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Falz’s “Bahd Album”: 6 Things to Expect

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As Falz’s “Bahd Album” drops on June 9, here are 6 things to Expect.

There are thrills and excitement everywhere because popular Nigerian rapper, Falz ‘thebahdguy’ is releasing his 5th solo album titled “Bahd” very soon.

As we all know, 2022 has been a busy year for Nigerian creatives. Musicians especially have been dropping songs back to back which has been putting Nigeria in the spotlight.

To whet your appetite, Naija Banquet decided to share 6 things to expect in Falz’s latest album because it promises to a great listen.

Let’s go!

6 Things to Expect in Falz’s “Bahd” Album

1. Expect New Concepts in Bahd Album

It seems as though everyone is redefining their purpose and style of Music this season. Like Davido did with “Stand Strong” a single off his next album, Falz is bringing a new dimension to his craft.

What could that be? Well, I am just as curious as are to know what exactly, Falz will be doing differently in his new album.

We are however sure of one thing, the “Bahd Album” will be a modification of Falz’s old-style which we used to know.

So, let’s wait patiently and enjoy the suspense together.

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2. Expect New Tune & Sound in Bahd Album

Another thing to expect from Falz’s 5th solo album is a completely new sound. Yeah, you heard me right.

This time around, look forward to hearing a completely different Falz because he’ll be doing more of singing in his new album.

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Right now, you can begin to imagine what his vocals will sound like. But Falz himself isn’t a bad vocalist, tho he hasn’t shown this side of his creative verve often.

We are really hopeful that the album is as beautiful and sweet as it’s title sounds!

3. Expect a Tracklist of Soulful but Lyrical Songs

I see no reason why Falz should render less in his forthcoming album.

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Lyricism is a major factor in determining the quality of a song. It doesn’t matter how dope the beats are, if the thoughts of the singer are not well translated in the lyrics.

So far so good, Falz has not disappointed us when it comes to composing songs with meaningful and well connected lyrics. I mean, he is very good at that.

Therefore, though the themes of the “Bahd” album might be more soulful and emotion embedded, we can always bank on his brilliance to see a lyrical album as usual.

Also, the element of realism which we have always known him for over the years will be seen throughout the album, we want to believe.

4. There may be no single Rap in “Bahd Album”

Sounds like a spoiler alert, right? It is what it is anyway.

Just as you may be thinking right now, I’m wondering what exactly Falz 5th solo album will look like without a dose of rapping.

Like, Falz is damn good at this thing and we have enjoyed his lines for years down the line. Why should “Bhad” change the whole narrative? Why Bhad, why this time?

I hope these questions are answered in the album. But, just remember that you heard it first here when Falz’s “Bahd Album” eventually drops and you do not find a single rap line, let alone a verse or song in it.

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5. Expect artistic performance from Falz

Looking at the past singles and albums that Falz have produced since his music journey, you will agree with me that Falz is a brilliant artist.

Certainly, this artistic and creative prowess have carved a niche for him in the music industry. There is a way he fuses storytelling with his song which makes his music more appealing to hear.

Who knows if Falz has a story to tell in his 5th solo album? He must sure have a story to tell in it.

As one of a kind, we expect nothing less from the “Bahd” album. Perhaps the singer will show us the “badder” side of him. After all, he is been bad all along.

6. There might be Collaboration

Falz at the Cavemen’s

It very likely that Falz features other artists in his coming album.

Recently, he appeared in a picture with the cavemen right in their studio. This speaks a lot about “Bahd album.”

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If we can make sense of the picture quite well, we can presume that there might be some collaboration with the Cavemen in “Bahd Album.”

It’s going to be an evergreen album anyway if we later get to see any of the tracks.

So, those are the 6 things to expect from Falz as he transits from his old music style to a completely new concept in his new album that will be dropping on June 9, 2022.

We believe that the tracks from Falz’s “Bhad” are going to be good listens that will have good replay value and resonate the rest of the year.

Again, as usual, watch this space for an amazing review of the album when it eventually drops. We promise to be as blunt as possible in our review of Falz’s Bahd album.


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