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FSB Scholarship Exam Format, Past Questions & How to Pass

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Are you preparing for the Federal Scholarship Board, FSB scholarship exam? The 2022 edition of the award is around the corner. Find out the exam format, past questions, and the hacks you need to ace the exam successfully.

FSB Scholarship Exam Format

Before sitting any test, it is important to gather enough information about the exam — what is the nature of the exam and how are the questions set? Finding the right answers will help you to concentrate on possible topics and areas where you will be tested.

So if you ask, what shape or form will the FSB scholarship exam take? Find out the exam format below.


1. It is a CBT Test

The FSB scholarship exam is a computer-based test that is modeled after the popular Jamb exam. It involves the use of a computer to answer a set of multiple-choice questions for a fixed period.

2. The CBT Exam will Last for 60 Minutes

The FSB scholarship applicants are to answer 100 questions in 60 minutes, after which they will be told to submit.

3. Candidates are to Answer 100 Multiple Choice Questions

All successful applicants are to answer a set of 100 multiple-choice questions that cover a range of topics. The candidates’ basic knowledge of the selected subjects will be tested during in exam.

These include:

4. Basic English Questions

If you are an applicant for the 2022 FSB scholarship, expect to answer basic English questions in your CBT exam. The question will cover simple grammar topics like concord, lexis and structure, vocabulary development, etc.

5. Basic Mathematics Questions

You will also be tested on Basic Mathematics topics during the Federal Scholarship Board exam. Look forward to seeing some simple equations and word problems. However, if it happens that you suck at calculation, we recommend that you revisit your secondary school notes and textbooks or hire a maths tutor.

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6. Aptitude Test

The FSB Scholarship past questions indicate that candidates will also be given some aptitude test. Expect this section to be a bonus for you. With your knowledge of English and the alphabets, you should be able to attempt all the questions under this part successfully

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7. Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative reasoning is usually tough. It often gives a headache to average students. Here, you will be asked to rack your head and find solutions to different puzzles.

If you suck at math, this should be a concern for you as well. However, if you can scale through primary school, then you can pass your fsb scholarship exam with good grades.

8. Current Affairs

This is easily the easiest part of the fsb scholarship exam. You should find all the questions answerable because they are drawn from the socio-political and economic realities of Nigeria, where you belong.

But if you are not really knowledgeable about the people, places, politics and events in Nigeria, then you read up and gather information as much as you can about Nigeria.

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That’s all you need to know about the FSB scholarship exam format. If you are also interested in checking the past questions and answers, keep reading!

FSB Sholarship Exam Past Questions and Answers

Looking for the FSB scholarship past questions and answers? You are in the right place to get every detail you need to ace the exam successfully.

Just before we get into it, one secret to know as a prospective awardee is that past questions are often repeated in the scholarship exam. This means that you should take your time to study the PQs and answers as soon as you get them.

As we already explained, there is no reason to be scared of the FSB Scholarship exam. Your basic knowledge of general topics such as English, Maths, Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Reasoning and Current Affairs will be examined.

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To relieve you of stress and make your study smooth, we compiled some past questions from 2018 till date. It costs just N1000 to get the file and have access to over 300 sample questions from past years.


Click HERE or Follow the link or picture above to chat with us on WhatsApp and download FSB Scholarship exam past questions and answers file.

While some sell for N2,000 and above, we decided to take 50% off the price. WE NOW SELL FOR JUST N1000 because we understand the harsh economy. Moreso, YOUR WIN IS OUR WIN.

Our Past Question Pack contains the Following:

  • Authentic Questions from past years 2017 till Date
  • Accurate Answers To each Question
  • Explanatory notes to aid your study
  • Compressed/summarized and easy to skim through in minutes

Tips to Pass FSB Scholarship Exam

We understand that practising past exam questions and answers is very helpful, but it is just one out of many ways available to prepare for an exam. Below, we provide you with some hacks and tricks you need to pass the exam.

  1. Read all instructions carefully
  2. Answer the subjects you know best first
  3. Do not rush to submit
  4. Go over your answers again
  5. Ensure to answer all questions
  6. Ensure to click on SUBMIT before leaving exam hall
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In this post, we exposed you to how the Federal Scholarship Board CBT Exam is set, we also provided links to download the past questions and answers pdf files to help you study. You should also note the tips and tricks given in the article above.

Did you like this post? We hope so. Please don’t forget to comment below. You can also help us grow by sharing this post to reach a wider audience. Thank you!

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