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Enoch Movie Review: 5 Lessons To Learn From Pst Adeboye’s Life

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Beyond a doubt, Pastor Adeboye’s biopic, Enoch by Mount Zion, is the best way to start the year for many lovers of christian movies. It is a documentary based on a true-life story of the man of God.

Since its release, Enoch has got many viewers talking about how inspired they are about the life of the man of God who grew from nothing to something. But, it just feels awkward not to join the conversation, because truly, the plot of the movie blessed me.

So, I decided to jump on the topic and review Enoch movie by Mount Zion and the Solid Rock Foundation. Let’s get into it!

5 Lessons Christians Should Learn From Enoch Movie

I know you must have picked one or two lessons on your own while watching the movie, but does it not sound cool to hear from another person’s perspective? Sure, there is a lot of lessons for viewers to learn from the movie and they can be summarised under just one post.

Therefore, I have made a list of 5 important lessons from this latest movie by Mount Zion. I drew at least one lesson from each chapter that is dramatized in the Biopic of Pastor E.A Adeboye.

I just hope that you learn as much as below:

#Perspire to Acquire

You might have heard or used this clause many times, but Enoch Movie by Mount Zion gives it a whole new meaning.

Basically, Chapter 1 of Enoch — Maa Kawe touches on the determination of a young boy to gain formal education. I mean, what could have made his father to sell his precious ram to pay his school fee, if not the desperation for success written all over Enoch in the movie?


Apparently, things are not going on smoothly with Enoch, the lead character in the movie. Can you just picture yourself as that child with no shoes, stitched uniform, sponsor, and what not? Well, these happened to Pastor EA Adeboye.

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As a young boy in Ilesha Grammar School, he struggles against all these odds to achieve greatness. Personally, the scene where he borrows shoes and trousers to his valedictory service got me busting into tears.

The relief? He wins all the prices! What a brilliant young chap papa Adeboye was in his early days.

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#Humility is Everything

Chapter 3 of Enoch shows us a rare insight into the personal life of Pastor Adeboye. This is actually where he meets Foluke, his wife. But beyond the talks about his marriage, there is one thing I find interesting about the MOG, and that is his humility.

Remember that is what actually makes Foluke to fall in love with him. His humility is just second to none.

#Jesus is the Answer

Things are not just working out well for Enoch. Despite doing marrying a beautiful wife and having 3 kids with comfortable shelter and ride, there are several questions begging for answers in his life.

Like other Mount Zion movies, Enoch shows clearly that Jesus is the answer to every problems or questions. Well, herbalists may want to prove that they have supernatural powers, but God is the greatest! I mean, look at how meaning Enoch becomes after his encounter with God. Amazing!

#Anyone Could be a Vessel

Another lesson from Enoch movie by Mount Zion Films is that anyone could be a vessel of honour in God’s hand. In addition, no amount of pressure can reserve God’s plan and purpose for one’s life.

The ordination and transfer of the mantle to Enoch Adeboye by papa Josiah Akindayomi catches some of the Redeemed church elders by surprise. Some even leaves the church in anger, because they disagree with Enoch’s appointment as the next General Overseer.

Though Enoch does not feel worthy of this new responsibility either, and even fasts and prays against it, God still has his way. But one thing that stands out also is his absolute faith in God for a smooth ride. And God really stands by him.

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For a second, I think we should also appreciate the self-denial of Enoch and his wife in giving to God’s project. Aborting his dream to be the youngest vice-chancellor to become a full-time pastor is also a great price. I will also add that Pastor Olukowajo also represents loyality and commitment.

Well, that’s it for me: the 5 important lessons that every viewer should learn from the real life story of Pastor Adeboye in Enoch Movie.

Enoch Movie Review: Setting, Acting, Costume

Can we now talk about other things that happened in the movie? Well yes.

#Setting of Enoch Movie

Actually, when it comes to finding the best setting for movies, I always give it to Mount Zion films. Their productions always come with great verisimilitude and factualness, which is very important in any film-making process.

They could not have done better than tracing the roots of Pa Adeboye to Ifewara and Ile-Ife in Osun State, and setting the location of the movie there.

#Acting & Delivery

The cast of Enoch Movie really did justice to their scripts. They did not only embody the characters but also act out their roles professionally.

Young Enoch and Adeola Ajibola were so vulnerable and I like it. Foluke actor also keeps it real throughout the entire drama. Of course, Damilola-Mike is fun on set. Mike and Gloria Bamiloye are superb as ever. In fact, the entire crew of Enoch just blows us away!

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Talking about the costume and make-up, Enoch takes us back to the 1900s! I literary laughs hard at the fashion of that period, the cars and general lifestyle of the period are well represented.


The entire team brought their A-game to the drama. I am especially thankful for the gift of the movie, and the blessings that I got from it.

So, for me and the sake of this review, I rate Enoch Movie 9/10

Were you blessed by this movie? Let us hear you out in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media.

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