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Kunle Adeyanju: Fascinating Facts About Nigerian Biking From London to Lagos

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This is a research article about Kunle Adeyanju, the Nigerian Biker who rode from London to Lagos on a Honda Bike for 39 days.

‘End Polio Now’ Charity Ride: From London to Lagos

On April 19 2022, a London based Nigerian and Rotarian, Kunle David Adeyanju began to bike from London to Lagos, Nigeria. According to him, he is biking to the remotest parts of the earth to create awareness for the ‘End Polio Now’ global campaign, and also to raise funds to address community problems.

In this road trip that would last for some 39 days covering a distance of about 12,000 kilometres, Kunle is prepared to give is will, strength, endurance and character to test.

Though, this historic journey embarked upon by Kunle has been headlining major news and media outlets since April, we thought to share 10 fascinating facts about this amazing Nigerian biking the world to eradicate Polio disease.

Kunle Adeyanju Biography

You are just a scroll away from the Biography of David Kunle Adeyanju. Meanwhile, a short profile of this amazing personality reads thus: Kunle Adeyanju is ‘many things.’ A Nigerian entrepreneur, adventurer, blogger, and more.

And, YES! There is an important question at the tail end of this post which I will like you to answer after reading these divulging facts about the Nigerian Rotarian and veteran biker.

The fascinating facts about Kunle Adeyanju to keep you interested and blown away are listed below.

Here is Kunle Adeyanju’s Biography— the man riding from London to Lagos!

1. Birth & Educational Background

Kunle Adeyanju was born and raised in Offa, Kwara State in Nigeria. He had his primary and secondary education in the country. He later attended the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria for his higher education. While on campus, Kunle joined the Rotary Club.

In 2009, after working with Shell Petroleum, he decided to pursue a course in Postgraduate learning and bagged a Master’s degree in it.

Presently, Adeyanju is doing doctoral studies in Business Administration with a specialisation in social entrepreneurship at the University of Arizona, USA where he hopes to bag a PhD.

So you see, Kunle Adeyanju is quite educated.

2. Kunle Adeyanju Worked in the Oil & Gas Sector for 5 Years

After completing his University education, Mr Kunle Adeyanju began his working career with a British American Tobacco Company as a management trainee. At that time, his managerial career covers four (4) northern states in Nigeria. They are: Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa and Kastina States.

Adeyanju later delved into Oil and Gas in 2004. Starting with Oando Gas and Power, he worked as the head of the Marketing team where he spearheaded the development and expansion of the Greater Lagos Industrial Area Natural Gas Pipeline Network.

In 2006, however, he joined Shell Petroleum and worked there for three years. First as Fuels and Bitumen Manager and subsequently oversaw other roles in the organisation.

Having had a robust experience in the Oil and Gas sector Kunle Adeyanju established his private firm called the Pelicians DNO where he is the CEO.

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3. As an Adventurer, Kunle Has Toured at Least 75 Countries

Another fascinating thing about Kunle Adeyanju’s biography is that he is an adventurer who has seen the world from different angles.

Actually, this is not the first time the Rotarian will be touring different parts of the world through by flight or with his motorbike. Our findings show that Adeyanju has travelled to at least 75 countries in his lifetime.

For instance, Mr Kunle cycled to and fro Lagos and Ghana. He has also experienced the rich culture of the Japanese, South Koreans and Mexicans in Cancun. Qatar, Marrakech, Uganga, Poland,Rome, Jerusalem among others have been explored by David Adeyanju.

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According to him, he is into the an adventurous lifestyle simply because it is his passion. And his interest about the natural world and the people who lived in it drives him.

4. David Adekunle is the First Nigerian to Hoist the National Flag at the Peak of Kilimanjaro

Apart from biking and cycling, Kunle also likes to practice outdoor games such as Skydiving, mountain climbing and Bungee jumping.

Obviously, the most thrilling and remarkable moment and achievement of Adeyanju’s sports is summiting Africa’s highest mountain—Kilimanjaro, 19 341 feet above sea level.

In his Ted talk, he spoke about this expedition. The expedition took him seven days— five days of ascent and two days of descent.

He said ‘all seven days are seven gruelling days of continuous hiking up to nine hours every day, with the exemption of the fact of when we hiked for nineteen straight hours.’

At the beginning of the hike, 35 of them began the expedition. Some of them however fell and return halfway, narrowing the number to 11 which eventually made it to the summit of the mountain.

Chronicling this historic moment of his life, kunle said he as well as some determined individuals saw farther than anyone on the face of the African continent because they stood on the roof of Africa.

5. Apart from being an Adventurer, Kunle is also a Blogger and Author

If Kunle is not somewhere in the fields exploring the world, he is right in his chair writing or blogging. Mr Kunle David Adeyanju runs a blog named The Pelicans.

According to him, The Pelicans was ‘founded with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind, how we can begin to tap on the soft skills and the little wins over time  to create a big step change in our lives, and ever since it has been a wild success.’

  • 'My Escapes on Kili' by Kunle Adeyanju
  • 'Great Thinkers' by Kunle Adeyanju

Also, as an author of books, in 2013, Mr Kunle published his first book ‘My Escapades on Kili’ wherein he documented his expedition summiting the peak of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. He also authored a collection of wise sayings from successful world leaders titled ‘Great Thinkers.’

