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How to Choose a University in Jamb

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I’m sure you don’t want to make any mistake that could cost you admission this year.
Or do you?

A good number of JAMB candidates have forfeited their admissions in the past because they made some mistakes they could have avoided during registration.

In this post, I will teach you how to choose a university in JAMB.

Let’s get into it.

6 Factors to Consider when Choosing a University in JAMB

During your JAMB registration, ensure to remember the following. They will guide you through the entire process without making any costly mistakes.

1. What is your Preferred Course?

You see, I need to ask this question because you need to be sure about what you will spend the next 4-6 years of your life studying at the University.

If you are the type that doesn’t know what to study yet, or you are the “follow-follow” kind of person, I would that you put on your thinking cap now and make the wisest choice for yourself.

I know how frustrating one can be when it comes to making a lifelong decision like this. That is, choosing one course out of numerous courses out there. And this is why you need to be very careful.

Hello, may I help you?

question mark on yellow background
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Answers to the following questions will help you to know what is good for you.

• What excites you when you read, talk or hear about it?
• What special ability do you have?
• What subjects do you understand best?
• What other skills have you grown passionate about overtime?

In summary, avoid coercion to study a course. Instead, develop a dream or career in what interests you. Prioritise your ability above every other thing; consider what you know best.
In that way, you will have no regrets whatsoever having made the best decision.

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2. What University Offers your Course?

Do you have to make “silly mistakes” before you know what is right? Of course Not!
If you are planning to choose a university because you don’t want to cut ties with your friends.

Or because you want to choose a university just because of the “name”, I think you should have a rethink.

No. What I’m trying to say is, experience is not necessarily the best teacher.

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Now that you have a preferred course, try to get a handful of information about universities around you.

This is where research comes in. It is as important as your future.

These are the factors to consider:

• Establish that universities around you offer your preferred course or similar courses.
• Among these universities, which of them is the best in terms of human and physical resources?
• Check out the school review by alumni, visitors, observers and or university commission.

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3. What is the Subject Combination of your Course?

I have read a lot about people who forfeited their admissions because they chose the wrong subject combination in JAMB.

A case study is that of my friend who scored over 300 in Jamb and passed his entrance exam with an excellent grade.

Unfortunately, despite scoring above the cut-off mark for Architecture, he wasn’t given admission because he chose the wrong subject combination.

You can avoid this by taking time to study your JAMB brochure and the university requirements for your preferred course.

4. What is the Cut-off mark of your preferred Institution?

Another factor to consider when you want to choose a university in JAMB is the school’s cut-off mark.

Every school has a cut-off mark that you must have if you must qualify for their entrance exam. For most federal universities, you must score at least 200 in UTME before you can sit their Post-UTME exams.

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Some universities accept 180 as a minimum UTME score while most Polytechnics and Colleges accept a lesser score.

Whichever, what is important is that you meet the cut-off point of your preferred university.

5. Post-UTME/Screening Process

teacher standing by the whiteboard
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

This is another factor to consider when choosing a university in JAMB. In fact, you should be very smart and careful here.

I am saying this because many candidates choose universities they don’t have an idea what their post-UTME or screening process looks like and in the end shed HOT tears.

If you must choose a university, you must have adequate knowledge about:

• The post-UTME or screening process, is it a written or CBT exam or an oral interview?
• What and What and What culminates in your cut-off points?

Some Federal schools consider candidates O’level grades during admission screening. That means, the higher your O’level grades, the higher your chance of getting admitted.

For some, cut-off marks are calculated on a 50-50 basis. That is, your JAMB score is divided by 8 plus your post UTME score divided by 2. All you need as regards the O’level result is credit in the important subjects.

So you see when you consider these variables, you will know what works for you and where you stand a chance to get admitted.

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6. School Fees

In all your considerations, do not forget to look into the cost of your preferred university. Do you have the financial capacity to sponsor yourself?

Struggling with academic and financial crises may not be as easy as you think. It is actually a BIG war with damning consequences.

My advice is to check your purse and know your financial strength before choosing a university.

You may also consider the geographical location of your preferred university among other things that demand money and responsibilities.

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