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Ideas Versus Reality And All Things In-between

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As humans, we grow with different pictures of how we want our lives to be. For some, it’s the movies that inspire them, for others it might be music, some might be from things around them while for some people including me, it’s books.

I read a lot of series like the Enid Blyton’s children series including The Naughtiest Girl Series and many more that I cannot seem to recall. I imagined growing up riding bicycles, joining scouts and okay, this may be a little too far, but selling lemonades, although, I knew this would be practically impossible especially here in Nigeria, I still imagined it.

The point is, I imagined a lot up to the point of resuming the University. I imagined cool dorms, different obvious squads, joining some clubs, having almost seamless experiences and drama! Well, it wasn’t anything like I imagined,and I struggled with this for a while, I would cry a lot and just wonder what I was doing.

I’m still not over it but I’m adapting and getting over it, especially the crying. The stress would almost weaken you but then you would just adapt and learn to wear your big girl pants.

I had a Wattpad phase. I practically read all the clichè stories, rich CEO, secretary, boy bands, bad boys, girl in sweaters and glasses, books with many sequels and many more. This shaped my judgement about life, actually and how mine would be almost like that, e.g bumping into a guy who spills coffee on you and you know…

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So, what shaped your imaginations about life, did you have any phase? Were you a Wattpad person like me. How have you adapted to the situations you face or are facing? Share with us.

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Thank you.

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  1. Hmm! It is true that life is no bed of roses. Many times, we end up where we never thought we would, somewhere better or worse. Either way. But the most obvious fact is that things don’t usually turn out as planned. Not because of we are not dreaming or working but because things are not just in order.

  2. Avid readers do then to get carried away by what they read.Reality and the Book world sometimes become a blurr..The book world seemily more attractive and desirable


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