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Love Damini Album Review: Burna Boy Reflects On Everything…

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Rating: 4 Out of 5 Stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Nigerian foremost Afro-fusion singer, Burna Boy has released his sixth studio album entitled Love Damini.

In this project, Burna Boy reflects on his life at 31— his losses, achievements, hopes and expectations. Basically, Love Damini is a reflection on Burna Boy’s life voyage over the years.

Therefore, it doesn’t surprise us to see that Burna Boy’s latest album is named after his first legal name, Damini.

When it comes to creating projects like this, the Nigerian afro-fusion singer is known as an arbiter of taste and style. Typically his latest 2022 album tails after his previous album Twice as Tall (2020).

Burna Boy Love Damini features a talented Nigerian artist Victony among other celebrated but incredible artists from different parts of the world. Typically, this collaborative efforts shows one thing, and that is the fact that Burna Boy chooses quality over quantity.

The artists that featured in Love Damini are Ladysmith, Popcaan, Blxst, Kehlani, Ed Sheeran, J Balvin, and Victony. So, if he is lucky to win another grammy with Love Damini, remember the time and effort that birthed the album.

Meanwhile, this latest album by Burna Boy is not perfect. There are things I don’t like about it.

Review of Burna Boy Love Damini Album

Here is our review of Love Damini, Burn Boy’s latest album in 2022.

1. Glory ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Love Damini album opens with the Glory track in which Ladysmith is featured. In Glory, Burna Boy recounts his past life, his travails and the glory that comes after.

The song does it for the album by sharing Burna Boy’s Story from the beginning and then wishing him a happy birthday.

Much more so, Glory is good enough for listening because the collaboration with Ladysmith saved the flaws of the record.

2. Burna Boy Science

Science sequels Glory as the second track in Love Damini. And we can say that the song reaffirms his lyrical prowess to some extent.

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Though it’s my first listen, the album is still running on a slow plot at track two. I’m still trying to connect the dots with the previous track.

Or maybe, it may make more meaning in the next few tracks. But, I haven’t heard Burna Boy in the songs yet.

3. Cloak & Dagger ft. J Hus

For me, Burna Boy Love Damini begins to make sense from here. Apart from the impressive lyrics and the message that it passes across, the delivery by the artists is spot on.

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It’s incredible how Burna Boy and Jhus duet on Cloak and Dagger to produce an amazing track. I particularly liked the fluid delivery of JHus verse.

His impressive rendition makes it looks so easy. He must have gone harder on himself to achieve that feat in Cloak & Dagger after two years of hiatus.

4. Burna Boy Kilometre

Kilometre is a good sequel to Cloak and Dagger in Burna Boy Love Damini album. Both songs address a theme in not too dissimilar ways.

The song persona has got some words for gossips and peddlers of falsehood in Kilometre. Inside, he is captured as saying that he has come too far to be ridiculed by unfounded lies and mere assumptions.

In fact, from the title of the song, we have a glimpse of what the song details. Much more so, Kilometre chorus signifies the travails of the singer over the years before his eventual breakthrough.

Here, Burna Boy gets personal to correct wrong notion about him by trying to convince the listener that if he’s got anything at all, it is the result of his hard work and perseverance.

For Kilometre, the vulnerability of Burna Boy does it for us.

5. Jagele

In Jagele, not all listeners may be able to pick meanings from the lyrics however, the track is one with a high replay value.

The reason is that Burna Boy goes all African in the song. Speaking of the melody, Jagele is an ensemble of super crazy rocking, beats and rhythm. How he littered Jagele with African slangs, and phrases is also brilliant.

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6. Whiskey

Burna Boy is finally living up to his name as African Giant. In this portion of Love Damini Album, he picks on some societal issues affecting the growth of his homeland Nigeria.

It piques me from the start when he says that though he might stagger as a drunkard, people should rather pay attention to his words.

Burna Boy Whiskey lyrics paint the true picture of the Nigerian State. How things have gone upside down with religious leaders feeding fat on their followers. He also alluded to the black soot in Port Harcourt as a result of illegal oil bunkering.

He goes on and on to describe the pathetic situation that some Nigerians are in. How some wait endlessly for raindrops.

For pushing the Nigerian matter here, I throwaway salute! And more frankly, his courage and authenticity are applaudable.

7. Last Last

Recall that Burna Boy hinted that his latest album is more of a personal account of his ordeal. Last Last details the drowning of his loveship.

Last Last lyrics by Burna Boy account for the heartbreak that he suffered when his girlfriend leaves him. According to him, it’s hard to see her leave but her decision is final.

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Later, Burna Boy sheds more light on the song that he reels from a true-life experience that he had himself. Other than this, the reliability of this event stands the song out.

8. Different Size ft.Victony

Among all the guest artists featured in Burna Boy Love Damini album, Victony is the only Nigerian artists. This is practice however, isn’t new. In his previous album, African Giant too, Burna Boy featured only Zlatan as Nigerian artist.

If I must pass a comment, however, I would say that the producer job on the project scores nearly zero. The beat sounded wack and unlike the amapiano which the song obviously identifies as.

9. It’s Plenty

It’s plenty follows Different Size as the ninth track in Love Damini Album. Here Burna Boys delivers his lyrics in a rather casual and fluid manner.

Still, It’s Plenty is a good listen because it brings vibes on vibes throughout the listening period.

And, though the tone doesn’t look serious, Burna Boy is saying what he his soul desires. Enjoyment, Celebration and Peace of mind. That’s all he wants. Good thing about song is that its simplicity is fair enough.

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To be Continued….

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