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Nigerian Idol S7: List & Review of the Top 4 Performances

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The top 6 contestants of the Nigerian Idol Season 7 have been narrowed down to top 4, leaving Faith and Itohan out of the Idol run.

In the last edition of the Lives, everybody including the Judges, superfans, active audience and the lazy spectators saw the elimination of the duo from the music competition.

Not many people saw it coming—the double elimination, let alone imagine Faith or Itohan having to say their parting words or goodbyes.

Faith, for instance, was known as one if not the best vocalist in the 2022 Idol race. Her soothing voice, calmness and confidence were impressive.

Talk of Itohan, also called the Baby Dragon. Her ability to sing the lungs out of her ‘tiny’ body made her and her acts so adorable on the Nigerian Idol stage.

For many, Faith and Itohan’s deletions from the show were the ‘best’ worst memories of this year’s edition of the Nigerian Idol.

This post, however, focuses on the top 4 idols as we shall see the review and rating of their performances last Sunday.

List of Top 4 Contestants & Review of their Performances

Below are the names and ratings of the Top 4 Performances:

1. Progress—’Wait for Me’ by Johnny Drille

Being the first to earn a spot in the Top 4, Progress performed Johnny Drille’s ‘Wait for Me’ and blew the roof away.


Over and over again, Progress has shown versatility on the Nigerian Idol stage. This time around, Progress showed maturity and confidence in his delivery of Johnny Drille’s ‘Wait for Me’. And, we loved it.

Speaking of the most thrilling feature of his recent act, it is the emotion that Progress used to translate the lyrics of the song. Throughout his performance, the audience was able to feel the soul of the music.

And that is the real essence.


So far, Progress is the best Vocalist on Nigerian Idol Season 7—Everyone acknowledges that. Like the Judges usually remarked, there is something unique about his voice.

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You can say that it defies description. His tone is sweet, hypnotic, and refined. In this performance especially, apart from taking the lyrics to the song as his own, he added melody to it to mesmerise the audience.

No cap, Johnny Drille will be jealous of this young champ.


Though Progress ticked almost all the boxes, we think that he sounds rather too churchy.


For us, the performance of ‘Wait for Me’ cover by Progress is a 7/10.

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2. Jordan—’Airplane Mode’ by Fireboy

Up next is Jordan. The undisputed Kaduna-born idol who reaches the highest pitch on the show. On last Sunday’s live show, he dazzles us with the cover of Fireboy’s ‘Airplane Mode.’


In Jordan’s cover of ‘Airplane Mode,’ we saw the confluence of emotions and lyricism. Add that Jordan’s ability to hit the octave is his highest advantage over other contestants.

Of all things, we found the character translation of Jordan very incredible. Though he is not much of an entertainer, the way he communicates the feeling of his songs through his tone and facial expressions is spot on.

This Sunday’s edition was not an exception. He came all in to transport the audience into the perfect atmosphere that translates the lyrics to the song.


Although the theme of the song is about someone who is struggling to cope with the circumstances that surround him, with the accompaniment of the strings, drums and piano sounds, Jordan delivered a sweet melody.


Against popular opinion, Jordan’s song choice is a YES. This is because we believe that one can pick a song of whatever genre and transform it into another tune entirely.

However, from his rendition of ‘Airplane Mode,’ we could pick that he could be too pitchy where he ought not to. Also, he didn’t bring any new ideas or elements. He sounded just as ever. And that could be boring.


The rating of Jordan’s performance is 6.5/10.

3. Zadok— ‘The Vow’ by Timi Dakolo

Sunday’s live performances are not without the remarkable rendition of Timi Dakolo’s ‘The Vow’ cover by Zadok— the preacher of love.


Typical of him, Zadok combined the elements of entertainment and vocals to give an electrifying rendition of Timi Dakolo’s ‘The Vow.’

No one beats Zaddy when it comes to stage management, composure and entertainment. He literally owns the stage and acts out the characters in his song whenever he performs on the stage. And Yes, the way he romances the mic is impressive.

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But if there is one thing that Zadok brought to the show this week, it is definitely the beauty of his vocals. He sang more this time, unlike his previous performances in which he fascinates the audience with his dramatic acts.

Judging from his performance, to say that he stole a good portion of the show is not an overstatement.


Combining the texture and vocals of the soloist and backup singers, as well as the instrumentals, contributed to the top-notch delivery of ‘The Vow.’

This excellent rendition is definitely one that you could spend the whole day vibing to. Indeed, Zadok has not come to play on the Nigerian Idol.


We haven’t seen much about the versatility of Zadok, though he pulled an incredible performance with Wizkid’s ‘Back to the Matter’.

We feel that he is too comfortable in the Dakolo’s lane.


For slaying the song, it’s 7.5/10.

4. Banty—’Bibanke’ by Asa

One word to describe the performance of Asa’s ‘Bibanke’ by Banty is incredible! This is because she brought her A-game to the show on Sunday.

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Watching a Banty that would not let go of the mic to deliver an excellent performance is so adorable. You can read the face of Simi during her performance to figure out how much she appreciated how far the idol has come.

The takeaway from this performance of Banty is her growth in the idol run. Girl has overcome her nervousness and tension and also improved on her vocals.

This perhaps could be the reason why her superfans are still keeping her in the competition.


The round of applause and cheering from the audience is a testament to how much they enjoyed the soulful performance of Banty.

She pulled a nice melody off the song and we loved it!


Still on the fact that Banty has really worked on her self, she still has to polish her confidence and composure while on stage. She seemed to be struggling. She should feel more comfortable and relaxed to give her best.


For showing growth and development, it is 7/10.

Where & How to Vote for your Favourite Idol

To avoid stories that touch the hearts, head on to the GOtv or DStv website to vote for your favourite idol.

The Idol race has just got tougher.

We hope you like our review, please drop your comments below. We love to see your feedback. Also, to be the first to see our next reviews please join our Telgram Channel now.

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