6. He has Spoken at Several Events

Adekunle Adeyanju Speaking at a Ted Talk

In addition to the above, Kunle is a motivational speaker and he has had opportunities to speak at several events. They include:

  1. Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)
  2. Arm of Hope International
  3. ABU Alumnus
  4. Several religious bodies and most importantly,
  5. Tedx OloibiriRoad.

7. He is the Definition of Will, Courage, Patience and Perseverance

Come to think of it, what could be the motivation of a man biking from London to Lagos?

The answer is as simple as the pursuit of a passionate man to end Polio in Africa. Polio is a a disease that is notorious for causing paralysis in children. This disease is a popular endemic in Africa.

Being a Rotarian who shared the vision of the fellowship, Adekunle has a burning desire to create awareness for Polio disease in Africa. Recall that he had wanteed to enlist as a volunteer foreign fighter in the Ukrainian war before re-channeling his energy to a cause dear to his heart.’

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Also, Kunle Adeyanju is riding from London to Lagos to commemorate his assumption of office as president of Rotary Club of Ikoyi Metro on July 1 2022. He will hold this position till 2023.

8. He has a Good Heart with Pure Intentions

This one thing will make Kunle’s name to be engraved in the sand of time— His generosity and love for mankind.

As part of his plans to commemorate his assumption of office as president of Ikoyi Metro Rotary Club on July 1, Adeyanju pledges to add 10% of the funds he is able to raise while riding from London to Lagos.

Meanwhile, Kunle has been philanthropic all his life. At some points in his life, he was seen giving out relief materials to his communities.

He has been to the following charity homes.

  1. Armour of God Orphanage Badore, Ajah, Lagos
  2. Modupe Cole Memorial Child Care & Treatment Home Yaba, Lagos
  3. Our Lady of Hope, Home for the Elderly, Port Harcourt 
  4. De-Marillac Centre for Street Children;  St. Vincent De Paul.     Port Harcourt

9. Kunle Adeyanju is Riding from London to Lagos on a Bike That’s Worth N5.1 Million

Though we are not sure about the Networth of Kunle Adeyanju as at the time of writing this biography piece, we can authoritatively say that he is well to do.

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For instance, Kunle Adeyanju is riding from London to Lagos on a motorbike that costs 6,500 pounds sterling—roughly 5.1 million naira.

Kunle’s motor bike is Honda CB 500X motorbike – where X stands for the adventure model, designed for on-road and off-road capabilities.

The bike weighs about 200kg without any add-ons or accessories. It has a tank capacity of 17 litres with a range of 490km depending on the riding style and weather conditions – wind and temperature. The bike has been giving a performance of 26km/litre.

Recently, Kunle Adeyanju tipped off his followers about his intention to sell his bike when he eventually gets to Nigeria on May 29.

Biking ‘through the desert, freezing cold weather, stunning forests landscapes and terrains.’ Nothing could be more heroic!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kunle Adeyanju

Who is Kunle Adeyanju?

Kunle Adeyanju is a Nigerian Biker, Rotarian and Entrepreneur. Recently, he embarked on a 39 days journey from London to Lagos on His Honda Bike.

Kunle Adeyanju’s State of Origin

Kunle Adeyanju’s Nationality is Nigeria. He is a core Yoruba man who hails from part of Nigeria.

Kunle Adeyanju’s Age

Though much is not known about his age, Kunle Adeyanju is well above 40 years of age.

Kunle Adeyanju’s Wife

Kunle Adeyanju’s wife is not known but he might be marrying his close friend, Zenab soon. Recently, a video that captures Kunle and Zenab where they asked themselves out trended on Twitter.

There is also lovely picture of Kunle carrying Zenab in his arms.

Kunle Adeyanju carries Zenab in his arms

Kunle and Zenab met at Cote D’Ivoire during his End Polio your from London to Lagos. Zenab is also a Rotarian and entrepreneur who is given to philanthropic works like Kunle Adeyanju.

Since they met, she has been supportive of the Nigerian biker. For one, she donated $1000 USD to support the charity of Mr Kunle. Also, she flew from Cote D’Ivoire to welcome him in Lagos.

Kunle Adeyanju’s Networth

So far, Kunle Adeyanju has not flaunted his house, car or material belongings on the internet. However, he is rich enough to get whatever he wants.

For instance, Kunle Adeyanju’s honda bike is worth N5.1 Million naira. He also promises to donate 10% of whatever he garnered from the charity ride to the End Polio Campaign.

He also announced to auction his bike for 25,000 US Dollars.

Kunle Adeyanju Wikipedia

Kunle Adeyanju’s profile is not live on Wikipedia yet. Meanwhile, Twitter has recognised him for telling his story on the medium. Kunle Adeyanju’s profile is verified on Twitter as @Lion_heart.

Now to the question I promised to ask you at the end of the blog post: Is Mr David Adeyanju Modern Nigeria’s Ajala the traveller?

Well, your guess is as good as mine.

To be a part of this heroic journey and service to humanity, join Kunle Adeyanju to end polio by donating either through gofundme or direct bank transfer to Rotary Club of Ikoyi Metro Zenith’s Bank Account— 1012461027.


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