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Nigerian Idol 2022 Season 7: 10 Best and Worst Memories of the Singing Competition

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The Nigerian Idol 2022 Season 7 is at its tail end but we will never forget the memories of the reality singing competition. The idols ensured that everyone including the judges, super fans, voters and casual viewers catch some unforgettable moments of the show.

Here, we are going to share 10 memories that cut across the stages of the competition from the blind audition to the Grand finale which produce Idol (Progress/Zadok) as the winner of the 7th Season of Nigerian Idol.

10 Best and Worst Memories of Nigerian Idol Season 7

Best Memories of Nigerian Idol Season 7

1. Bendy Bodies and Notes During Kenneth’s Blind Auditions

At 15, Kenneth watched a contortionist fold their body into different sizes and forms. Dazed by the sport, he decided to take on it and become a master of the craft.

So, it was really interesting to watch him greet the judges with a Bendy Body during the Blind Audition Stage though he didn’t go far in the music competition.

His confidence and stage presence were commendable. I bet that many people laughed throughout his audition—rib-cracking!

2. Progress’ “I Need an Angel” Performance

Idol progress also called Pastor Progress on Nigerian Idol Season 7 literally opened the flood gates of heaven during his performance of Ruben Studdard’s “I Need an Angel.” Like, he took every participant to church.

One characteristic which is peculiar to Progress throughout the music contest, however, is his ability to sing as though he is telling a story.

It is about how he manages to hypnotise the audience with his subtle voice from the beginning to the end of every song he was privileged to bring live on the Nigerian Idol Stage.

In this performance, especially, Nigerian Idol Jordan brought his A-game to the show. His vocals, range, vibrato and other elements were spot on so much that the guest judge, Yinka couldn’t not contain her feeling about the soulful performance.

3. The Moment Adekunle Gold Surprises Simi with a Birthday Cake

Simi as well as everyone present had no idea whom the super fan was until the lights turned on Adekunle Gold approaching the judges’ seats with a cake in his hands.

The adorable couple left us with an unforgettable picture of them. With Adekunle Gold re-professing his love to simi and planting a kiss on her lips, the show rode sky-high that night.

4. Zadok’s “Soul Provider’s” Performance

Zadok’s bang-up job with Micheal Bolton’s ‘Soul Provider’ is not a memory to forget too soon. Apart from the fact that Zadok yanked the stars of the night off the heads of the other contestants, this rendition will remain evergreen for the following reasons.

First, the performance reaffirms Nigerian Idol Zadok as a complete package, speaking of vocals and performance. No one does it like him when it comes to entertainment on stage. Zadok would literally enter the character of his song to translate it’s meaning to the audience. In his “Soul Provider’s” performance, he did not render less.

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Typical of Zadok the self-proclaimed preacher of love on the Nigerian idol 2022, vocals met performance when he wooed a girl from the audience to the stage. This single act was remarkable so much that the music video was reposted by Michael Bolton on his Instagram account.

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We will not forget too, the unusual Zadok in his dramatic performance of BIIM’S “I will make Love to You.” Man, it took our breath away.

5. Jordan’s Performance of “You Say” by Lauren Diagle

If there is a prize for the Nigerian idol best in facial and emotional interpretation, it is Jordan. Throughout his moments on the Nigerian Idol 2022, the Kaduna-born artist connects us to the soul of his music through his facial expression and emotional translation of the lyrics to the songs.

Jordan brought many to tears with his performance of “You Say” on the season 7 live stage of the Nigerian Idol. Performing at a time when violence was rocking Kaduna, Jordan reminisces on the disturbing circumstances that rocked his family and friends back home.

However, the dedication of this song to the casualties of the chaos in Kaduna did not only make the performance one to be remembered but also marking him out as one who has his people and the nation at heart.

Worst Memories of Nigerian Idol Season 7

6. The Elimination of Faith

If any memory of the Nigerian Idol 2022 can be tagged as the ‘best’ worst memories, it is definitely the premature exit of Faith from the music contest.

Without a doubt, Faith is the best female vocalist in the competition. None of the artists comes close to her when it comes to rendering a song in a sweet soothing voice.

Few would bet it that Faith would go far in the competition. Maybe top 5. But what happened was unexpected, on that fateful night that saw the double elimination of Faith and Itohan from Nigerian idol 2022.

Commenting, Nigerian Idol Season 7 Judge, Simi said she was stunned by the elimination of Faith and Itohan, adding that who goes home next is unpredictable, as most of the viewers’ choices do not tally with the Judges’. You keep sending the best contestants away, she lamented.

7. Banty’s Performance of ‘Aye’ by Davido

This is one of the worst memories of Nigerian Idol Season 7 because Banty played into the hands of haters right after her performance of Davido’s smash hit— Aye.

It appeared that nerves got her from the beginning of the performance so that she came out as a complete flop.

Despite suffering heavy backlash from critiques, it took everyone by surprise how she navigates her way through to the top 3. Her fans must be doing Most!

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8. The Early Exit of Precious

‘Tell that’s not amazing, No don’t tell me that’s not amazing, what?!” IK the host couldn’t control his emotions after Precious’ cover of “She Lives in Me”, her last performance on the show.

Precious could have gone far in the competition but she was eliminated at the top 12 when she went out of favour with the voting audience.

This particularly made Simi angry and she couldn’t contain it. She had to post on her Facebook page: “I could have posted any other video, but I have chosen to post Precious – especially since y’all didn’t get to see her perform. I know a lot of people didn’t understand the choice of her on the top 12.

Unfortunately, she repeatedly didn’t prove how much she deserved that spot. I was so mad when she was performing because I really wanted you all to see this. All the great contestants that haven’t made it this far still have a great opportunity to win at life and I hope you keep supporting your faves on and off the show.”

9. The Shocking Elimination of David Operah

Like Faith, the elimination of David Operah from the music contest was unexpected. He shares one of the worst moment of the reality TV show.

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Anyone who appreciates showmanship and versatility will never ever have a thought for a second that David would end his Idol journey at top 7.

Talking about the technicality of his song choices and the maturity with which he coordinated himself each time he set his foot on the stage, it is not an overstatement that Nigerian lost the most skilled artist on the show too soon.

10. Gerald’s Elimination from Nigerian Idol 2022

Weeding Gerald from Nigerian Idol 2022 prematurely is one of the worst injustices ever in the seventh season of the music contest.

Gerald is one of the singers with the most beautiful talents on stage. One of the performances that will remain evergreen is his “Ifunaaya’s” cover. Guy did an impressive job and blew the roof off our head.

However, since the power was in the hands of the viewers, the judge had no power to call him back. Though sad, we believe that Gerald has the potential to reach places farther than our eyes can see.


Whether we accept this fact or not, the Nigerian Idol has become a major part of pop culture in Nigeria. This platform that is dedicated to raising future stars has done real good in transforming the lives of millennials. Nothing could be more appreciative of young talents than presenting life changes opportunities to people at almost no cost.

Meanwhile, we are aware that you may share a different opinion as regards who has the best or worst memory of Nigerian Idol 2022 Season 7, but there is one thing that is undebatable, and that is the talent that these young people brought to the stage regardless of how crude or refined they sound. Please share your best and worst memories of the franchise with us in the comment section. Thank you!

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