So you can begin to question the largesse of independence this girl does her thing under her parents’ nose.

Chrisland S3x Scandal: Who is to Blame?

While we anticipate the outcome of the Lagos State Police over the Chrisland s*x scandal, let’s take a look at the rulings of the Social Media Court.

We were on Twitter.


And the conversation continues…

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