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How to Pray for Financial Breakthrough With Quick Answers

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Are you praying for financial breakthrough without getting quick answers? Or you don’t even know the right approach to pray? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about praying for prosperity and getting quick answers. Are you ready?

Scroll past the first-two headers to find 20 powerful financial breakthrough prayer points list.

Let’s go!

What is Financial Breakthrough?

First things first, it is important for us to identify what prayers for financial breakthrough is, and those who need such divine intervention in their lives.

Financial breakthrough is a kind of divine intervention that people experience financially, after praying to God for prosperity.

Although everyone would claim that they need one thing or the other- after all, Jesus taught us to ask for our daily bread in the Lord’s prayer-

We identify the impoverished, the jobless, failing business owners, and new start-up owners as  those who need financial breakthrough prayers. Clearly, these set of people need this act of God because, their situation is more dire.

Notwithstanding, anyone who is financially incapacitated at one point in their lives also needs prayers for financial breakthrough and prosperity.

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That said, let us look at why people have financial blockages.

10 Reasons for Blockages Against Financial Breakthrough

We understand that every situation has a root cause. While some are spiritually motivated, some are man-made. We need to talk about the reasons for financial blockages so that we won’t start to be barking up the wrong tree.

You are about to find out some reasons why people don’t have financial freedom. We advise that you should be true to yourself and identify the reasons for your own case. That is how to get started!

1. Sin

The first thing to be sure of is that there is no sin in you. There is no way the lifeof a sinner will attract God’s blessings of any kind. Also backsliders who have turned away from the God’s way have set a blockage to prosperity for themselves.

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2. Ancestral Curse

It could be that your source of financial blockage is a generational or family curse. One way to know if this is true to your case is by checking your family history.

3. Unhealthy Rivalry

In your own case, your business rivals could be the ones mastering evil against you. Many people are actually envious of your progress, and they would do anything to block your financial breakthrough.

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4. Satanic Propaganda

This usually happens to business owners and employees. Once, their rivals realises that they have potentials or they are close to winning, they team up against them and see to their downfall.

5. Debt

For some people, it is the spirit of debt that stands as a blockage to their financial freedom. It just happens that borrow money without achieving anything tangible. They continue to borrow and pile up debts…This is  a spiritual problem.

6. Sickness

Sickness could also be a source of financial blockage. Have you ever seen someone or a family that is afflicted with diseases so much that no matter how much they make, they spend it on sicknesses, instead of using it to fund tangible projects.

7. Mismanagement

This could be from your own part. You are probably bankrupt because you do not have good management plan. If only you could search thorughly, you would realise that you are the source of your problem.

8. God Factor

What is the place of God in your live, business, and endeavours? If you think you could do it on your own accord and be successful, you are wrong. The Bible says the wisdom od man is foolishness to God. God should come first before anything else.

9. Unfavourable Government Policies

Another blockage to the financial blockages of some people is unfavourable government policies. This too can be reversed through effective prayers.

10. Self-Doubt & Poor Mentality

If you fail to believe in yourself, who will else will? Self doubt is no different from writing yourself off. And, whatever you confess is what becomes your reality.

How to Pray for Financial Breakthrough

Now, we about to walk you through the process of getting quick answers when you pray for financial breakthrough.

Be sure to get divine intervention when you offer prayers for prosperity using this approach.

1. Ask for Forgiveness of Sins

The first step to praying for prosperity is by asking for forgiveness of sins. When you settle your scores with God, you will have the confidence to ask anything you wish from Him. And, you will be sure to have a testimony.

2. Sing Hymns and Thanksgiving

Also, continue your financial breakthrough prayers by praising God for the situation you are in right now.

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The Bible says that we should be thankful in all situations— 1 Thessalonians 5: 18.

3. Read & Claim Bible verses for Financial Breakthrough

At this point, you should not be ignorant of what the Bible says concerning prosperity. If you ask, does God have pleasure in your sufficiency?

The answer is yes. But how would you know if you don’t know the promises of God for you, let alone claim them? From Genesis to Revelation, there are many Bible verses with blessings that you can use to support your financial breakthrough prayer points.

See these 7 Unique Bible Verses for Financial Breakthrough here.

4. Begin to say your Financial Breakthrough Prayer points

This is the real deal, right? If you don’t know the prayer points for financial breakthrough, don’t worry, that is why we are here to help you.

Since, we have already identified the possible reasons for financial blockages, we are now going to attack them through some powerful prayer points.

Here is the list of 20 Powerful financial breakthrough prayer points

  1. Lord, let every financial blockage against my life be open.
  2. Every evil agenda that is working against my financial freedom, let them be burnt to ashes in Jesus name.
  3. Oh God, I reject every ancestral curse that is standing on way to financial freedom.
  4. I pray against every spirit of debt and mismanagement over my life and business.
  5. Every evil propaganda against me shall not stand in Jesus name!
  6. I speak with the authority in the name of Jesus and reverse every unfavourable policy against my business.
  7. God, according to your word, send prosperity now into my life.
  8. Pray that everything you lay your hands upon shall prosper.
  9. Father, like Jabez, enlarge my business and make me prosperous.
  10. I unlock every hidden treasure.
  11. I open the floodgate of abundance.
  12. Father, I rent apart every garment of poverty.
  13. Let the wind from the 4 ends of the earth fast-track my breakthrough.
  14. Channels of my destiny open up.
  15. Gateway of divine blessedness be thrown wide.
  16. Lord, I key into the sonship of God and claim the promises of Abraham
  17. From now on let there be a divine intervention in my economic life
  18. I receive divine guidance to my destiny in Jesus Name.
  19. From now own, I bask in the glory of God.
  20. I declare the blessings and favour from God and men into my life in Jesus Name!
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Those are the 20 powerful financial breakthrough prayer points that will guide you when you pray.

5. Round off your Prayers with Thanks

After saying these financial breakthrough prayer points passionately and with faith, round off the prayer session with an offering of thanks.

This is because we believe that God will not disappoint you!

Dear reader, we just shared with you the process of offering financial breakthrough prayers effectively. We hope that you have an amazing time in the presence of God concerning your dire need.

If you have any challenge or topic you will like us to write on in our next publication, feel free to comment below. We will love to read your testimony in the comment section.

Don’t forget to share!

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