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FAQs About “Alchemy of Souls” 2022 Kdrama

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Find out the answers to your questions about Alchemy of Souls 2022 Kdrama series.

In this post, we tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions by the fans of the Alchemy of Souls TvN series. These comprise the meaning of the series’ title, clarifications on the characters and several sceneries in the movie.

So, lets ask some of the questions on the lips of many viewers and try to answer them!

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about Alchemy of Souls

What is the Meaning of “Alchemy of Souls?”

Alchemy of Souls is a form of supernatural act that involves shifting souls from one human body to the other by mages. This process is often helped by divine invocation and spell casting.

Therefore, the Alchemy of Souls Kdrama highlights the innovation of spiritual forces to shift the souls of men from one body to the other by skilled sorcerers.

Basically, the reason for soul shifting or alchemy is to prolong life purposely or indefinitely. Meanwhile, they do so without the consent of the victim whose body is snatched.

This is why in Alchemy of Souls, at Daeho the fictitious setting, the practice of soul shifting is unlawful. It is also tagged “witchcraft”.

Later on, the terminally ill King and Jang Gang exchange their souls for seven days in order to allow the king to procreate.

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In a similar circumstance also, Naksu casts her last spell to save her souls by forcing out the ordinary spirit of Mudeok Yi so she can live in her body.

Reeling from the episodes that we have seen so far, the art of soul shifting involves a lot of training, constant practice and intensive studying.

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For instance, in Daeho, it takes forever for many magicians to learn soul shifting. Some learn it in 2 years while in rare cases like that of Jang Uk, Alchemy of Souls can be learnt in a very short time.

Read More on Alchemy of Souls meaning in our review of the ongoing Kdrama.

Who is Naksu in Alchemy of Souls?

Naksu is a character in Alchemy of Souls Movie. She is known as Go Yoon Jung in real life. She is also known as the best mage and killer assassin in the drama.

Alchemy of Souls Naksu is also Mudeok Yi. She is that daredevil female character you can’t get tired of in a fantastical movie. So far, she has displayed witticism and unparalleled mastery of the science of Alchemy.

However, due to a failed soul shifting, she became trapped in the physically weak body of a character called Mudeok. Yet, she doesn’t fail to deliver wit and expertise.

Go Yoon Jung has won many hearts due to her impressive role delivery in the fantastical series. Meanwhile, before Alchemy of souls shines a spotlight on her, was either a model or a minor actor in Korean movies.

She is to play a greater role in “Seol Vibe”, another anticipated drama in 2022.

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Who is Danju in “Alchemy of Souls?”

Eventually, in episode 8, it is revealed that Jin Mu is not Danju but the Queen is the real Danju.

Confirming this, the Queen (real Danju) spills the truth about imminent destruction of Songrim, the conquest of Daeho and the return of power to the Choi family.

This revelation however clears our doubt about whom the real Danju is in Alchemy of Souls. But rather leaves us with curiosity about the prophecy of the Queen.

General Commentary

If there is anything we like about this movie apart from the fantasy and loved up scenes, it is definitely the acting.

So far, the Alchemy of Souls Cast have been incredible in the role delivery. Particularly, the lead actors— Jang Uk and Madeok Yi. Their chemistry is enthusing and their acting too is believable.

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