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Finally, Alchemy of Souls Sees Us Through the Duel and Conquest of the Crown Prince by Jang Uk in Ep8

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Here is a recap of Alchemy of Souls Episode 8. Find out what happened in this much-awaited episode.

Alchemy of Souls Episode 8 Recap

See what happened in episode 8 of Alchemy of Souls


Alchemy of Souls season 8 sees us through a failed soul-shifting process, an inquiry into the past and much more so, the much-awaited duel between Jang Uk and the Crown Prince.

Episode 8 of Alchemy of Souls begins with a scene where Jang Uk is in the middle of having his soul shifted. But as he is about to follow the soul of Kil Joo who is moving upwards to the light, Mu deok manages to stop him. This time, with her eyes covered and also as the real blind girl.

When Jang Uk later wakes up to find that his soul has not shifted, he is caught by surprise. Soon, he sees Mu-deok crying for him in front of Kil Joo’s body. She misunderstands him and tries to attack Jang Uk but soon realises he is okay.

As both of them gets emotional and embrace, Kil Joo too realises his failed attempt to shift souls. He then attacks them. Thankfully, Jang Uk saves the day. Interestingly too, Mu-deok discovers that her trainee does not need the binding on his hand any longer.

The scene later turns out be a moment of truth and enquiry as Kil Joo who has now become a soul shifter gets up once again and reveals the truth about the identity of Naksu’s father. He reveals to her that her father too is a soul shifter and has gotten out of control.

He further reveals that Jin Mu is not the real Danju but it is someone else and they possess the ice stone with them. After this, he attacks Mu-deok, takes some of her energy while inserting some kind of sorcery poison and runs away, but Mu-deok sends Jang Uk behind him.

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Mu-deok also tries to escape but people from Songrim have arrived along with master Lee and Sapsali. Upon arrivak, they discover that Jang Uk was present at the place where the sorcery took place. Meanwhile, Mu-deok has been caught by Seo Yul.

In a similar circumstance, as Kil Joo searches for a person from whom he can steal energy, Heo Yoon-Ok stops him and mistakes him to be a stalker. When Kil Joo moves to strike her, Jang Uk enters just in time and rescues her but Kil Joo cheats death again.

But Jang Uk isn’t tired of racing after him knowing that he would go to the real Danju who can save him from running wild. Elsewhere, Seo Yul is with Mu-deok who heals her wound by suffering himself. Soon, Jin Mu gets to know that Kil Joo has disappeared since he met Mu-deok. He then declares a manhunt.

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As the plot progresses, Heo Yeom gets to know that Jang Uk’s binding bracelet has been found at the place where the alchemy of souls took place. While Heo Yeom fears for the safety of Jang Uk, Park Jin is questioning housekeeper Kim about the incident from 20 years ago.

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However, despite the fact that the housekeeper Kim denies such knowledge, he manages to connect the dots and knows that Jang Kang had indeed shifted souls. The conversation is soon interrupted with the suspicion that Jang Uk may have fallen victim to the alchemy of souls by Park Dang-gu.

On the other hand, Jang Uk follows Kil Joo to Cheonbugwan, believing that the Danju resides there, but Kil Joo takes a surprising route and headed toward the Palace. As Kill Joo tries to force his way inside the palace, the guards get suspicious and soon they realise that he is a soul shifter. Then, they began to fight. Jang Uk once again intervenes and stops Kil from stealing their energy. The two engage in a fight and Jang Uk defeats him using Tansu. He then retreats from the scene.

The next day, Jin Mu finds the body of Kil Joo and discovers that the person who killed him used Tansu— the spell notoriously used by Naksu. As Park Jin also arrives at Cheonbugwan to examine the body of Kil Joo, he suspects that it might be Jang Uk.

Later in In the palace, the eunuch tells the royal family that Kil Joo had become a soul shifter and he was petrified the previous night which shocks the queen. He then spills that Kil Joo had tried to enter the palace but was stopped by a mage who used Tansu. This leads to the spreading rumour about Naksu’s return.

Another scene opens with Seo Yul and Jang Uk in the forest. Yul gists him about Mu-deok. Sooner than later, the two leave for Danhyanggok. Seo Yul reports to Park Jin and Heo Yeom about his condition. Meanwhile, at Chwiseollu, the crown prince mistakes a girl for Mu-deok because of her clothes but Joo Wol tells him that those are the clothes sold by Mu-deok.

He then seizes the chance to question her about the blue cloth that everyone has wrapped around themselves and she tells him that it is a Naksu cloth and that it has become a trend in Daeho.

Seo Yul and Park Dang-gu are happy that the topic of Naksu has made everyone forget about the duel while they worry about Jang Uk and Mu-deok. Meanwhile, Mu-deok has taken Jang Uk to the place known as the soul shifter’s grave as she tells him about her past. There, she asks him that one day when she is petrified then would he leave her there as well but Jang Uk tells her that the real Danju is in the palace. At Songrim, Park Jin asks master Lee if the ice stone was really destroyed 200 years back.

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At this juncture, Alchemy of Souls episode 8 reveals the real Danju who happens to be the queen. She reveals that the day of Songrim’s downfall and when she controls Daeho is approaching. She also tells Jin Mu to kill the mage who stops Kil Joo if he must know about the ice stone and its whereabouts. On the other side, Jang Uk tells Mu-deok that the ice stone can stop a soul shifter from going wild and promises to find it for her.

This gets us closer to the much awaited duel as Seo Yul tells Park Jin that he will stop Jang Uk from participating in the duel. But Park Jin tells him to let Jang Uk follow his heart. No matter what the duel may result in, he will only watch it as the leader of Songrim. Soon, the duel scenery opens with the mages gathering in Songrim along with the king and queen to witness the epic duel between the crown prince and Jang Uk. Park Jin announces the details of the match and everyone waits for the arrival of Jang Uk.

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Later in the day, Jang Uk arrives the duel venue and Jang Uk and the crown prince begins to fight. During the duel, Uk remembers Mu-deok’s instructions to him during the duel and follows the same. Mu-deok had asked master Lee to place some water in the training centre, but when she goes to the pots she finds them broken and empty. Jang Uk is at a disadvantage during the fight but right then, Mu-deok throws a drop of her blood towards him letting him perform Tansu and defeating the crown prince.

This result shocks Jin Mu so much that he it piques him to ask Jang Uk where he learned Tansu from and who is his master was. Jang Uk keeps the truth to himself but tells him he learned it himself—a reply which everyone believes as false. Right then, master Lee appears and tells everyone that he was there when Jang Uk was training himself to flick water droplets.

Everyone commends his victory and the queen orders Jin Mu to bring Jang Uk to Cheonbugwan. But when Jin Mu puts forwards the offer, all the other families offer to take him in as a disciple.Overwhelmed, Jang Uk asks Mu-deok to decide the group he should join and she advises him to join the Songrim. He then takes his pledge and becomes a member of Songrim.

That is the Alchemy of Souls episode 8 recap.

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