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Is Flamboyancy A Yardstick For Success? A Yeah-Nay Or Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

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Success has a slippery definition. This is because human beings have different worldviews and or perceptions about life. These views are often shaped by the society, religion, education and other institutions that surround man.

Hence, to state whether or not flamboyancy is a yardstick for success is an arduous task. I’d rather give a yeah-nay answer or say your guess is as good as mine.

For some, success makes a loud noise. It deafens society and keeps one in the public eye. Those who belong to this class are known by their worth in cash, properties and brands they represent.

However, for some people, success does not boast. It is rather too shy or concentrated to flung its wings and pride in its wealth like the Peacock. Yet, proud of itself.

Award-winning Writer and Socio-political critic, Reno Omokri believes that those who do not show off their wealth are wise. He likens them to cubes of sugar which do not want ants to bother them. Since ants are like haters, one, therefore, has to hide one’s achievements beyond their reach.

But we cannot blame those who flaunt their wealth, too. Many of them have gone through silent moments of torture and endurance before they made headway. Now that their pain has paid off, they must live life to the fullest and show the world that anything is possible.

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However, whichever definition of success one identifies with, what is more important, is living a charitable life, because charity is golden.

Because of what value is one’s life when those around one are in a deplorable and dismal situation? Life is vanity. As vain as the preacher preaches. We can, however, make meaning well out of it if we help people around us to live a good life.

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