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6 Ideas That Can Catapult You Into First Class Result (Do You Have 4 Minutes?)

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It is the dream of every student to have first class result. That is why First Class Degree is the most sought-after degree in the university. Even in business organizations, graduates with first class degree have advantage over others. This is because employers, more often that not, usually look for individuals with good results.

Having a First Class Degree is an evidence of one’s academic excellence, dedication to study, and never-dying attitude to be the best. Although acquiring a first class result can be a Herculean task, it is NEVER and will NEVER be impossible.

In this article, you shall learn six important steps to having a FIRST CLASS DEGREE.

Are you ready?

6 Steps to Graduate with a First Class Degree

  • Dedication
    Obtaining a first class result is not an easy task, but it becomes pretty much possible if you work hard for it. University degree is not obtained cheaply as it requires a lot of difficult and tiring tasks. Hardwork works. Therefore, you ought to show never-dying attitude to learning to obtain first class result.

However, dedication doesn’t mean you should shut your eyes at other beautiful opportunities you can learn while on campus. Earlier, I have written an article about a man who regrets that he failed to learn many things when he was an undergraduate. There are so many beautiful opportunities, pleaasure and excitement on campus which you must not totally shun. Learn those things in this article:What I Failed To Learn When I Was In The University

But, participation in those events should not affect your study. Your dedication is far better important and integral to your academic success. There will be times you won’t be interested in studying, when your brain seems not to comprehend or assimilate any idea, when your mind is weak and everything appears vague to you, you need not worry too much. This is what to do: perseverance in such situation helps. Endure such moment, and always remember your primary purpose.

  • Have a Clear-cut Destination and Be Focused
    Failure to plan is preparation to fail. Every action in human endeavour needs planning. As a student, you ought to have a career plan. Draw a sketch of your goals. What are my aims? What do I want to achieve? How can I achieve them? What are the difficulties I will experience in my journey? How can I overcome the difficulties?
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When you can provide answers to the above questions, then you have climbed a step to getting a first class result. But, if you don’t have clue or idea about how to draw a sketch of your goals, you can seek out to people who you truly know can help you.

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It is not obligatory you have a perfect sketch. Nonetheless, you must have a 20-20 vision of where you intend to get to with your degree.

You will meet many stumbling blocks on your quest to achieve a first class result, that’s why you need to be focused. When you have a goal, and you are not focused, it is like a motor without fuel—your goals will go nowhere.

  • Be Consistent
    You might have heard the word “consistency” several times, but do you truly know how to be consistent in your study? Being consistent is an important prerequisite to one’s success in life, not only in education.

Part of being consistent is attending lectures. When you miss lectures, it is a deathtrap which can affect your study. When it affects your study, definitely, your result will be affected too. Attending lectures must always be your priority.

Another way to be consistent is taking assignment, test, presentation, group project and exam very seriously. The scores you have in each of the assessment go a long way to catapult you into First Class Degree.

Always remember: CONSISTENCY is the key.

  • Never Underestimate the Power of Library
    Take time out to discuss with people who are in first class in your department or faculty. Some of them will tell you that library, to them, is like a home.

Contrarily, some may tell you that they study at the comfort of their rooms. Nevertheless, studying at the library is more preferable. Why? In the library, you will have access to books, journals and resources you need as a booster to your knowledge and understanding on a particular course.

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As a result, never underestimate the good resources in your departmental, faculty or school library. Library helps students in so many ways. It houses knowledge, and that’s why it is one of the best places where you can tap knowledge.

  • Revise What You Learn and Always Read Ahead of Class
    An exceptional student revises what he has learnt. The reason revision is important to getting a first class result is that, the notes you’ve written in classes won’t become bulky or difficult to read when examination commences.

Revision is important to your study because humans are always forgetful. Revision will give you an excellent opportunity to always remember what you have been taught in classes. When exam eventually comes, you won’t worry too much because you have already studied the topics you will be reading for exam.

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Don’t forget: When you revise, you tend to read ahead of class. By reading ahead of class, you will always comprehend and understand what you are being taught in class better.

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  • Don’t Toy with Sleep
    If you want to have a First Class Degree, never take rest or sleep with levity hands. Your brain is not a robot. Brain collapses when you refuse yourself the much-needed sleep your body system needs.

Sleep is essential because your health is very important to your study. If you are someone that loves missing good sleep, then you are bound to feel exhausted whenever you are in class. When you are exhausted, your brain may not have the power to assimilate information from classes or lectures.

A healthy mind is a wealthy mind. Say this to yourself: Irrespective of how busy I am, I will never deny myself rest and sleep.

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