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How to cope with distractions in the university

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University is a nice place to be. It is where you get to experience another version of life that is very much different from the one(s) you are used to in your earlier years. I am a university student and I have had a sheer experience of this side of life.

Like every other institution or society, university is a community of people with different backgrounds. Say race, culture, religion, gender ideology etc. So, it is a place that is buzzing with all shades of activities that you can ever imagine.

who am I? What do I want? What do I think? What do I feel?

During my first year at the university, I was stupefied by the way of life that people lived. I must confess. It was a new world to me. But, as I continued to live each day on campus, I began to understand the system and its sophistication.

The truth is, distractions are everywhere. You will always find them wherever you go but they may appear in different shades or forms. This implies, the university environment no matter how strange and sophisticated it appears is in no way special. Be sure to have some teething troubles in the first few weeks as a freshman, anyway.

Distraction often comes in form of social activities that are somewhat irrelevant and unnecessary. This is not to say that extra-curricular activities are not good. For instance, involving in sport, cultural, creative, literary and other social clubs can be fantastic. However, when an activity becomes a threat to your primary objective in the university, know that it is a distraction.

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The will and ability to draw this line of distinction between what is and what is not distraction is not always easy. Many times, we get too attached to some activities that they become so indispensable and pulling out of such creates a dilemma. Regardless, a decision must be made.

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For me, one way to cope with distractions on campus is by setting up some standards and principles that you must live by. For instance, when you ask yourself the questions: who am I? What do I want? What do I think? What do I feel? And other questions that require self-awareness, you begin to understand why you should define yourself in the most meaningful and decent way.

This theory of self-concept will not only help you to create a good image of yourself but also help you to have a proper perception of your new environment. This is because it will mould you in such a way that you will be able to expose yourself to ideas that reinforces rather than contradicts your beliefs.

Also, it will enable you to neglect distractions stimuli on campus and focus on your studies. That is, you will be equipped with the instrument you need to select only what you want to see, hear or believe.

You can also avoid academic distractions by drawing a workable timetable. This will help you to keep track of your daily activities and stay focused. If you forget things easily, you may set phone reminders to get reminded of your plans.

In addition, stay away from friends with no future ambition. In other words, choose your friends wisely. Only identify with people who share the same thoughts and ideology with you. Do not associate with those who have no dream or goal in life.

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In all, choosing our distractions is an individual thing. Not universal. What poses as a threat to me may appear as your own focus of attraction. However, we need to choose our distractions carefully and truthfully so we won’t have regrets thereafter.

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