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Valid Reasons You Shouldn’t Toy with Fasting and Praying

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Have you ever wondered why people fast and pray? If your answer is NO, then you probably have no idea about the importance of fasting and praying.

If prayer and fasting had no benefits whatsoever, Jesus Christ would not have fasted for forty days and forty nights, let alone recommended it for us. In fact, we can conclude that those who fasted in the Bible only went on hunger strike for nothing.

But, you see, the importance of prayer and fasting is more than you can ever imagine. Those who have done it in the past can tell how much they benefited from it.

So, if you are still thinking whether or not it is worth giving it a try, I have a message for you. And, I believe that after reading this post, your perspective about fasting and prayer will change to positive.

Let’s dive straight into it.

Importance of Fasting and Prayer

There are are lot of fasting and prayer benefits that you will enjoy when you engage in it.

Jesus Recommended Fasting and Praying

When Jesus was addressing some of his disciples in the synoptic gospels, he encouraged them to add fasting to their prayers. He highlighted the fact that though praying itself is powerful, fasting alongside makes it more powerful.

Since, Jesus cannot be wrong about this idea then, this practice should be embraced by believers.

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It Helps Us Not to Lose Focus

Another importance of fasting is that it helps to maintain focus while praying. Naturally, the main goal is to help you reel out a sense of seriousness throughout the period. Additionally, fasting and praying is one way of telling God the urgency of the matter you are making known to him.

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It is Necessary for Sober Reflection

Do you need a moment of sober reflection? Spiritually motivated fasting is one of those things that can motivate you to reflect on your life. It usually creates an aura for silence for you to search through your heart and take charge of your emotions.

Also, since the Holy Spirit does not live in a rowdy space, it informs us that this fasting and prayer provides the most suitable environment for meditation on God’s word and also to hear from him God.

It Has Health Benefits

Many health scientists have also said openly that fasting comes with a lot of benefits. For one, it helps to maintain a good body weight and mental sanity.

Fasting and Praying Facilate Quick Answers

Another major importance of combining fasting and praying is that it helps to fast-track answers to our petitions. Ordinarily you could have said only your prayer points without fasting. However, denying yourself good meals to concentrate more on your prayers and finding solutions can be more helpful, because they are instrumental in facilitating quick answers to prayers.


This post tries to explain fasting and praying as a more than usual spiritual process that involves pouring out your emotions to God for solutions. Here, the writer listed some valid reasons that show the importance of fasting and the benefits that you will enjoy.

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