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“Hey You!” Movie: Watch or Skip?

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Naijabanquet provides you with every detail you need to know about “Hey You!” Nigerian Movie of 2022.

Check in to find out all you need to know about the latest Nigerian movie, Hey You! Then decide whether to watch it or skip it.

“Hey You!” 2022 Nigerian Movie

Hey You is a romantic-comedy Nigerian movie by Uyoyou Adia. The 2022 Nollywood movie is set to hit Cinemas across Nigeria from July 29, 2022.

Writer & Director: Uyoyou Adia

Production Company: Anthill Studios

Find out what Hey You is about below.

Hey You Storyline

Hey You is one of the most interesting movies that you will find in Nigerian cinemas in 2022. It has a daring storyline that revolves around the love affair between Abel and Bianca who linked up on a dating site called “Fans Alone”.

It happens that when the main leads, Abel and Bianca (played by Timi Egbuson and Efe Irele) eventually meet in real life, the former appears as the too serious looking guy while the lady he is obessed over is the complete opposite.

While Bianca works with the Fansalone dating site as model, Abel is a 32 year-old software engineer. However, life crosses their path on the hookup site and their love ship begins to sail on the waters.

As gleaned from the official trailer, Abel is really into Bianca and he can’t seem to get his mind off every second of the day. Even to the point that he has disturbing imaginations of them together,

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It might pique your interest to know if they have a smooth sail or not. Well, it appears that the duo soon find themselves in an entanglement as another man steals a portion of Bianca’s heart.

Generally, Hey You 2022 Nigerian Movie details how not to derail from one’s personality when at the crossroads. Most importantly, it preaches the importance of self-esteem.

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Hey You cast

Hey You cast is all that is needed to deliver impressive character roles as scripted in the movie. It has an impressive cast list of Nollywood star actors.

Here is the cast of Hey You Movie

  • Timini Egbuson as Abel
  • Efe Irele as Bianca
  • Stan Nze
  • Salami Rotimi
  • Tope Olowoniyan
  • Miriam Peters
  • Tubosun Aiyedehin
Hey You Nigerian Movie 2022

Should You Watch or Skip Hey You Movie?

There is always a downside to every movie and Hey You is not an exception. From the first teaser to the official trailer, there are indications that it is one of those movies that will keep the media agog for weeks upon release.

As a sex comedy with many explicit scenes, we would not recommend Hey You movie to people who dislike sexually arousing scenes. Additionally, it might not be a suitable watch for some religious people.

The trailer highlights the main character, Timini Egbusan acting out very disturbing scenes that capture Abel masturbating. Corollary, this is not digestible for people who find sex or romantic acts nauseating.

In fact, the teaser leaves many people with the imminent action of the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board, NFVCB on the intense plot that plays out in Hey You movie.

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However, members of the Nollywood fandom who find explicit content appealing should not miss out on the impressive act Hey You is bringing on big screens starting from July 29.

According to Uyoyou Adia, the director of Hey You 2022 Nollywood Movie, she would be exploring new frontiers while bringing her directing capability to bear in the movie.

“At the risk of sounding cliche, I would say that this movie is nothing like anyone has seen before. I was particularly drawn to the story when Mr. Niyi and the Anthill team spoke about it before I wrote it and when I had a read with the actors it was a whole new vibe and excitement.

“Without revealing too much, working with such a quality team is something I always look forward to and all I can promise is that we are bringing magic to the big screen,” she said.

Where to Watch Hey You Movie

Click HERE to see showtimes and buy tickets to watch Hey You movie.

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