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Explaining Simi’s “Naked Wire” Lyrics— A Review

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Here, in this review, Simi’s “Naked Wire” Lyrics are explained.

Simi is out with another banger song, “Naked Wire” which happens to be a track off her yet-to-be-released album— To be Honest.

After seeing Naked Wire’s Lyrics and listening to it, one can not help but be blown away. Simi is just so good at what she does.

Explaining Simi’s “Naked Wire Lyrics”

To start with, the title of the song can not be more of a perfect choice because it translates the meaning of the lyrics very well.

Similarly, “Naked Wire’s” cover art is a true metaphor of the thoughts of the singer which found their meaning and clarity in the lyrics to the song.

“Naked Wire” lyrics summarise the experience of someone that is deeply in love. We can catch a glimpse of that meaning from the title of the record already.

“Naked Wire” Lyrics show that Simi is truly into her loved one. This is because she appears to have found delight in his presence.

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Apparently, Simi is the naked wire in her song, and nothing can be more gratifying than feeling safe and comfortable around someone you love. The atmosphere will always command love.

"Do re mi
It’s the story of you and me
When moving in harmony baby
Oh no release me
The language of my body
You speak it so fluently
You kiss me I no fit breathe
I want more of you"

Also, “Naked Wire” Lyrics shows that the chemistry between Simi and her lover is very strong. Both lovers share a bond that is inseparable.

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This means that the love is reciprocated between the two lovers unlike some couple that do not appreciate the love of each other.

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Moving on, we can see in “Naked Wire” Lyrics that the song is more of a tribute to the lover than a sensual song as it appears.

We realised that these lyrics can only drop off the lips of a woman whom her man satisfies. Simi comes plainly in one of the verses—

"Me no need to salaye
Bo se gbe mi trabaye
The way you do your romancing
Don’t leave me wanting
Jo alaye o
The way you tease yeah you tease me
You know I want more
Baby you promised me say you’ll please me
Till I want more"

Throughout the sound, the mood of the singer personae is happy because she has found a perfect love that she will never let go.

Speaking of rendition, as usual, Simi delivers “Naked Wire” in such as way that the listener is completely lost in its melody.

The Duduke’s crooner brings on her soothing voice to breathe life into the lyrics with amazing vocals.

Thing is, Simi is a blessed singer and she knows how to make the most of her vocals to deliver a sweet melody.

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Add that Naked Wire is a very sensual song that evokes emotion in the minds of the listeners. An attentive listen to this jam reveals that this release is spell binding.

In addition, the mix and production of the Naked Wire are top-notch. The sound engineers did an impressive job with the song so that the beat does not overshadow the singer’s voice.

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There is utmost clarity and we could hear the singer throughout the song. Though we understand that this comes through as a result of the effort of the singer to sound as genuine as possible, the sound mixers also did not go overboard with the record production.

With “Naked Wire”, there is no doubt that her next album will be a big hit. If a track off the album could be this spell-binding, come to think of experiencing the album as a whole.

For us at Naija banquet, Simi’s “To be Honest” will be a chart-topping and concert filling album because “Nake Wire” patronage is the tip of the iceberg that says it all.

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Simi Naked Wire Lyrics
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