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How to Make Money Selling Preserved Ground Pepper

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Can you imagine a life without pepper? Of course not.

Pepper is an important food item that people cannot do without. It is more like the oxygen we breathe in because we consume it every day. Almost every food is not complete without pepper sauce and or spice.

This is because pepper serves multiple purposes. From its general use as a compliment for bland foods in homemade delicacies, pepper is widely used as a spicy ingredient in food production by most industries.

Some people cherish it so much that they consume it raw. Adding the nutritional values that it has. In fact for some chefs, ingredients are not complete without pepper.

Consequently, pepper can be found in almost every household. Whether in its fresh, dried, frozen or canned form.

That said, people are making a lot of money from pepper business. I mean, pepper business is a gold mining business that people are raking millions of naira from everyday.

This is why, in this post, I will show you exactly how to make cool money from preserved ground pepper business. Please, NOTE that this is not a get-rich-quick business.

Just a second.

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What is Preserved Ground Pepper?

First, ground pepper also called pepper mix is the liquid form of pepper that has blended in a commercial grinder or electronic blender, unlike the dried or powdered form that most people are familiar with. It could be just one variety of pepper or a blend of different types of pepper I.e pepper mix.

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Going forward, there is a way to preserve your ground pepper without losing its fresh and organic look or taste. I mean, several months after preservation, it will be no different from its original.

What is more amazing about this preserved ground pepper is that it can last up to 6 months without adding chemical preservatives or putting it in a fridge.

Now that’s magic, isn’t it?

In the few simple steps that I will show you, you will learn how to preserve your fresh ground pepper organically.

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Just before that

red chili lot
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Health Benefits of Pepper.

  • Vitamins A and C
  • Potassium
  • Folic acid
  • Fiber
  • calorie-free
  • boosts metabolism

How to Preserve Ground Pepper Organically

1. Materials

  • Ground pepper or pepper mix
  • Clean water
  • Clean/sterilized glass jar (e.g Bama glass jar)
  • Big pot with lid
  • Electric/gas cooker
  • Spoon to scoop
  • Clean gloves

Now that you have the above materials, what next?

2. Boiling

  • Pour your ground pepper into a big pot
  • Turn on your cooker and allow the pepper mix to boil
  • Let it stay for some 45 minutes or until water dries up and becomes thick
  • Turn off cooker

3. Preservation

  • Scoop the boiled result into clean, sterilized glass jars (while hot)
  • Leave air space between the jar neck and its lid
  • Place the filled jars gently in a big pot of boiling water.
  • Ensure that water is at the same level as the glass jar
  • Cover pot with fitting lid and ensure that no air passage
  • Allow boiling for 30 minutes
  • With clean gloves, remove the filled jar(s)
  • Place it gently on a clean surface
  • Allow it to cool naturally
  • Store in a dry place
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You just preserved your ground pepper. PHENOMENAL!


If you follow these steps carefully, I can guarantee you six (6) months of retained freshness and original taste.

Likewise, you can preserve your boiled pepper mix for a longer period by adding citric acid or kind during preparation.

Ensure to use up the jar of preserved ground pepper or store in fridge once opened.

Where to Sell Preserved Fresh Pepper

Actually, where to sell or locate your prospective buyer is not a big deal. Practically, everyone you see is a direct consumer.

You don’t necessarily have to shelve your jars in the supermarkets before you can market them and make huge sales. Truth is, you have ready buyers who are eager to buy your products.

People are too busy and or lazy these days to go through cooking stress. With your preserved pepper mix, you have saved your customers a lot of stress and time because their stew or pepper sauce is half-done!

I will mention some places your target buyers are, anyway. The open markets, shopping malls, motor parks, streets, campuses, hostels, social media are a few out of many places to market your goods.

What else?

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If you must make massive sales from selling preserved ground pepper business, then, you must brand your jars well. I mean compellingly package the preserved pepper mix so that your buyers will be attracted and forced to buy your products at first sight.

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