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Ayra Starr ft Zinoleesky Lonely Refix Lyrics Meaning

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Find out the meaning of Lonely Refix lyrics by Ayra Star featuring Zinoleesky here on Naija Banquet.

Lonely Refix Lyrics Meaning

Below, we explain the meaning of Lonely Refix lyrics. Enjoy!

Lonely Refix lyrics talks about two lovers whose relationship is at the brink of collapse. The song focuses on the themes of loneliness, unreciprocated love and trust issues.

Ayra Starr Lonely Refix lyrics begin with the song’s persona ranting out how much she misses her lover. She feels so lonely and therefore complains about how she has been neglected.

She also talked about how she has tried to reach out to her man several times but to no avail. She continues to wonder why she is being excommunicated by a man she loves so dearly.

Seemingly, she is confused and can’t wrap her head around the status of their relationship. Even though she would they stay together, she needs to be sure of the place of trust and whether she is still loved or not.

In his own response, Zinoleesky says that he’s been hanging around with his friends all day, but that does not mean that he does not feel lonely too.

He replies Ayra Starr that he has never for once denied her. He says that he has always seen the best in her even when other people see the worst in her. He goes further to say that she is also aware that he trusts her all day.

Though Zinolesky does not deny the fact that he has withdrawn from the relationship a bit, he also says that he is seriously hurting inside.

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Lonely Refix lyrics also capture Zinoleesky accusing Ayra Starr of withholding love from him. For instance, he made us understand that it’s been a while since they’ve made love together among other things.

Generally, the highlight of Ayra Starr ft Zinolesky Lonely Refix lyrics is that communication breeds trust and mutuality in a relationship. In the song, we see that when two lovers do spend quality time together, or have some moments of intimacy, their relationship will in no time perish.

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Besides this, Lonely Refix by Ayra Starr recommends conversation as one of the ways of settling trust issues and other problems in a cracked relationship.

Lyrically, this writer likes the fact that Lonely Refix by Ayra Starr and Zinoleeky addresses issues that are very realistic and, in fact common among people in society. For instance trust issues are a very big catalyst in cracked relationships. Talk less of partners who would rather keep silent than open up when things are messy.

Additionally, we liked that the verses of Ayra Starr and Zinoleesky in Lonely Refix really complimented eachother. Thus, giving the song a sense of completeness which is very beautiful.

However, the chorus could have been more perfect without much repetitive lines.

For these reasons, therefore, Naija Banquet rates Lonely Refix lyrics 4 out 5 stars.

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Check out the full lyrics of Ayra Starr Lonely Refix ft Zinoleesky below

Ayra Starr Lonely Refix Lyrics ft Zinoleesky

Here are Ayra Starr Lonely Refix lyrics featuring Zinoleesky.



[Verse 1: Ayra Starr]

Every night I dey cry o
Just dey blame myself
For loving you like I did (You like I did)
I go like to know your plans Oh baby
‘Cause it’s been four weeks of calling
You no dey pick (Yeah, you no dey pick)
Do you believe in us
See as we blend like gin and juice
Made in heaven that’s me and you (That’s me and you)
Do you believe in trust
Transparency in all we do
I’m so lonely
I’m missing you (I’m missing you)

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[Chorus: Ayra Starr]

I’m lonely
Baby boy I am sorry jor
I be human being oh
I be human being oh
Miss your loving
Baby Shey you no miss me jor
I be human being oh
I be human being oh
I be human being oh
I be human being oh
I be human being oh, be human oh
I be human, I be human

[Verse 2: Zinoleesky]

I be with my friends all day
And I still feel lonely
Girls want to feel like you know me
Loving me back is what you owe me
Love it when you hold me
I talk about you all day when I am with my homies
Don’t say you love me, show me
Put it on my body slowly
Be like I don take
Cause put my heart at stake
Now I feel like we need a break?
Since when I don know what you taste like
When I want see you again
I see the best things when they see the worst in you
Girl I put my trust in you
You know I put my all in you
I just want to burst in you

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[Chorus: Zinoleesky]

I’m lonely
Baby girl I am sorry jor
I be human being oh
I be human being oh
Miss your loving
Baby Shey you no miss me jor
I be human being oh
I be human being oh
You know say I be yeah yeah
I be human being oh
I’m human
I’m only only human
I be human being oh
I’m human
I be human being oh

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