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How to Pass Jamb 2022/2023 (Top Secrets to Score Above 300)

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Students often think that reading hard is the only way to pass JAMB but that is not true. Many Jambites who relied only on this practice in the past have some sorry things to say.

Then you may be thinking, “can I pass Jamb without reading?” Of course, NO! Anybody that tells you that they know how to pass Jamb without reading is an enemy of success. They practically want you to fail.

Therefore, reading is a very important study practice to score high in JAMB although it is not enough score high in the exam.

Now, you may ask, “how do I pass JAMB at once?” Don’t worry, in this post, I will show you top JAMB secrets and teach you the right way to study for JAMB 2022.

Just before that…

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If you have not started preparing for JAMB, congratulations! You don’t have to worry about how how to get above 300 in JAMB. And, if you have started preparing, lucky you! You just find the right tips to study without HARD work.

Let’s dive straight into it.

How to choose a university in Jamb

The Right Way to Study for Jamb 2022

Below are the top study secrets to score above 300 and pass JAMB at once.

1. Read Extensively

When you study for JAMB, you need to read very widely and cover many grounds. The mistake that many Jambites make; which have had grave consequences on their results at the end of the day is limiting themselves to familiar topics.

For JAMB, you need to read as if reading is the only way to pass. This means that you have to lay your hands on as many materials as you can. In other words, do not limit your self to a single material on a subject.

For instance, when preparing for a subject like English, you can study as many as 5 different textbooks. “The Invisible Teacher”, “A-Z” by Dele Ashade, “Comprehensive English” etc are good materials. The same logic applies to other subjects.

With a robust knowledge of a subject or topic, attempting a question with multiple options will be very easy. This is because you have been equipped with the right knowledge to weigh your options carefully and answer any question correctly beyond an iota of doubt.

For more tips on the best way to read for JAMB, Try SQ3R Now!

2. Be Wise, Use JAMB Syllabus

I often tell Jambites that JAMB is one of the easiest exams to pass on earth. Yes, I can say that again and again. The reason is that, with JAMB Syllabus, the exam has been made so easy for candidates to pass.

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A top JAMB secret that most candidates don’t know or take serious is the fact that JAMB syllabus and reading go pari passu. If you have been studying without the syllabus, you are making a great mistake.

Speaking from experience, JAMB asks almost all its questions from the topics listed in the syllabus. If it would go beyond those questions at all, it will definitely not be too far.

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What Jamb syllabus will offer you is a direct insight into what JAMB expects from you. It guides you on what to read so that you don’t just pick a textbook and start reading aimlessly.

Also, it provides you with information such as timing, exam format, and other important stuff that you should know to pass Jamb in one attempt.

3. Practice Past Questions

Does JAMB repeat questions every year?. Well, I sat JAMB two times before gaining admission into the university and I can confidently say that JAMB repeats some questions every year.

At least, 5-10 questions asked in previous years are repeated in the following year. This is why it is important for you to study and practise JAMB past questions during preparation for the exam.

Personally, I advise JAMB candidates to practise questions asked from the last 5 years. Simply put, if you are preparing JAMB 2022, you should study past questions from 2017-2021.


There are some mistakes you must avoid if while practising JAMB past questions. For instance not all the answers provided in available past questions are reliable.

So to score 300+ in JAMB, the top secret you need is to verify our answers thoroughly. You can achieve this by consulting textbooks, internet and knowledgeable people in the topic areas.

A bonus point to add here is that you can practise JAMB sample questions on available software applications on the internet.

4. Attend Tutorials

Another secret to score above 300 in Jamb is to attend Tutorials. As cliche as it sounds, it remains a relevant key to score high in the exam. No, you cannot throw this fact away.

Attend Tutorials to Pass Jamb in 2022

Apart from the fact that attending tutorials gives you the opportunity to meet competent tutors and ask questions on not-so-clear topics or subjects, you will also be gingered to go extra miles in your preparation for Jamb.

Seeing this, I knew I had to step up my game in other to contribute meaningfully in and outside class discussions. Group studies and intellectual discussions can be very helpful. So I did all I could to fit in.

Most especially, meeting fellow JAMB candidates will push you to do more. I will tell you my experience. When I was preparing JAMB in 2018, at the tutorial centre I attended, I met a lot of brilliant minds that knew more than I could boast of.

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Self-study won’t give you this idea. In fact, there were some things I thought I knew so well until I met greater challenges I failed woefully. It is, therefore, necessary for you to attend tutorials if you must score high in your 2022 JAMB.

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5. Apply for JAMB Mock

It is very important to gauge your knowledge on what you have read or studied for weeks. Also, to know what the real exam looks like.

JAMB mock exam is a trial exam organised by JAMB to prepare students for the main exam. The mock test is set exactly the same way the main exam is set. Candidates will also be scored accordingly over a 400.

Right way to study for Jamb

You may not expect the questions asked in the mock exam to come out in the main exam, tho. That would be an expo. What is true, however, is that sample questions are asked in the mock test.

The overall benefit of this mock test is that it reveals your level of preparedness in all aspects. Say knowledge, timing, composure and other important variables.

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6. Build Confidence

The reason many people fail exams generally is not because they do not read or have the knowledge of topics they are being asked, but because are just afraid.

The fear of failing alone is enough to kill the enthusiasm that comes with good preparation. As a Jambite, you must learn to build confidence and trust in yourself.

What is that thing that makes you feel insecure despite the midnight candles and sleepless nights? You should speak to it, confront it boldly and give it a good fight.

Optimism is really an important thing that you should keep handy. When you say positive words to yourself, you will realise the amount of strength and confidence that you will amass.

Every atom of nervousness will fade away and you will come out strong.

Success Tips: Conquer That Fear In Your Next Exam

Read also this article written by a friend, Success Tips: Conquer That Fear In Your Next Exam. It is super helpful.

4 Tips and Tricks to Score High in Jamb 2022

Having discussed the best way to prepare for jamb, let’s look at the tips and tricks you need to score high in the 2022/2023 JAMB.

  • Pay attention to instructions
  • Be confident
  • Be time conscious
  • Don’t waste time on difficult questions; skip them
  • Save tricky questions for later
  • Review your work
  • Go back to the skipped questions
  • Review your work again


In conclusion, the right way to study for JAMB 2022 are not limited to the practices listed above. However, there is no doubt that they are super helpful JAMB secrets to pass JAMB at once. Therefore, we believe that if you practice them very well, you can get above 300 without aimless but hard work.

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