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Mavins “Overloading” Overdose Lyrics

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Find out the full lyrics of Overloading [Overdose] by Mavins records. Scroll past Overdose lyrics below to check the meaning of the song.

Mavins Overdose Lyrics

Eh, eh, eh
It’s Don Jazzy eh

[Verse 1: Crayon]
Every likkle thing you dey do to me (Waoh, Waoh, Waoh)
Dey sweety me for body (Body)
Shey your loving fit fall on me (Waoh, Waoh, Waoh, Waoh)
Girl your bow leg make i go crazy (Crazy)
Omoge Shey e sure for me (For me)
Shey make i withdraw money (Money)

[Pre-Chorus: Crayon]
Oroma no go downgrade
Make I carry your luggage
I dey find for four days
No trouser
No trouser fit to contain (Contain)
Girl your body na package (Correct)
Shey u no see I’m falling
I’m falling falling for love

[Chorus: Crayon]
Overdose me
Your love dey overdose me
Na you
I want
Me love
You i think of ololo
I’ll be overloading
Your bank
Money plenty
Tell me the amount

[Verse 2: Ayra Starr]
No one told me love would taste like this (like this)
Got my money in my pocket like this (like this)
Bitcoin dey my wallet like this (like this)
Wisdom inna my knowledge like this
I follow God I no dey follow man
For you I might have to consider
Trips to LA taking photographs (But you knew that)
If it’s signed by me then it’s an autograph

[Verse 3: Ladipoe]
Live to die another day for you baby (Yeah)
Quit my Casanova ways for you baby (Ooh)
The only time you say that you hate me
Is when I take the last slice of pastry
Now I’m on the run run run (Running)
Run run run
Loving you till kingdom come
But you drive me crazy send someone
Still my billboard baby
My number one

[Verse 4: Magixx]
Baby e get as e dey be (Be)
Omo you dey high like pami (Mi)
I just wanna be there when you need me
Baby na your matter I dey reason all day yeah
Body overdose
Omo say you carry over load
And you know you bad like commando

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[Pre-Chorus: Crayon & Ayra Starr]
Oroma no go downgrade (Oroma oh yeah yeah)
Make I carry your luggage
I dey find you for four days (I dey find you for four days yeah)
Four days
No trouser
No trouser fit to contain (Heyyyy yeah)
Girl your body na package
Shey u no see I’m falling (Falling)
I’m falling falling for love

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[Chorus: Crayon]
Overdose me
Your love dey overdose me
Na you
I want
Me love
You I think of ololo
I’ll be overloading
Your bank
Money plenty
Tell me the amount

[Verse 5: Boy Spyce]
Yomama yomama yomama yomama yo
If you see Onome
Tell am she be the one oh, Hmmm
Cause I know and I know and I know in my
Heart and my soul
If you do me jeje
Me self I go dey follow baby oh
If I enter your motor pim pim pim
Pim pim pim
I go make you to shout pon pon pon
Pon pon pon
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Me I no too like Ifeoma
Say na you I wan show my mama
Cos ama put you in a brand new Beamer
Shey you go like be my shima
Snap me fine cinemato

That is the complete Mavins Overloading Lyrics. Find out the meaning of the lyrics below.

Lyrical Analysis of Overloading Overdose by Mavins

Let’s do the breakdown of Mavins Overdose lyrics and see what the artistes are getting at in the song!

Overdose by Mavins is one of those songs that capitalises on the subject of love and idolising a woman’s beauty. In this song, the Mavins signees, jumped on the lyrics alongside their Boss Jazzy to have a personal statement about this lady who has captured their hearts.

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In Overloading, the lyrics begins with Crayon who simply can’t hide or deny the fact that he’s gone crazy for love. According to him, he has been on the lookout for some four days just to behold the beauty of the woman whom he says has a complete package.

This description gives us an idea already why this lady is a big deal for the song persona. Much more so, the reason is willing to empty his purse and win her over.

In the same breath, Ayrr Star says she doesn’t ever believe that love tastes so good unto she meets this amazing woman. Like, Crayon, she is ready to go extra miles if that would make her her own.

The overdose song by Mavins, however, makes more sense the moment Ladipoe jumps on it to make his own confession about this wonder lazy that drives them nuts! In his part of overdose lyrics, Ladipoe promises to quit his unlikeable ways and love her ’till kingdom comes.’

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At this point, the writer begins to wonder if this is actually a situation where each of the singers featured on Mavins Overloading song is competing to win this girl over. Because, the Overloading lyrics captured each of them shooting their best shots.

But just when we thought we have heard enough bars, Maggix stumbles in as one that is visibly high on love as he could not help himself to get over the memory of the lady in question.

Then Boy Spyce comes in to remove the veil and do the unthinkable. Soon, we identify the lady that has been driving the song personae nut in Overdose by Mavins is none else but Onome; just as the song ends with an imagery of the lover boy keeling untoward with a flower in his hands, asking, ‘Shey you go like be my shima?’

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