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Latest Nigerian Gospel Songs 2022 [Complete List]

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Are you are fan of Christian music? You are probably here because you want to know the latest Nigerian gospel songs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we compiled a list of soul-lifting and inspiring melodies to listen to in 2022.

Have you ever experienced the feelings that come with listening to good music? Generally, songs are known for providing therapy and healing for people. Add also that they can be entertaining and educative too.

What is more interesting and amazing about Christianity, however, is the melody and message of their songs and hymns, which is totally fine and edifying. In fact, many Christian musicians now use music as a medium for preaching the gospel and spreading the message of hope.

As you will find in the list of Christian songs we compiled below, they are not only the most trending or popular in Nigerian right now, but they also dish out values that everyone should hold very dear to their hearts.

Top 10 Latest Nigerian Christian Gospel Songs 2022

Find out some of the best Nigerian gospel songs from notable Christian artistes and worship leaders in 2022.

1. Always God

Always God by Gospel minister Dunsin Oyekan is one of the most popular and trending Christian songs in 2022. It is a powerful worship song that talks about the unchangeability of God.

This praise and worship song by Dunsin is a perfect song that extols the greatness of God from the beginning of time to the present moment. According to the lyrics of Always God, there is no controversy and dispute about this nature of God as the only and one God.

More than usual, Dusin Oyekan leads the audience through a fierce and intense worship moment in Always God. If you are a fan of Nigerian gospel worship songs, then you should listen to this record and have a nice time before God.

For its realistic lyrics and spirit-provoking rendition, we recommend every Christian and lovers of Nigerian gospel songs to add this powerful worship song to their playlist.

2. See What the Lord Has Done

Speaking of the biggest gospel artistes in Nigeria, Nathaniel Bassey tops the list easily. He is a multi-talented and popular Nigerian, trumpeter and musician that is known for composing incredible Christian worship songs that are one of the most listened to.

You should, therefore, understand why his recent song, See what the Lord Has Done is part of our latest Nigerian gospel songs of 2022. One fact about the song is that many lovers of good music consider it as their best song of the year because it resonates with them.

From listening to the lyrics alone, this Nathaniel Bassey’s 2022 song is the people’s favourite because it makes them reminisce on their life and count the blessings of God over them. In all, the song acknowledges God as a faithful God who is always true to His promises.

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Since its release on Youtube, See What the Lord Has Done by Nathaniel Bassey has been viewed at least 7.9 million times. Hence, confirming this song as one of the most popular and trending Nigerian Christian praise and worship songs out there.

3. Taking Care

Taking Care by Moses Bliss feat Mercy Chinwo has been on repeat since its release. This latest singspiration is a praise song that acknowledges God for taking care of his children through troubles and hard times.

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Clearly, it is one of the latest gospel songs of the year. Regardless, people are just beginning to have the best of the song as it appears to be a melody that pushes them into a sincere moment of praise and worship.

If there is a thing to like about the song, it is the featuring of Chinwo. She added the icing on the cake with her sonorous voice. Thus making it a sweet jam for the Christian hood.

4. Daddy Wey Dey Pamper

If you have not listened to Daddy Wey Dey Pamper by Moses Bliss, then you are missing a lot. It is one of the most recent songs in the Christian circle. Especially among the youth, this gospel song has been a favourite jam.

Why so? This is most probably because the lyrics are in pidgin, which is very relatable to many young adults. Again, the melody sounds very easy on the beat and the flow is just too awesome.

Lyrically, the song is all about the unconditional love of God for his children. In Daddy Wey Dey Pamper, Moses Bliss keeps asking why he deserves all the blessings and daily miracles he receives from God. He says despite that he sometimes goes astray, God still loves him and cares for him.

Additionally, the featuring of Lyrical Hi, a gospel spoken word artist on this particular record also makes it really stand out from the rest of the gospel songs that have come out in Nigeria in 2022.

5. Omo Baba

Think of any Christian song that shakes 2022 by storm, it is definitely Omo Baba by The Spirit of Prophecy, a music group in Lagos Nigeria.

Omo Baba became the gospel jam of the year due to its traditional and unconventional style of rendition. Apparently, it is a Nigerian gospel song in Yoruba language. But that’s not even what made it a national trend among youths.

The inclusion of the rap and flowing rhyme style in the song makes it likable and fascinating to the largesse of youths. Additionally, the confidence in the tone of the song really stands tall among other factors that makes it one of the most popular songs of 2022.

6. Amen Amen

Amen Amen is another popular faith-based Nigerian song that entered mainstream networks in 2022. This song by Sinmidele and Ore Macaulay is an emotional worship song that gets the listeners connected soul of the lyrics.

Amen Amen is a beautiful song that every Christian scattered accross Nigeria and beyond should listen to because it shares a powerful message about God and his wonders.

The highlight of this song is that God works in mysterious ways that humans cannot comprehend. It passes the message that God is all powerful and supreme and that He does everything beautiful in His own time.

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Seen Amen Amen yet?

7. Ibuka

Frank Edward’s Ibuka is another Christian worship song that we recommend to every lover of gospel entertainment. The song has intentional lyrics that remind us of the greatness of God.

Ibuka by Frank Edward literally means “you’re big” in Nigerian Igbo language. Though the gospel artiste continues to switch between the English and Igbo language in the song, we understand that God is extoled as the great one, with whom nothing is impossible.

Indeed, this praise song is one to listen to. Don’t miss out.

8. Idupe

Idupe is a single off Sola Allyson’s 2022 album titled IMISI. This record is a compedium of differrent Nigerian praise and worship songs in Yoruba.

For a fact, we can say that this beautiful track is one of the most listened to Christian gospel melodies because it brings us back to the old and classic praise songs and hymns.

As usual, you will enjoy the unique but sonorous voice of gospel minister Sola Allyson on this latest single. So look forward to be completely soaked in the mood of worship when you listen to the classic Christian songs in this track.

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9. Done it Again

Done it Again by Sinach is another top latest 2022 Nigerian gospel song that you have probably not listened to. The song follows the soulfelt thanksgiving lyrics composed by the veteran singer.

Though the lines of the song are simple and comprehensible by an average person, it passes the message of untiring thanksgiving to God for his enduring mercies and everything that he has done.

If you are not an ungrateful soul, then you should add this Sinach single to your playlist before the year runs out.

10. Captured My Heart

The concept of of Captured my Heart by Minister GUC is a very interesting one. The song adopts the style of a lover to talk about the intimate relationship between God and his Children.

Here, God is said to be a lover who has captured the hearts of his children and therefore shows unending love to them. In the song, Minister GUC is grateful to God for spoiling him with his love.

Captured My Heart by GUC qaulifies to make the list of our top 10 latest Nigerian gospel songs in 2022 because of the wave of its trend among christian music fandom. Also, the 2 million+ views on Youtube confirms this song as one of the most popular faith songs in the country right now.

Summary of Nigerian Latest Gospel Songs

Here is a list summarizing the list of tracks that appear in our top 10 latest gospel songs in 2022. Find them below:

  1. Always God
  2. See What the Lord Has Done
  3. Taking Care
  4. Daddy Wey they Pamper
  5. Omo Baba
  6. Amen Amen
  7. Ibuka
  8. Idupe
  9. Done It Again
  10. Captured My Heart

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In this post, we compiled a list of top 10 Nigerian gospel songs in 2022 for Christians and lovers of faith-based music to enjoy. If you were hoping to update your playlist before you came across this article, we believe that we have been able to meet your needs.

Did you like this post? Please comment below and share your thoughts with us. Thank you.

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