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First-Class Degree: Hardwork or Smartness or Divine Help(Grace)?

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At the age we are now, nearly 70 percent of secondary school graduates will dream to further their studies in universities or any institutions of knowledge. Even with the rigour, stress and toil that usually accompany university education, there is a huge number of students who choose to study in different universities every year.

For those who manage to sail through the rigorous exercises of UTME and post UTME, and, eventually, gain admission into their respective university of choice, their primary assignment when they resume to schools is how to strive hard to have good and reasonable grades and, ultimately, graduate with the most beautiful reward: First-class result.

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However, in the pursuit of first-class degree, things seem to become more tougher and harder. Several factors have been adduced why students give up in their chase of first class degree (These factors will be discussed in my next article).

A question usually arises as to whether first class degree is achieved through one’s hardwork or smartness or divine help.

First, if you say that first class result can be achieved through hard work alone, I guess the subscribers to this point have shut their eyes at how many people work hard, but they do not get paid for the work they do. Take a look at the labourers in sites and forests, does the money they collect as payments for their jobs outweigh the work they do? Don’t quote me wrong. I am not saying hard work doesn’t pay. Of course, it is a good value that should be upheld. But, when we are in academic parlance, hard work, sometimes, is not the only stuff needed for success.

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Smartness? Of course, you ought to be smart if you want to pursue first class degree. I know a first-class student who just finished from my department in UI. On one occasion I’ve asked him how he made it to first-class. In his statement, all I could infer is that the guy was very smart while in the university. He told me he was always meticulous when choosing courses. In fact, he even recommended some courses where my A’s are sure if I read well.

Can we overlook Divine Help too? Truly, not! Some people are actually hardworking, but their chase for a first class degree may be futile. Sad, right? That should tell you that Divine Blessing is instrumental to one’s endeavour in life.

All in all, those three elements are children of the same mother. If you are hardworking, but not smart, you may be driving into world of futility, however your hard work. Similarly, if you are hard-working and smart, but you believe Divine Help is not needed, you are not getting it right yet.

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