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Lachie Gill: All You Need to Know About The Voice Australia Season 11 Winner

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This research article is about Lachie Gill, the winner of The Voice Australia 2022 Season 11.

Lachie Gill Biography, Age, Networth

Here is the biography of Lachie Gill, the winner of The Voice Australia 2022.

Who is Lachie Gill?

Lachie Gill is the winner of The Voice Australia 2022 Season 11. He is a singer, songwriter and graduate of Physical Education from Monash University.

How Old is Lachie Gill?

Lachie is 23 years old.

Where is Lachie From?

The Voice Australia 2022 winner, Lachie Gill’s nationality is Australia. He hails from Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

Though Lachie didn’t come from a first-class family, he has a rich childhood background. His parents, Peter Gill and Natalie Renouf are of the working class.

Lachie has two elder sisters, Elly Renouf and Stefanie Brooke. He is the last child of his parents.

He has enjoyed the support and care of his family members in his music career since he picked interest in singing.

Relationship Status

Lachie is not married, but he is in a dating relationship with Yonja Hasan, his girlfriend.

Lachie Gill Networth

Before the show, Lachie is valued at $500 000 USD. With his current win, that means, he is $100 000 USD richer.

Lachie Gill Social Media Handles

On Instagram as well as Facebook, Lachie Gill’s username is @lachigillmusic.

You can follow him on his social media pages to catch up on his music updates.

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The Voice Australia 2022 Win

On Sunday, May 29, 2022, Lachie Gill was declared as the winner of The Voice Australia 2022 (S11). He beat all the contestants to emerge winner.

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This was before he made the top 8 list that was later trimmed down to the top 4 contestants.

Meanwhile, many people had predicted Lachie as the winner of The Voice Australia 2022 before he was formally announced by the host of the music competition.

The rumor had spread all over social media that Lachie would clinch the $100 000 prize tag of The Voice Australia S11.

In fact, many viewers were just waiting for him to be announced the winner of the seventh season of the music contest.

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After coming through with incredible performances on The Voice Australia every week, Lachie can now beat his chest to say, he is worth the prize.

The Australia-born talent was announced the winner of the just concluded season of The Voice after accruing most of the public votes in a week-long battle at the polls.

Prizes Won by Lachie Gill

After winning The Voice Australia 2022, Lachie Gill wins a cheque of $100 000 USD with a recording contract with the Universal Music Australia.

Favourite Judge on The Voice Australia 2022

Though Lachie Gill was able to turn four chairs during his Blind Auditions, his choice of Coach Rita over Keith, Jess and Guy means that she is her favourite judge on the show.

Throughout the competition, the growth of Lachie proves that he shares amazing chemistry with Rita. They must have had the best experience ever.

The duet performance by Lachie and Rita at the tail end of The Voice Australia also confirms the two artists as one of the best in the industry. The collaboration was absolutely stunning and spot on.

Commenting on the moments they have shared together right from the blinds to the grand finale and winning the music competition, Rita says: “I have never seen anybody transform as much as Lachie.”

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Musical Influence

The Voice Australia is not the first stage where Lachie has perfomed, through it brought him to spotlight.

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Right from his early days as a kid, Lachie has been into music. He took lessons on musical instruments especially, the guitar which was his obvious companion throughout the competition.

During his college days, Lachie composed many songs. His Youtube Channel also has a list of the songs that he has released dating from 2016.

Reportedly, Lachie is fond of writing sad songs unlike some composers who write about love and happy themes.

So far, he has released the following songs:

  1. Wicked Sin
  2. Buried in the Ground

Lachie’s Feat on The Voice Australia

Lachie has one the most memorable feats on The Voice Australia. His performances were spell-bound and incredible on the stage.

Lachie’s first appearance and rendition of “If the World Was Ending” in the blinds audition made him the favourites of many on the show.

Going through his streak of performances during the competition, it is notable that Lachie is a great singer. He has a amazing vocal dexterity and range that could steal one’s breath for a second.

Apart from his incredible vocals, Lachie is also a good storyteller. The tone and texture of his voice showed the vulnerability in his voice.

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His performances carried a big stroke of emotional weight that connects the audience to the soul of his music.  Reportedly, Lachie chose Rita as his coach and they eventually won.

What is Next for Lachie Gill, Faith, Jordan and Thando?

Though Lachie Gill might have beaten his close rivals Faith, Jordan and Thando to be crowned the winner of The Voice Australia Season 11, it is not the end of the road for them.

The end of The Voice Australia 2022 is the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the top 4 finalists.

So far, the top 4 finalists of The Voice have gained more popularity and followership. It is now left to them to use their fame to push their craft to the next level.

For Jordan, Australia can not wait to hear more of his stunning performances. So also Faith and Thando who thrilled the viewers with their impeccable renditions on the stage of The Voice Australia.

Indeed, these artists have proven that they have a bundle of talents and they are ready to take on Australia and the entire world by storm.

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