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MI Abaga Re-introduces himself as “The Guy” in New Song Lyrics

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Nigeria Foremost rapper and recording artist, MI Abaga, is out with a new track titled “The Guy”. The song’s title also doubles as the title of his forthcoming album.

Much more so, The Guy is the new stage name of the Nigerian rapper after using MI Abaga to perform on stage for decades.

Care to know what MI Abaga new stage name means? In this post, we tried to explain the lyrics of The Guy in which the singer re-introduces himself.

Find out the meaning of The Guy Lyrics below:

“The Guy” Lyrics Meaning Explained

Here is the meaning of The Guy Lyrics by MI Abaga.

The Guy Lyrics capture MI Abaga saying that he is the guy, the first and king of his niche-rapping. According to him, no one comes close when it comes to killing the game.

Knowing fully well that the rap industry is full of hates, beef and all sorts, the song personae says that he is rather focused on the cash and next payday rather than these time eating factors.

MI Abaga The Guy Lyrics highlight the singer proclaiming himself as the guy. He sees this clime as a position which no one can contest; It is the climax anyone can reach in the rap industry, and that, he has reached and dominated.

In the same breath, MI addresses some lingering issues which people have seemingly had wrong notions about in the lyrics of The Guy. For instance, he sets the record straight on his beef with Vector, his arch rival in the industry. He says that against public assumptions, they are cool together.

He also talks about Young6ix and other characters in the songs, but not everybody can understand him. And that’s not his problem anymore.

Furthering on, MI Abaga sings of his little begging in the rap industry. He reveals how he started in 2008 with his first CD and how he has honed his craft to become Africa’s pride in the industry today.

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Meanwhile, he doesn’t fail to recognize his team, who work with all sincerity. Truly, he couldn’t have done it alone. Yet, God, above all other factors, is at the center of his success. This is why he begins with the phrase, Alhamdulillah.

That is the meaning of The Guy Lyrics, which unveils the new stage name of MI Abaga: The Guy.

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Check out the complete Lyrics of The Guy below.

MI Abaga “The Guy” Lyrics

Here is The Guy Lyrics by MI Abaga.

[Verse 1]
Alhamdulillah (Okay)
God is great I can’t lie
Let’s get this paper my guy
Ignore the hate It’s my height
Focused on the cash trying to get the next payday (steady)
Never focused on the yansh man’s a baller like Jay Jay

[Verse 2]
Girl what you want, I’m the guy
Take both stacks if you can’t decide
Been killing this game like you’re -posed to die like huh
I’m the guy, ask the guy you thought was the guy
If he don’t say I’m the guy, that’s a lie beacause I’m the guy

[Verse 3]
If I beef with you, got to make you rich, so y’all gotta pay me
And me and vector are cool even though we don’t chat on the daily (Oshaamo)
Look at Yung6ix coming for the God MC Mehn that shii pain me (tough)
And my guy Loose, he got that Jordan connect like that he’s ?
Make una hear me
Some of you no dey ever get the message and that’s on Glo
Me I like the way that I be feeling now when that’s on poe (but you knew that)
Anybody wanna get to rapping we can make it happen oh my guy show (I gat you)
But remember no be only tiwa savage that’s on go (Yo keep that same energy fam)
Yeah yeah, no be lie

Let’s make this paper my guy
This life is vapour and vibes
As I focused on the cash trying to get the next payday
Never focused on the yansh man’s a baller like Jay Jay

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[Verse 4]
What you need I’m the guy
Take both stacks if you can’t decide
Killing this game like you’re -posed to die (You better ask somebody)
I’m the guy, ask the guy you thought was the guy (Yeah)
If he don’t say I’m the guy, that’s a lie because I’m the guy

[Verse 5]
I’m the guy for all seasons
On the stage of board meetings
You ain’t real we can’t be friends
That seed is taking no vacancy
All my team there’s no pretense
There’s nobody weak, we work weekends
When we ride out omo see Benz
Whole team good omo see bench
PSG of the rap game (Messi)
I’m the guy I’m Mbappe
Whole team get bands like captains
We all share the ring, it’s like tag team
Free the numbers and trash it
I stand above like a fraction
MI the guy I’m the fashion
Just let me go Kim Kardashian

[Verse 6]
Is that your girl over there who saw my net and started chain reacting ?
She look like she like bad thing
With that ass she got backpain (facts)
We got max we got vaccines
So you can get shot keep acting
Most of y’all niggas acting
So where y’all at when it’s action

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[Verse 7]
I’m a 5 star general in the rap game I’ve done my thing (what is rap?)
? with the rap in 3 different ? come and ?
All I need now is a naija girl to call my queen
When this shit drop tell the mandem to cop it like vaccine
You know how e be when I’m in the mood
I sabi this rap thing well abinibi
The whole game been in the soup like gbegiri
My mout big pass party thirty ti tiri
Enter room scatter everywhere gigigi
We be the greatest of all time that how e be
Been doing this since ’08, my first CD
This nigga can’t do it like this, you kidding me
What you saying

Yeah it’s me
The Guy

That is the Lyrics to The Guy

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