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Mummy GO: The Trending Controversial Evangelist cum Meme Star

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In the meantime, Evangelist Fumilayo Adebayo, popularly called “Mummy GO” has been trending on social media platforms in Nigeria for her controversial preaching.

In some of her sermons which Nigerians have now turned to memes, she condemns almost everything, claiming that those who indulge in the said evil practices would go to hellfire.

However, for mummy GO, turning her into a meme star does not bother her, she is used to abuse and criticism. She is only doing the lord’s work because the revelation God has shown her about Nigerians is very disturbing.

For instance, she said popular American musician, Michael Jackson got the inspiration for break dancing from the dark powers in the “land of the dead”. Therefore, the dance style is not for the living. Stressing that anyone who practices this dance step will go to hellfire. Also, taking a swipe at popular Nigerian musician, Olamide, Mummy GO said Olamide’s membership of the Illuminati group means an automatic ticket to hell.

In another sermon, Mummy GO particularly issues a warning to everyone who has embezzled Nigeria to return it immediately. Otherwise, after seven days, a mysterious tree will grow on such people’s heads. It did not end there, she claims that anyone who cries or suffers pains while dying without any relief is not going to make heaven.

It is amazing to discover, however, that Nigerians, rather than become sober as a result of her trending teachings and incessant warning about hellfire, find laughter and humour in viral sermons instead. They didn’t take her seriously. For Nigerians, Mummy GO is just a comedian that is helping them to pass the time with her content.

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Still, Mummy GO is not bothered. She continues to preach and condemn everything that seems condemnable even though they provoke laughter instead of tears. As long as Nigerians continue to abuse and criticize her for her preaching, she will continue to preach against the evils that ‘God’ shows her through revelation.

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Again, reeling from her various preaching, Mummy GO herself is guilty and on her path to hell but that is a story for another day. There are some salient and sensitive comments she has made that have received little or no attention. Recently, she claimed that she was once an assassin who had gone on several operations and had killed many people before she became an evangelist.

I feel Nigerians activities on social media should be checked too. Whether or not Mummy GO is sent from heaven, or her revelations are true, they should leave her to her rants. Turning her into a meme star and creating contents out of nothing in her name will only add to her fame. It is like adding petrol to the already blazing fire.

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