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Nigerian Idol Season 7: What to Expect from the Prospective Top 9

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As the battle for the N100 million grand prize gets tougher every week, we can’t wait to enjoy another competitive episode in the next live show of the Nigerian Idol Season 7 this week.

Last week, the top 10 contestants served us goosebumps with selected songs from different African music giants.

This week episode, however, promises to be more exciting and super dope as the idols will enjoy the choral backing of the 121 Selah.

The theme for this week’s episode of the Live Show is “Inspiration.”

That said, who is likely to make the top 9 and what should we anticipate in their next performances?

Nigerian Idol Season 7–Set-list for the Top 9 Contestants

Below is the list of the prospective top 9 contestants of the Nigerian Idol Season 7. Revealed also is what we expect from them in their next performances at the Live Show .

1. Debby

Nigerian Idol-Debby

Reeling from her incredible performance last week, we cannot but expect another beautiful rendition from Nigerian Idol Debby.

We must state though that her Vulindlela’s performance didn’t hit so well.

This week, however, she will be performing Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” Reviewing the originals, we saw that the song is one that spurs the listeners to matching vibes and body moves.

As much as we expect Debby to own the song, we expect that she warms up the stage to give an electrifying performance.

2. Jordan

Nigerian Idol- Jordan

Wow! The first thing that comes to mind when we saw the song choice of Jordan is nothing short of positive.

Lauren Diagle’s inspirational song “You say” is a good choice that will throw Jordan into spotlight if only he can interpret the song so well.

In this week’s live show, we expect that Jordan own up the lyrics and deliver the song with matching emotions.

Though powerful a song, Jordan, in his next performance should be able to heal broken hearts and stir up the weak; cos naturally, the song raises hope.

3. Gerald


Till this moment, Gerald keeps us gushing over his last performance. Man is a pro singer that delivers a smooth rendition each time he mounts the stage.

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In this week’s live show, Gerald will be blessing our ears with “pray” a track off Sam Smith’s “The Thrill of it All” Album.

When we listened to the original version of the song, we realised that “pray” is a very soulful and lyrical song that should be delivered just as it is.

Personally, we feel that Gerald will deliver effortlessly because his previous performances carried an aura of realism and originality that this song demands.

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4. Abigail


Performing “Higher love” this week on the Lives is Abigail. Higher Love is a song by Whitney Houston.

Listening to the originals, we expect an Abigail doing justice to the song by serving us with a masterpiece.

Understanding that the song requires good vocal and range which we believe Abigail already has, the backing of the 121 Selah Choral singers is plus for Abigail to prove her mettle this week.

5. Banty

Nigerian Idol : Banty and the top 10

No doubt, Banty is a very good singer and performer. However, her performance of Davido’s “Aye” in the last episode of Nigerian Idol Season 7 was not so good.

Infact, we fear she makes it to the top 9. Anyway, we hope that makes an incredible performance in the next live show with the Bill Withers’ “Lean on me.”

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We understand that the song might be a little bit challenging for Banty who vibes easily to afrobeats and pops.

This time around, Banty must shelve her jumping here and there vibes to deliver this song.

Still, she should be able to find a spot in the song to serve her vibes if she understand the assignment very well. Her voice texture is a perfect match!

6. Itohan


Everyone that has been following the 16-year-old Itohan knows that she is an incredible singer who has all it takes to win the Nigerian Idol Season 7.

Performing Mary Mary’s ‘Cant Give Up Now” is another chance to prove herself as a diamond in the rough.

With her last rendition, we expect nothing lesser than a 8/10 performance in the coming Live Show.

Itohan must deploy every good technique she possess or can borrow to advance to the top 9 list. Personally, I want to see more of her range and vibrato in “Can’t Give Up Now”. I want to see her fighting spirit and translate the song as it says “I have come too far to give up.”

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7. Progress


Also performing in this week’s Live show to earn a spot in the list of top 9 contestants of the Nigerian Idol is Progress.

Since the beginning of the 2022 Nigerian Idol, he has been serving us with smooth musics sung with his soothing voice.

Singing “Uncle Suru” by Jon Ogah, shouldn’t be much of a work for Progress. All he has to do is to understand the context of the song and deliver it as inspirational as it truly is.

8. David Operah

David Operah

After serving us different metro slangs and vibes to translate “Street Credibility” last week, David Operah will be performing Luther Vandross’ “Dance with my Father” in the next live show.

Though, we know that David is a great singer, in his forthcoming performance, we anticipate that he brings his own character and uniqueness to the song.

Typically, “Dance with my Father” is a song that takes the listener on a storytelling journey. Also, if David must woo us along, he must be able to speak to our emotions and bring empathy outta us.

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9. Faith


As Faith take on the stage to earn a spot in the top 9, we expect an impressive soulful rendition of Emeli Sande “Next to Me.”

“Next to Me” is a track off Sande’s debut album– “Our Version of Event”. Released in 2012, the song has garnered over 88 million views on Youtube.

Like in the Original version, Faith will enjoy the choral backing of the 121 Selah choir. In the same view, we anticipate a legendary performance of the song.

10. Zadok


Everyone that has been following the Nigerian Idol Season 7 knows that Zadok is an excellent singer that spices up his rendition with dope vibes and entertainment.

Though he didn’t deliver his last song choice so well, to our surprise, he was able to pull through.

For Zadok, performing Timi Dakolo’s ‘Wish me Well” in the inspirational week should be an opportunity to prove himself before the Nigerian Idol Judges and audience a brilliant vocalist cum performer.

This time around, we hope that Zadok bring the Zaddy personality we saw during his “Perfect” performance.

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